What are the signs to look for when the sign is in a foul mood?


There are signs that when they are sad they need to talk things over with others, there are those who swallow it all and give you a “nothing has happened here” smile. There are signs that prefer to take care of themselves and there are those that destroy themselves because they link their sadness to feelings of anger, hatred and pain. Be that as it may, each sign of the Zodiac internalizes it and channels it in a different way. Here we show you how the signs behave when they are off:


When Aries is off, if you are around, he may talk about it with you, he may even vent by crying a little. Although he is not good at pretending, in moments of sadness, he tries, and does everything possible so that only happiness is reflected on his face. Try to show that everything is okay and downplay things. He smiles again and as if nothing had happened (always facing others). In solitude, he will probably get dusty, and cry, and break ... If you know him well, you will know that he shows his sadness through his laughter. It is not so strong anymore ...


Taurus does not like anyone to give him their opinion when he is off. Sometimes it hurts to hear some truths, other times it does not even matter what you think. It’s like he likes to digest it alone, without the need for someone behind him saying what he should or should not do. For Taurus, many times being sad means being weak and that is why he tries at all costs to be active and not let anyone notice. He shows his sadness through his sarcasm and his black humor. You don’t like feeling this way and you don’t want anyone to be able to take advantage of your situation.


When Gemini’s are overcome by sadness, everyone notices it, and also, a lot. Geminis need to talk about what happens to them day and night. He may isolate himself at times, but his nature is to express himself sooner or later, to let others know what is wrong with him, what he feels ... His mind goes a thousand per hour and no matter how much he wants, I don’t know you will be able to distract with nothing. You need the people around you to give you their point of view and to help you with their opinions as much as possible. Although he also knows that many times so many opinions leave him in a mess. Show your sadness through nerves. Not stop.


If Cancer goes out, it isolates itself. He isolates himself and will only stay close to two or three people of his highest confidence. He will not tell anyone what happens to him until they can no longer. They will close in on themselves again and again until they become very small and only when they see that you are going to burst will they express themselves with others. Cancer tends to be very introspective when it is unwell. It closes in on itself and that can be very dangerous. It is not good that you say typical phrases of the type “get over it”. You show your sadness through detachment from the world but attachment to highly trusted people.


When Leo is not well, it shows, and it shows a lot. It does not have that shine when it arrives somewhere, it does not transmit that strength and that security. When Leo is sad, it shows, a lot. Lose a lot of strength. It is as if he does not feel like talking to anyone, as if he is super apathetic, not wanting to talk or express himself, as if nothing is worth it. Very often, their sadness turns into anger, an anger that is sometimes too irrational. Show your sadness through melodrama ...


If  Virgo is turned off, he directly disappears from the world for a time. Of course, when he returns to the load it will be to rant and really stay at ease. Virgo accumulates all the time. He can tell you what has upset him or what he is upset about, but trust me, he will tell you a quarter of everything he has inside, even though you think he has blurted it all out. When you are sad, you can fall into self-destructive tendencies at first, although you are smart to know that the only thing that really matters is taking care of yourself.


When Libra is sad, he would sleep for days. Come on, if you could, it would be what you would like the most in life. But since it will not always be possible, and Libra knows it, he will try to regain control of everything and get back on track. Eventually they will open up to their loved ones and tell them what is going on but only once they really have the strength to come out of that hole. Even though they are dying inside, they will always have that need to minimize things. He may show his sadness through writing, creation, music ...


Sadness makes Scorpio too unstable, it makes him nervous, it makes him think that he is not capable of controlling everything, and that overwhelms him a lot. He spends too much time thinking about the problem, what makes him sad. He tries to find a thousand ways to “heal himself” and only when he has already squeezed his head to the fullest and cannot find a way out does he give up and let himself be carried away. Sometimes I just needed that from minute one: flow with sadness, surrender to it. And sometimes that’s when you really start to breathe easy. It is not wrong to feel bad from time to time. Not everything is a disaster, you just have to assume, wait and let it happen. When he has unstable emotions is when you realize that he is sad.


When Sagittarius is sad they start to get a little reckless about everything. As if the world began to give him the same. Although this is obviously not the case, it acts as if it is. He tends to become ironic and sarcastic with the people he cares about, he can even become a bit rude with his comments. Sagi turns his sadness many times into anger, and attacks that anger against himself and against others. Sometimes he just needs a shoulder to vent on, but it has to be Sagi who chooses when to do it.


If Capri is overcome by sadness, she becomes very disappointed with everything, and has to work on her self-esteem so as not to sink completely. Capricorn thinks about the past, how he could have avoided all this. He is constantly charged with guilt and believes that he had or could have done everything much better. He does not dwell too much on his emotions because in the end, he gets up, makes a new plan and goes back to work, but inside there is still pain, anguish and above all guilt. Something that will last you a long, long time. Capri shows her sadness through sarcasm and practical jokes. Sadness = Helplessness.


When Aquarius is sad, he turns off his emotions and disappears from the world, at least for a while. He becomes a bit disinterested and dry with the people around him, even those who are important to them. They’ll listen to music, read sad things, and get inspired to create even when they hit rock bottom. This is Aquarius in the end, he will get something positive even from the worst but not without first showing a brutal lack of effort. As if nothing mattered to him. It takes a while to react but it reacts.


If Pisces is sad, he escapes from the place that makes him feel this way, and from people, from memories, from everything that can make him even sadder. He knows his sensitivity and his way of seeing the world and he knows that in moments like this there is only one option: to be stronger than all that. For this reason, even if his legs shake and his body breaks, he knows that he has to get out of there, because otherwise, he can end up in the darkest of depressions. Pisces has to fight against himself to end sadness because in those moments, his whole being asks him to stay there. And he has to have that incredible willpower not to, to move, to walk away. Even if it hurts.

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