What are the worst flaws of the zodiac signs?


The Universe often seems to know everything about us, sometimes even more than our families and our lifelong friends. Our zodiac sign can help you in a lot of things, from what job suits you best to what kind of partner you should have in order for things to work out well. It may also make you think about your strengths and your shortcomings, and although no one likes to hear about their shortcomings, it is often a good idea to do so so that we can decide what to change or not. Here you can see the worst defects of the signs of the Zodiac:

ARIES (March 21-April 20): You are aggressive, bossy, and overly dominant. Sometimes even a little arrogant also Aries. All those qualities that often make you a good leader also make you combative and impatient. When you have a problem with someone, you are always on the warpath. Face it, you love arguing and driving others crazy. You can be incredibly tough and never get tired. You can drive anyone Aries crazy, and you know it.

TAURUS (From April 21 to May 21): On the one hand you are a super worker, and yes, a very trustworthy Taurus person. But for another, face it, you’re stubborn, chaotic, and a bit lazy. Come on, many times you have been left without making big plans for not leaving the sofa. You love money and you would also love to be rich but you don’t feel like shit having to fight for it (especially in those days of maximum laziness). You are the typical person who if you are pissed off, you drive slowly so that the cars behind you are unhinged. Arrrgggg ...

GEMINI (From May 22 to June 21):  Clear things Gemini, you are quite immature with everything. Yes, some say that your personality is full of strength and that it is pleasant and charming. But that’s only when you’re okay. The dark side of all this is that you lose interest in everything quickly, you scatter with anything and one day you want one thing and the next day another. Come on Gemini, admit it, you’re too chaotic ...

CANCER (June 22-July 22): Although sensitivity should be considered a gift from heaven, in your case it is not. You are such a sensitive person that the rest of you feel like you are walking through a minefield all the time. Thinking they can say anything that might hurt you. You don’t even know why that happens to you, but you always have emotions on the surface and super sudden mood swings for precisely the same reason.

LEO (July 23-August 22): You always have to be you Leo. All the time. You can have a lot of virtues, things as they are, but you are vain, self-centered and need constant attention. If you are not the leader of the party, you get angry, if they tell you that something does not suit you, you get angry too. Sometimes you listen little and always want to return to the same topic in a conversation: you.

VIRGO (From August 23 to September 22): You are a perfectionist to the maximum, too critical of everything and you think that you do nothing wrong and that the rest is garbage. One of your worst flaws is that ability to pull something unpleasant out of the past of others. You know it Virgo, you despise others when they enter your life and they mess it up completely but nevertheless, your instinct also tells you to be a little chaotic and to let yourself go. Your feelings and emotions are always at odds.

LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 22):  You’re a bit shallow, Libra. You have strange hobbies and need the approval of others to step up. It does not mean that you do not have your own decision but you are always leaning on someone so, if in the end you decide to take a path, you can share the “shit” if it goes wrong. Recognize it Libra, not even to save your life would you make an important decision.

SCORPIO (From October 23 to November 22): Demanding, controlling and vindictive are three of your worst defects and the worst part is not you, but the one who suffers from Scorpio. You are a person who resists change and you cling to anything (real or imagined) that you think has been done to you. Honestly, forgiving costs you a lot and even if you say that you are not spiteful if they ask for your forgiveness, you remember all your life the damage they did to you.

SAGITTARIUS (November 23 to December 21): You are a Sagittarius know-it-all. You think that you are never wrong and you have a short wick. That is, when they warm you up a little, you jump to the minimum. And besides, you say that you are super honest and that is why you get into trouble. The others believe that you do not have a heart and that when you want to hurt you, you go for a machete. And your words can be the most brutal in the world.

CAPRICORN (Dec 22-Jan 20): You care about all of Capri. And that’s your biggest flaw. Even when you don’t have to, there is always something going on in your head all the time. You can become very obsessed with what you like, with work, with your partner, with your friends ... If there is something you have on your mind, no one can take it from you. The downside is that they are not always productive or positive things ... Be careful what you let enter your head.

AQUARIUS (From January 21 to February 19):  You are cold, detached and a little weird. And everyone knows it Aquarius. But the problem is not that, the problem is that you are also distant. So much so that nobody knows you 100% and often, they distrust you because they don’t see you completely clear. You are an air sign and making decisions for you, Aquarius was always complicated but sometimes you go overboard ... Make up your mind or you will drive more than one crazy.

PISCES (February 20-March 20): Can you stop thinking for a minute please? Can you come down from the clouds? You have a serious Pisces problem. You are constantly confused and do not see the reality of things. When you get into a topic there is no one to get you out of there. And you don’t listen or reason Pisces. You want to solve it at all costs whatever it is and you don’t stop to think that maybe you could be wrong. you get lost in your imagination ...

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