What are your worries in a relationship according to your sign?


When we fall in love we always have certain fears, either that they will fail us or that they will get bored with us, or an endless number of things that go through our heads depending on our way of being. Let’s see what concerns each sign of relationships, so we can learn a little more about the person with whom we share our time and energy ...


In general, you are an outgoing person who does not have a hard time showing up, and much less with people who convey confidence to you. The point is that in love if you are worried about opening up emotionally to someone who may later leave. You should relax in this sense and bring out that security that is so characteristic of you, think that if they are with you it is because despite your defects you are worth it.


For how forward-thinking you are in some ways when you mate, you worry about not being enough compared to your partner’s exes. To your most trusted friends this seems completely unheard of and meaningless, especially since they know you and know how much you are capable of giving to the person who is with you. You are not shouting from the rooftops this weakness so yours, but it happens to you and thank you that with time it is taken away from you.


Incredible Gemini, but when you go blind with someone you get a pretty absurd fear that your partner may get bored of you. Negative and meaningless! Although like everyone you have your pluses and minuses, you are the joy of the garden, you love adventure and you are always ready to innovate ... who can get bored like this? If you ever separate, it will be for other reasons, but not for this ...


You worry about being cheated on by your partner, and that is why at the beginning it is so difficult for you to trust the person you love. Of course this does not last forever, but the bad thing is that sometimes you do not allow yourself to enjoy these kinds of thoughts. Relax Cancer, think that everything is going to be fine, with how intuitive and intelligent you are of something not walking as you should you would realize, then why worry? I leave it there!


You worry about showing your true self and being judged for it, however, you are so transparent that it is impossible not to do it. It is also true that this happens to you because over the years you realize that some people sometimes take advantage of your weaknesses to later make you feel bad about those things you have told them. Breathe Leo, everyone is not the same and also you do not have to hide from anything, you are wonderful even with your mistakes ...


Virgo in your relationships in general, by making the other feel good, you distance yourself from your own feelings and your own needs. As you know, you can’t look good with everyone, much less if it’s something that goes against your way of being. Sometimes you have to say NO and hit the table to put yourself above anything or anyone. You are worth a lot and it’s a shame you have a hard time pleasing others ...


Libra worries you about getting attached to the wrong person, especially in matters of the heart. You are not influential as sometimes you have been led to believe, but it is true that sometimes you give entry to your life to people who, more than adding you, subtract you. It is precisely for this reason that before creating links you should take your time to get to know people well, and much more in the sentimental field. Be careful with this!


Even if you are one of the most outgoing Scorpios, you are really shy, or at least when it comes to expressing your deepest emotions. When you are really interested in someone and that person initially expects a little more dedication in this sense, you finally feel bad and you worry about the fact that you might lose them. Relax, Scorpio, if it is that person it is for you, they will realize that it is not something you do wanting to do and they will have enough patience until you show yourself completely.


Sagi is fine that you worry about looking at the wrong person and that later on they may break your heart, but sometimes because of this and the slightest change you see things where there are none. Do not let your fears play tricks on you, and try to keep your emotions well tied, especially since you can show that part of you that sometimes you are not very proud or proud. You are very smart and I’m sure that if someone is doing it to you you will notice, but meanwhile it flows ...


In romantic relationships and when you are in love or in love until the bar, you worry about being able to make some stupid mistake that will ruin the best thing that has happened to you. Be yourself with all your flaws and virtues, the person who really loves you will be willing to forgive any little fault, you are not perfect and it is better that you do not pretend to be because the only thing you are going to achieve is to pressure yourself unnecessarily.


When you are young, you worry about committing to the wrong person too soon. You are aware at all times of your life of the degree of maturity that you acquire as time passes, and that is why at certain ages you do not feel completely prepared. When these doubts happen to you, give yourself time to get to know well who has somehow touched that little heart, and only then will you know what to do ...


When you fall in love you give absolutely everything, but you worry about losing years of your life next to a person who is not suitable for you. You do not aspire to be with someone perfect, but with whom you can complement yourself and feel understood. Although a somewhat typical failure in you is to jump headlong into the pool, you should try to take a little longer to do it, especially for your emotional well-being ... Don’t you think?

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