What Blocks Your Chakras And What Risk Does This Bring To Your Life?

What Blocks Your Chakras And What Risk Does This Bring To Your Life?

I know you must be curious to know the answer to that question, but first let’s understand what chakras are. Chakras are the energy centers that take care of our emotional, mental, physical and spiritual being. There are chakras throughout our body, but there are seven that govern the main organs and endocrine glands, which are responsible for secreting substances directly into our bloodstream.

What is first chakra?

The first chakra is the basic chakra, located at the height of the coccyx bone. This chakra is responsible for our survival and security. It is linked to survival instinct and self-preservation. Whenever we have some fear that puts our survival in check, like, for example, the excessive concern for not knowing if we will have money to honor the commitments, we block this chakra. Being unbalanced with it, we do not prosper financially, we have losses and we are unable to establish ourselves concisely in our lives. To thrive, we must balance this chakra.

What is second chakra?

The second chakra is the sacral, located in the lower abdomen, approximately three fingers below the navel line. This chakra is responsible for our personal pleasures and our attitudes towards life. When we blame ourselves for our actions, when we don’t understand that in fact nothing happens by chance and that all situations should serve as lessons, we block this chakra. Guilt imprisons our soul and prevents us from living life fully.

With this chakra blocked, we think we are not worthy of happiness, that we must pay for the mistakes made. In this way we increase the sadness that generates depression. We block our pleasure in living and start to observe everything with melancholy. To get rid of depression, it is necessary to bring balance to that chakra.

What is third chakra?

The third chakra is the solar plexus and is located at the level of the stomach. About 3 fingers above the navel. This chakra is responsible for our acceptance and tolerance. Not only our self-acceptance, but also the acceptance of everything that we believe is different from us. When we are ashamed of our actions, when we do not accept our faults, we deny ourselves the right to learn from them and move to a new level of understanding, we block the solar plexus chakra.

When blocked we feel ashamed of our actions, we do not accept who we really are. We forget that we are human beings with successes and failures, and accepting failures is part of the learning process. We reduce our self-esteem. We prevent ourselves from taking advantage of opportunities because we don’t feel capable. Because we believe that we are not worthy, we project it outward and become critical, negative and intolerant, not accepting the difference that we see in the other and, in fact, there is in us.

What is fourth chakra?

The fourth chakra is the balance chakra, called the heart chakra. This chakra is responsible for our unconditional love, for our giving and our love for our neighbor. This chakra also concerns our self-love. We block this chakra when we experience situations of deep sadness and bitterness. When we do not understand the real reasons for the sad situations of earthly life, we fall into the trap of bitterness. Sadness serves as learning and as a counterpoint to happiness. We only know what it is to be happy because we know unhappiness.

When we have this chakra blocked, we feel bitterness in the heart. Anger ravages our hearts, we lose our self-love and our feeling of preservation. We start to feel angry for our life and for everyone around us. When love is lacking, only the emptiness of hate remains. We make those who are close to suffer, because when we give suffering to the other it is because we suffer a lot inside. Our suffering is overflowing. To eliminate hatred and sadness, it is necessary to balance this chakra.

What is fifth chakra?

The fifth chakra is the laryngeal chakra, responsible for our expression and creativity. When we lie, deceive and attack, we block that chakra. With this chakra blocked, we lose the ability to express the true designs of our heart and limit our creativity. This channel is responsible for uttering what we think and, if it is out of balance, we can no longer communicate effectively. We then created a reality of mistakes, mistakes and bad expressions.

What is sixth chakra?

The sixth chakra is the frontal chakra, responsible for our intuition and the way we observe the world, whether in the past, the present, or the future. We block this chakra when we delude ourselves with reality. We think that we are not connected to all things, that we are unique individuals without any influence. We are connected with everything and everyone, for example, our parents. We are the bridge between them and the next generation. When we let the illusion that we are beings separate from everything, we block that chakra.

Blocking this chakra makes us view life more negatively. We tend to see the worst in life and we do not see the opportunities it offers.

What is seventh chakra?

The seventh chakra is the crown chakra. He is responsible for our spirituality and our connection to divine wisdom. It is fundamental, since, if completely blocked, we lose our connection with this world and perish. This chakra blocks when we are blinded by the dense reality in which we live. When we forget to connect with spirituality, that chakra starts to block. We become attached to the problems of life and the things of the world.

What happens when all chakras are blocked?

When blocked, we lose our ability to think calmly. Worry takes over our thoughts. We pay more attention to problems than to the good things that life has to offer.

In addition, we still have the physical problems generated by the thoughts and actions that block our energy flow in the chakras. Headaches, strokes, sore throats, high blood pressure and palpitations, gastritis, problems with the intestines and sexual organs, are some examples of this.

When we block our chakras, we block the vital energy in our body. That is why we must unblock and align our chakras, to maintain a healthier and happier life.

But at this point you must be wondering how to align your chakras. For that I will give you a gift. I prepared a free e-book where I teach three simple methods for you to keep your chakras aligned and avoid all these problems and still make you live happier.

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