What are the traits you are hiding according to your sign?


Like virtues, we all have our defects or some trait in our personality that we are aware of, and it even makes us feel ashamed at some point or another. This is why sometimes we try to hide that part that we know that coming to light could affect us or those around us, let’s see what is the personality trait that you hide according to your sign ...


At times you are a piece of Aries bread, but at times you can be quite a mean person. When you get angry you get a little arrogant and repetitive as if you were going to get something else by repeating over and over again how you feel and what you think. People who love you and who know you know perfectly about this trait of your personality, and even find it funny, but it is also true that you drop pearls out of your mouth that can do a lot of damage to the person you face ...


Taurus, the trait of your personality that can play both in your favor and against you is attachment. When you fall in love for example you become a little dependent on your partner, and when you are single on your friends and family. Over the years you realize that this is not as healthy as it seems because, although you live beautiful and intense moments with the people you love, in the long run it also takes its toll. Maturity will make you want to modify or hide this little flaw.


Gemini sometimes you are not even aware of your selfishness, you do not do it with the intention of harming anyone, simply that sometimes you get so much in yourself and in your things that you forget the needs of the people who love you and who are always there with you. You are generous with yours and even with what they are nothing to you, but when you get into your world or you are wrong about something you do not care about anything or anyone, thank goodness that who knows you knows that later you react and you realize of your mistake.


Speaking bad and soon you have bad milk Cancer, when you have those black days or you are affected by something or by someone you get a bad mood that wails with it. You don’t go riding chickens to anyone just for the sake of it, but if you get caught at a bad time, you cut anyone off with a simple phrase, now those phrases are killers for those who receive them. The good thing is that if they make you see it later, you feel bad and try to compensate those people who through no fault of their own have paid for the broken dishes.


Leo you are stubborn as a mule eh, being a sign of fixed quality you defend your ideas to the death whether you are wrong or wrong. They can rarely make you change your mind and, although it has its positive side because that denotes a security that many would like for themselves, sometimes you screw it up to the bottom as well. The good thing is that you are not as proud as they paint, and if you realize that things are not as black or white as you see them, you immediately go to gray and rectify. Ole for you Leo!


You are more delicate than at first glance you appear Virgo and, although this is not bad at all, it is also true that sometimes you feel bad without any need. Not everyone is like you and in front of people with a more aggressive character you weaken and even turn off. You do not understand certain attitudes and in the end it is as simple as accepting each one as they are, if it is possible of course and if it is someone close and dear to you.


Libra may be a bit tired or tired of being labeled superficial, especially because of your sign, but the reality is that sometimes you are and not because you despise anyone, but because you like elegance, so much in things as in people. You are neat and you love to look good, that is why you value aesthetics so much in others, the good thing is that this does not exempt you from looking inward both for yourself and for others, giving value to principles and morals.


Scorpio the personality trait that not everyone knows is your disorder, why? Well because, although you like to have certain spaces in order, there are also others that you neglect for a long time. You are aware of your defects and that is why you try to amend them, what happens is that sometimes you cannot do everything you would like to do, and you return to them. You know that everything goes better when you reorganize and invest your time in the best possible way ...


Uy Sagittarius, although at a certain age and after becoming aware you try by all means not to bring out that characteristic trait you are somewhat possessive, especially with what has to do with your partner. You know that freedom is important for both members of the couple, however, sometimes you can not control it and you get the internal beast that tries to monopolize the maximum attention of the person with whom you share your life. If something saves you in this sense, it is your ability to reason and your common sense ...


If there is something that you try to hide from your personality, it is your vulnerability, because you know that unfortunately sometimes people take advantage of this. You do well and Capri is totally understandable, what happens is that sometimes you do not show yourself as you are and there are people who, although they would not take advantage, lose the best of you. You must learn to select with whom if and with whom not because otherwise you can miss good moments without any need ...


Sometimes Aquarius can be lazy, and this is why you try not to show this part of yourself so lightly. The reason is undoubtedly because you know that you would disappoint some other person in your environment, especially if they can be affected by this. Your pastes for some things can not only exasperate the people who love you, but it can also make you lose enriching experiences throughout your life.


Pisces you are not as clumsy as you sometimes think, what happens is that you come to believe it completely and you are hiding a part of yourself unnecessarily. Change the Pisces chip, you are a person with your flaws and virtues like everyone else, but you are quite demanding of yourself, and when something does not go as you would like, you label yourself or yourself. We all have our moments of clumsiness, and it is a shame that you only see what is yours and that you also see it as something bad ... Think about it!

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