What are the ways in which the cancer season will affect you?


From now on it is time to trust our intuition more than ever. From June 22 to July 22, the Sun is in Cancer so it is its season, the season of the crabs. Cancer is known to be a very sensitive sign, a sign that is very connected to your emotions and your inner self. It is not necessary to be born under this sign to feel its influence. When the Sun is in this sign, everyone can feel it. We can frequently experience what those born under the sign of Cancer feel on a daily basis. Read on to find out how Cancer season is going to affect you based on your sign.


You must be careful, Aries, since you, as normal, are also a person with a lot of character and with the occasional sudden change of mood. Cancer’s influence can bring out your bad mood and darker side. Be careful, because when you get in touch with your feelings, you may discover something that you have been repressing for a long time and in the end, you have to argue with someone to defend what is yours. All the problems that arise, Aries, will be around your family and the people you live with. But in the end, when you are about to screw it up, Cancer’s characteristic compassion will come to save everything and tell you to act with your heart.


Normally, Taurus, you are a fairly calm person, who prefers to live life at your own pace without having to be aware of anything or anyone. But, Cancer will bring out a side of you that you rarely bring to light and that few people know, your vengeful side. You are very good at ignoring the signs that don’t interest you, the things that ultimately bother you, but during these days you will feel tired of forgiving everyone everything. You are not going to plan a tough revenge for anyone, because you are not like that and you never will be. You will simply make the world, especially a person, see that you are not as stupid as they thought you were. From now on, Taurus, you will not take ‘no’ for an answer.


Your season is over, Gemini, and that in part can be a great respite for you. Now it’s time to look at other paths, now it’s time to focus on other issues and Cancer will tell you where to look. It will help you choose the path of loyalty, not towards others, but towards yourself. This month you will have a new perspective on how to do things from now on. You have been locked in a loop for months and months and you are realizing yourself that it is time to get out of it. Now, Gemini, it is time to get out of your comfort zone and do what you never imagined you were going to do: help another person, but also help yourself.


Now the Sun is in your sign, Cancer, and you feel full in many ways. But it is possible that you feel more emotional and nostalgic than ever. During these days, you can even get excited by small details that normally went unnoticed by you. You need to order all the feelings that are now surfacing in your heart and now is the perfect time for it. It is the ideal time to act according to your heart and not your mind. You will feel the need to pay much more attention to your home and, above all, to your family. Now more than ever you want to spend time with them, you want to spend all the time that the quarantine has stolen from you.


Along with Cancer, you are one of the most loving and romantic signs of the Zodiac. As the Sun is your ruling planet, you will notice the influence of Cancer much more than any other sign. During this month, you will notice how what you feel for your family or for your partner is much stronger than ever. Even feelings for someone special may surface and you may not even be able to control them yourself. Now more than ever you feel the need to take care of yours as if your life depended on it. You will not allow anyone to harm your people, those people who have always been on your side. Cancer’s family influence meets your strong character, Leo, and this overprotective character is formed.


Beware of the influence of Cancer, because it may make you expose a somewhat dangerous side of yourself. You are a person who needs things to be done your way. You may feel more frustrated during Cancer season than before. And it is that when you want, you can have incredible patience, but when you propose something, that patience disappears. You want it all in the moment. And if you are not satisfied, if things do not go the way you wanted, that is when the conflict arises. From now on, Virgo, when something does not go well, you will flood everyone around you with your nonconformity and your bad mood. Cancer will bring out your most hypersensitive side and it is important that you be careful.


The influence of Cancer will keep you from shutting up when it comes to talking or exposing your feelings. To be honest, Libra, you are getting tired of constantly having to put up with the same kinds of situations and from now on, you are going to be 100% sincere. You got tired of being the good guy in the movie, of saying that everything was fine when it wasn’t. This month you will be clearer than water, because you deserve it and because you need it. And thanks to that sincerity and, above all, thanks to your intuition, this month you will bring to light a lie with which you have been living for months. Libra, your intuition will help you open your eyes and realize that perhaps you were not on the right track, although you will think that you are.


Both you and Cancer are very intuitive signs. During Cancer season, that intuition will increase dramatically and in the end you will end up knowing things without the need for words or deeds. Your intuition will be the one that sends you the messages you need to hear. Scorpio, now trust your instinct to the maximum because it is more right than you think. With Mercury retrograde it is better not to make decisions, or invest, or anything like that, but as of July 12, you will be free and it will be the best time to make all those decisions that you have been wanting to make for so long and that your instinct is asking you. screaming for you to drink.


Although it is true that during these days you will be more emotional and sensitive than normal, the influence of Cancer will be good for you, Sagittarius. You have been a bit lost in your thoughts for a few weeks and with little motivation to move forward, but Cancer comes with a message under its arm. Cancer comes to ask you to do what fulfills you the most, to do what makes you feel the best. That you don’t do things to please anyone, or to get to a place where you don’t even want to be. Cancer comes to give you inspiration and to help you believe in yourself. The world is a place for brave people like you and Cancer will help you focus to regain that creativity that you had lost.


Cancer season is coming to help you in a very positive way, Capricorn. From time to time, it is good to be a little more sensitive and, above all, it is good to spend more time with your people and with your family. Cancer will help you to realize that perhaps you have neglected some other relationship and will give you the keys to reconnect with those people. It will be easier than you think, Capricorn, do not push yourself too much. In addition, it will help you finish those household chores that you have been waiting for so long. You will discover that the people who love you are much more receptive to your love than you thought yourself. Cancer will remind you that it is not good to underestimate yourself so much ...


The sensitivity that Cancer is going to give you can be heavy and stressful, because, Aquarius, you are not used to feeling that way. During this month, you will have to do many things to help others. You feel obliged, without anyone asking you, to help others because you cannot see someone suffering and you while standing idly by. There will be nothing to stop you. You are quite a generous person, but now you are even more so. Even if you do not receive even half of what you give later, you feel that you have to be 100% always. Be careful because you may give yourself so much, in the end you end up exhausted and very tired. Prepare to work your best this month.


The influence of Cancer will make you feel at home, Pisces. Being a water sign, like you, there is nothing that makes you feel out of place, or that causes you to have feelings that you cannot control. You will feel an explosion of renewed energy to do the things that you really like to do. During these days you will rely much more on your people, you will have more desire to meet those people that you have not seen for so long. Pisces, now it is better not to expect anything from anyone, just let yourself flow and let the wind and fate take you where they have to. Put your worries aside and just live. Be happy whenever you can and don’t get scratched by so much nonsense.

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