What Are the Three Reasons for Knowing Your Moon Sign?


Everyone knows what their Zodiac sign is. This sign is the sun sign. The sign-in which the Sun was on the day you were born. For example, if you are a Virgo, it is because the Sun was in Virgo on the day you arrived in the world. The Sun represents our consciousness, our inner deepest self, which defines us as we are, but there are other factors that also influence us. Through your astral or natal chart, you can find out how the planets were located on the day of your birth. Today it’s time to talk and know a little more about the moon sign. The Moon symbolizes feminine energy. It represents your sensitivity, your feelings, and your emotional world. Basically, the Moon is related to the way you manage your feelings and your inner world. Everyone knows what their sun sign is, but here are the three reasons why you should know your moon sign:

The Moon is the deepest part of our lives

This is the first of the three reasons why you should know your moon sign. The moon sign represents the union we have with our feelings, emotions, and our soul. Therefore, if we understand how we are inside and how we relate to ourselves, it is much easier to understand our way of acting and connecting with others. It is important to also know each other inside.

Knowing your moon sign will help you much better understand why you are like this and why you act that way. When we know what our moon sign is like, we can let ourselves be carried away by its putting instead of fighting and fighting against it.

The Moon greatly influences our moods

Another of the three reasons why you should know your moon sign is this. The Moon affects the tides a lot and is super related to water. Humans are more than 60% water, so we are affected by both the phases of the Moon and its movements. Our mood also changes as the phases of the Moon change. Knowing our moon sign can help us better manage our most sensitive side.

When you know what your moon sign is, it’s much easier for you to take care of yourself. You can anticipate, you can know how you are going to react, you can know what your mood is going to be in the face of that problem. The moon sign helps us to be more connected to our emotional needs.

The Moon makes us know our power

As you have read before, the Moon is related to feminine energy. Knowing what our moon sign helps us to know our feminine power, whether you are male or female. When you know your moon sign, you open your mind and let yourself be carried away much more by your imagination. Your moon sign can become our guide. Actually, our inner world, what we are inside is something super powerful. Although our sun sign is what defines us “on the outside”, the interior also matters and a lot. After knowing the three reasons why you should know your moon sign, here’s a little summary of the basic traits you can relate to.

Luna in Aries

Usually, you are an impulsive, ambitious, independent, and very passionate person. You know what you want and don’t hesitate to go for it. You need independence, but you also need a lot of action in your life. You may not recognize it, you love the attention. The bad thing is that you argue more than you should.

Moon in Taurus

You are a patient person and you do not tend to get angry easily. Throughout your life, you struggle to feel safe with yourself and validated by others. You are one of the best friends you can have. It is true that you may have a lot of difficulties adapting and talking about your fears.

Moon in Gemini

Communication is paramount to you. You need to express yourself anyway, but, above all, through creativity. You merge your emotions with language. You express your feelings without any difficulty and you have a very free spirit. The problem is that, although you have no problem talking about it, many times you find it difficult to know how you feel.

Moon in Cancer

The ruling planet of the Cancer sign is the Moon, therefore, if your moon sign is Cancer, it is in its planetary domicile. You are a person who is very affected by everything that happens in your environment. You instantly read the energy that is in the environment or that a person transmits to you. There is no doubt that you are a very changeable and super sensitive person.

Luna in Leo

You are someone super romantic, even exaggerated levels. From the moment you are born, you dream of finding love and enjoying it to the fullest. You hate feeling overshadowed by someone else. You need to have a lot of attention and when you don’t, you get angry and a lot.

Moon in Virgo

You find it very difficult to manage your emotions and know what is happening to your heart. You are a fairly analytical person and prefer not to shout to the four winds what is happening to you inside. You can’t help but pay attention to the small details. You think too much when it comes to matters of the heart.

Moon in Libra

You came into the world with a mission to find balance and harmony in your life. You move a lot according to your social relationships and believe it or not, your relationships greatly influence your way of being. You are happy when no one disturbs your peace. You usually have no problem relating.

Moon in Scorpio

Emotional intensity is your way of life. You make a world and a drama of everything that happens to you. You suffer more than anyone else. On the other hand, you need deep connections, so you can only trust people who really show you their loyalty. Your intuition can become VERY strong.

Moon in Sagittarius

You stand out for your blatant curiosity. You need to grow all the time, know new things, look for new experiences. In love, it is true that you are someone who is not very committed. You have a hard time expressing your feelings because you prefer to do other things than connect with your emotions.

Moon in Capricorn

If you define yourself by something, it is because you are a super hardworking person. You are happy when you thrive at work when success comes into your life. You are someone who is realistic and down-to-earth. You rarely share how you feel, because you don’t want to put others in a compromise, but when you do, you are direct and speak properly.

Moon in Aquarius

You often feel impulses that make you rebellious and go on your own without counting on anyone. It is true that on the other hand, you are a person who needs to be in contact with others, surround yourself with people who help you learn. You are a very empathetic person who is greatly affected by the emotions of others.

Moon in Pisces

You are a person with enormous empathy and intuition. You feel more than others and for that reason, many times you suffer twice as much as you should suffer. For you, your relationships are your priority and one of your dreams is to fall in love and find true love, even if you refuse to acknowledge it.

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