What Are the Topics That the Zodiac Signs Are Tired of?


If they asked each one of you what tires you most about the image that others have of you, what would you say? Surely many of you have people hanging a sanbenito that does not correspond to reality. That it has some truth but that is commented so much that in the end, it seems that one is only like that. That’s not fair. Well, the same thing happens to the signs of the Zodiac. All carry a cross through time that sometimes weighs heavily. And above all, it is tiring. And it is also terribly lazy to always hear the same thing. What are the signs tired of? What are those hot topics that are always used to belittle a wonderful personality with something simple? (in which there will be everything, of course)


Aries is tired of hearing about his temper, impatience, and impulsiveness over and over again. That it seems that they were defects for which he should go to the stake. When in reality they are the ones that make Aries a leader and promoter, that they always arrive first and defend each achievement and each step they take to death. With a lot of genius, yes. But it is the one you have to get out to fight in life. Is it that any animal that they are going to take away from him, or beat him at something or hurt him, please ask? Well, that. And besides, being born with a strong character is not the fault of Aries. Many would already like it.


Taurus is tired of always being said the same thing about him: that he is stubborn and that he is not able to move his opinion an inch. What many do not understand is that when it has been necessary to do it, it has been done. And what use has it been? Well, many times you are welcome. And the face of Taurus does not see how it has been. That is why our bull thinks a lot about giving up. First, because he wants to make sure that he is useful for something, and second, that they will not take him for a fool. And he does it with all the patience in the world, which by the way, also seems that he invented it. But hey, that doesn’t bother him that much. The truth is that this topic is taken with “more patience.”


Gemini is tired of being blamed for starting so many things and then not finishing the half. Doesn’t anyone think about all the things that do end? Because that tendency of others to see the bad and ignore the good bores him. Yes, it bores him, as it bores him that so many people use easy criticism to sharpen his personality. Luckily all that happens, if not, I could not live. He relates to so many people that if he had to take into account the opinion of all ... It happens. Then the next topic will come about him: his superficiality. How wrong they all are! Not delving into many things helps you to be able to do it in the truly important ones. Anything else?


Cancer is tired of everyone seeing him as a Mary Magdalene who is crying all day. Or like someone who rants every time, there is a full moon. The first is a lie. Being sensitive and that what hurts you hurts you, and even makes you cry, does not mean that you cry for everything. Some would like to have their toughness in some situations in life. And with respect to the Moon, he sees it as an easy and old-fashioned topic. He’s been hearing the same thing for years. In addition, that moon, his moon, has enormous power, so much so that it controls even the tides. Envy is what many have because that moon whom he protects with more care than anyone is Cancer.


Leo is tired of always being associated with the lion of the jungle, wagging his mane as if he were in a shampoo commercial. And walking among the herd so that everyone admires him, idolizes him, and runs to meet him. To have a good laugh. But little more (well yes, it is a pride that they compare you with a lion and not with a wild boar). What Leo would like the most is that that reign that he gives for so much joke, served to recognize his value by taking care of his own, and those who are not his also if necessary. And if his power is recognized in any way, it is because he earns it by being noble, strong, and a good leader.


Virgo is tired of being blamed for so many hobbies with the order, cleanliness, perfection ... Let’s see, that one likes things to be done well, on time, and in the best way does not mean that they fall into a state of anxiety if not. Nor that he is washing his hands at all hours. Neither by wiping the finger to discover the dust on the furniture nor by ordering the closet by color. Virgo has better things to do. Like, for example, fixing everything that falls into their hands. But no one there blames it on his perfectionist and meticulous way of being. They are delighted and as soon as they can, they will criticize again.


Libra is tired of hearing about his indecision. That he doesn’t seem to get out of bed because he doesn’t know which foot to put on the floor first. Libras may have a little more hesitation when it comes to doing or saying many things. But sometimes others don’t notice. They already know each other and they work every day so that their indecision does not delay anything or affect anyone. Anyway, for those who want to go a little further, they should think this about Libra before referring again and again to their indecision: Libra is so encompassing that it takes into account many options. And that is why when you choose, you want to choose the best one. Others see nothing else what they have in front of their eyes, and sometimes, not even that.


Scorpio is tired of being seen by the whole world as the ruthless Zodiac. Because is not like that. Inside Scorpio, there is much more than revenge, mystery, resentment, or twisting. Scorpio suffers, cries, and feels the most (much more at times). But the way to show it may not reach everyone. The easy thing for many people when they have someone they have a strong intuition in front of is to fear him. And they protect themselves by hiding behind the hot topic. How many people really know Scorpio? Four brave. The others see it and only think of running away: Ugh, Scorpio! I miss out on here, how small they are…! Well, how bad.


Sagittarius is tired of the fact that because it is his planet Jupiter, the one of good luck, everyone thinks that he was born with a flower on his ass. When it is not. Sagittarius is angry that everything he achieves by working it, for others it seems that it was because Jupiter gave him a hand. And that everything that goes wrong is because of his genius, because he is too adventurous, because he does not want to commit himself, and because of his madness and desire for freedom. Come now! What happens is that many find it difficult to recognize the merit of others, and they grab the first thing they catch to throw their value to the ground. Let’s see if Jupiter is powerful enough and gives all of those a little bad luck!


Capricorn is tired that everyone thinks he lives in the office, eats papers, and only interacts with the coffee machine. Huge topic to summarize in a simple way that what Capricorn likes is to do his work well, his exams, or whatever he has to do. Is being responsible and hardworking bad? Is it better to do nothing or take care of something but do it halfway? It seems so considering what Capricorn is criticized for working like this. In addition to thinking that he does not enjoy life. What will anyone know how Capricorn enjoys privately with how discreet he is! (They would be in for a big surprise).


Aquarius is tired of being the weirdo of the Zodiac. And all because he thinks for himself, he does not swallow everything they want to sneak up on him, he defends to the death what he believes in and does what he wants. And he doesn’t scratch himself with nonsense, or at least he tries. And yes, also because you saw something extravagant. And that? By God, we live in the 21st century and we have overcome so many things ... But of course, it is the ancestral fear of everything that we cannot control. And Aquarius is not handled by anyone. That is clear. And so life will pass. Aquarius enjoys where he goes. And others wasting time commenting on what Aquarius life is like!


Pisces is tired of being seen only as someone with his head in the clouds, wet eyes, floating like a spirit, and with a crystal ball under his clothes to know what everyone else thinks. Not at all. Pisces is sensitive and spiritual, yes, but they work, laugh, earn money, socialize, and don’t live in any fairy tale. And besides, he is a survivor. Because it is true that he would like to live in another world (more ideal for him, but that is not bad) and because he does not achieve it, he forges himself every day into a hardness that some would already like to have. Those that are so realistic and practical and that nothing ever affects them. The topics are the weapon to criticize in others the deficiencies that you have yourself.

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