What Are the Weak Signs of the Zodiac Signs?


Everything that doesn’t kill us makes us stronger, says a saying. Weak points do not kill us but they do weaken us. Identifying them makes us stronger. To know them is to control them. To control them is to make them lose strength and even disappear. Know the weak points of the Signs of the Zodiac and use them, in any case, for your benefit.


Having so much initiative and being so entrepreneurial has always made you go ahead, Aries. And many of your successes come to you for being the first in everything. But if you don’t get there first, if others don’t follow you or if something delays you get impatient and, what’s worse, you burst out. And with these flaws, you lose value. Cultivate patience and run 10 km before becoming angry. And keep using your candor and your sense of justice to make up for the damage you do with your weak points.


Taurus, although you know that your stubbornness and stubbornness serve you to achieve many successes, sometimes they are also weak points. They prevent you from being flexible and lock you in firmness that from being a good thing becomes pride. It is not good to be proud not to give in, but to improve. Be less hard so you can keep moving forward. Quietly but without getting to stand still for it. Someone as reliable as you has to maintain the trust of others.


Gemini, you know that you have plenty of energy, initiative, optimism, and various personality types that make you achieve anything you want. But anyone, come on. Nothing resists you. Your weak point, however, may have something to do with that saying that “whoever embraces a lot, squeezes little.” Concentrate your goals so as not to disperse, Gemini. Use your energy for what really matters, do not distribute it among so many people and so many stories that will not take you anywhere. And it turns a weak point into a fortress-like no other.


Cancer, you were born to love and be loved. But depending on something or someone is a weak point; any dependency is. And in your case, if you also let it be known so clearly, you will let you see where you can be attacked. Cultivate your self-esteem by growing by your virtues. Especially for one of them: your ability to know well how others are. That will help you know who your enemies are.


Leo, you stand out wherever you are and with whomever you are. It’s innate. You were born with that gift. But if you like being told too much, you spoil it. Or if you brag about it, too. Enough envy aroused in others so that they have to recognize it. If they don’t, it doesn’t matter. To you that you do not lose the vanity. In any case, may humility make you even more envied?


Virgo, being so critical of others is compensated that you are also critical of yourself. Your intention is for everything to be better than it is (including you). But when this eagerness dominates your life, your actions or your comments, virtue becomes the opposite. Don’t tolerate anything but don’t be intolerant. Keep making your criticisms, but without letting that dominate you. And always being constructive. Always.


Being someone conciliatory and diplomatic like you is perfect. But that there are no disagreements around you is impossible. And that’s why you accept rules and decisions from others that are your weak points, Libra. You must impose yourself on your interests and opinions and not be afraid of rejections. Your dependence on the advice of others should not exist. Although he continues to listen to everyone. It is something that you are very good at and that is one of your strengths.


Both control emotions in the face of others and yet inside you listen to them too much, Scorpio. They become your weak point when it should be the opposite. Being so afraid of being hurt is not good. Strength and rational analysis of what happens to you inside should be your allies. Just like knowing that others (instead of hurting you) can be of great help in your life. Trust them more.


Being someone so optimistic and free makes you climb so high or go so far, that you can get lost along the way, Sagittarius. Falling from higher does more damage than when you are closer to the ground. Relying too much on your luck can make you more unwary or make more mistakes. Don’t let your virtues become weak points. Be humble and diplomatic. And balance your excesses to be a realistic idealist.


In your routines, you are happy Capricorn. With your ambition and your way of getting involved in everything you get what you want and there you stay. But if all this is altered, you get upset with it. And you get depressed or you retreat inward. Let spontaneity and flexibility have a place in your life. You will continue to do the same but you will be less rigorous. And when the inconveniences arise, no problem. Like when the curves on the road arrived. Enjoy them!


Seeking freedom and experimenting with detachment gives you very special independence, Aquarius. And it makes you envied. But not committing or focusing too much on some issues can work against you. These weak points will be taken advantage of by your enemies. They will appropriate your work, your achievements, your successes… since you seem to care so little. Be more consistent. And feel the satisfaction that gives the affection and recognition.


Pisces, you are so good and compassionate to others that you can end up throwing stones against your own roof. Not putting limits on others, or that what they want matters more than what you want, weakens you. And others can use it against you. Cultivate your affective independence. Live your reality and do not avoid it thinking that it is just an unimportant dream. Admit yourself so that others can too.

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