What are the things that a cancer can teach you in love?


A truly in love crab will do everything in his power to make the relationship work and be as long-lasting as possible. Cancer has a close relationship with Cupid and he cannot conceive of a life without love and all that it brings with him ... What can Cancer really teach you about love? Putting it all together is practically impossible, because the crab is overcome and reinvented every two by three, but here are some “tips” of the most relevant things that the crab can make you see if you are in a love relationship with her / him.

  It will make you see that you do not have to ask for anything in return when it comes to real love. It will teach you to really enjoy the NOW, the moment and all the benefits that love brings.
 That there is no reward, if there is no effort or at least some indication that you have moved your ass for something. Clear and simple, because Cancer is kind and can improve your love life better than any dating app, but beware, the crab does NOT give away anything for free or because of the pretty face of the next door neighbor, so here is the fight. Yes or yes.
That the walls can also have eyes. What does this mean? That if you have some kind of problem with Cancer, it is better to speak at the moment and reach a common conclusion, because as the crab suspects and sees that it is true, there is no passion that is worth it, because he puts his bigger breastplate and “bye bye” until it passes.

 It will teach you to listen carefully. Hearing something is not the same as paying attention to something, and with Cancer you will learn to have enough patience to listen carefully to all its battles. No one said this was easy, but it is always worth it.

 That where two enter, three can also enter. That life is more beautiful when you share and involve your people in all your achievements, challenges, illusions ... It will teach you to value family much more and the kind of love that it gives you in a selfless way. To value time, every moment, down to the smallest detail ...

 It will teach you to awaken your sixth sense in a very, very different way. It is one of the most precious weapons of the crab, because thanks to it it has been saved many times and prospered in many of its relationships. It will teach you to use your sixth sense to detect what your partner’s desires are ... There is nothing better than talking with your eyes, kissing with your soul and to top it off, hitting all the fantasies that make love the best thing from this world.

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