What Defines Aquarius' Love Life?


Although Aquarius goes through life at his own pace, with his friends and that head in permanent boiling and it seems that he passes from the theme love affairs, it does not happen. Well, it does happen and he doesn’t let it rule his life. But Aquarius feels and suffers like everyone else when he plays love. And playing plays, as we all play. Although, okay, let’s face it. It gives us a bit of an advantage. Let’s see why. When Aquarius goes out or walks around, even if he doesn’t want anything, he will come home with someone’s phone. League without intending to. And it happens a little, come on. Maybe that’s the secret. When introduced to someone, Aquarius leaves its mark. For his ideas, for something in his totally original style, for his occurrences, for the amount of strange things he has done or plans to do… Aquarians are interesting people and with that letter of introduction many doors are opened to them. This is the love life of Aquarius:

Aquarius,however, will only open them for people to enter he really likes, at that time.

When they start fooling around they’re not thinking about a future relationship or anything like that. They are living in the moment and they are doing it with someone interesting, with a fast mind, independent, free spirits like them who pursue ideals or real things, but who want to live without rules or impositions, without conventions or routines.

As Aquarius connects, it does so in a fluid way, but without romanticism, without lending itself to commitments and with some instability. For Aquarius the world of love is very complex and needs to assimilate it. He has to assume that he likes it more than he expected and that to move forward he will have to relax and let himself go, which Aquarius does not take well. But hey, it gives way to kisses, contacts, sex. A whole world of discoveries that he likes and wants to try in any way. Surprises, games, eroticism and everything that is needed will seem to Aquarius a wonderful universe. That you can enjoy and that you control perfectly.

If you fall in love, we will find an Aquarius more lost than with sex.

He wants to put logic in it and rationalize feelings, and that’s sometimes impossible. But they try because it makes them feel safer. Sometimes they give the surprise and let themselves be carried away without any control. As if they think that since they do not control everything they want, then it is better to stop controlling everything. And they launch into committed relationships without hardly knowing what they feel. It can be with someone who seems out of the ordinary or as protagonists of unconventional rare stories.

Even if they are in love, or think they are, Aquarians will continue to maintain a certain independence, they will not be excessively affectionate or abuse details or romantic words. His brain keeps commanding, somehow. And they tend to be sincere. That is, if they do not know well what they feel, they will say it. The other will always know that their Aquarius is there, another thing is that they do not know what their Aquarius feels exactly.

If you get to live together or get married, Aquarius will be one of those who organize something extravagant to celebrate their commitment, their house will be different or there will be some exotic and rare trip to seal that love.

On a day-to-day basis, as Aquarius, he is not as jealous as others will not come out there the problems.

If you lack freedom, yes. If there is bad vibe and routines, too. Or if you go into conventional rolls. Aquarius is not warm-hearted or very affectionate and they need to mount their romantic relationships with a very strong friendship base. Infidelities could occur but it is not something that goes with Aquarius. And if they are unfaithful to them, their mind processes these facts well. It will hurt, and a lot, but it will hurt more if he discovers them from behind, if there has been a lie than if there has been confession.

Aquarius becomes in love when there is no longer motivation to continue and yes, many facts that tell him that something comes to an end. They need to feel good about themselves in order to be in a relationship and if the time comes when they look unhappy, prisoner, dull and understimulated, they will have no problem saying goodbye. Without feelings of guilt, without looking back and with everything very clear. It was the best.

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