What are the signs that you are in a healthy relationship according to your zodiac?


Everyone deserves healthy love and the least toxic relationship possible. It is true that relationships are usually somewhat complicated, because you have to know yourself a lot, but you also have to know or try to know the other person. If you’re not careful, your relationship may inadvertently end up being somewhat toxic. There are ways to know if your relationship is healthy or not. Read on to find out:


You have a very strong personality as well as energetic and fiery. For the world, it is very difficult to understand that way of acting that you have so impulsive and courageous. You know that you have a healthy and healthy relationship because your partner supports you to continue being this impulsive and spontaneous. Your partner is not afraid of your unpredictable side, in fact, he believes that this is what gives the relationship the spark. You are a lover of control, Aries, to be honest, you are a bit bossy at times. Which can overwhelm you in certain situations, because you want to be in a thousand places and a thousand situations at the same time. When you have a healthy relationship, your partner gives you the calm you need and helps you not lose your sanity in those moments of maximum stress.


You are more of a quiet plan, Taurus. It’s hard for you to get out of your comfort zone and that’s why you prefer to stay where you feel comfortable and where there are no risks. You know that you have to put in more than your part, you know that you would have to change, but it costs you because, in addition, you are a little stubborn. You know that you are in a healthy relationship when your partner wants to spend time with you and does not care what plan there is. When your partner respects your fears, your insecurities, your stubbornness. You are in a healthy relationship if that person wants to be with you, even if that means staying home and doing nothing, just spending time with you. Your partner will put you ahead of any plan and respect your need for security and control.


You are a person who needs constant stimulation, Gemini, you need to live every minute as if it were your last. You would not bear at all having to spend your time with someone boring, with someone who does not stimulate you and who does not let you be who you are. You know that you are in a healthy relationship, when your partner works as hard as possible to satisfy your social needs, when he brings up the topic of conversation even under the rocks. Your partner may also be calm, but will still respect your personality and want to make you pain and dream as much as possible. Your relationship is healthy, Gemini, if your partner spends time teaching you what their concerns, their fears, their concerns are. Just like you do with others.


You are a very special person, Cancer , in every way. You more than anyone need love, attention, darling. You know that you are in a healthy relationship when you feel at home with your partner, when you are not afraid of anything. You are affectionate, but you also need your partner to return all that affection to you. When you are in a healthy relationship, your partner will satisfy all your desires, and not only that, but he will not be afraid to connect with you on an emotional level. He knows that with you you have to be patient and, above all, be careful with those dangerous mood swings that you sometimes have. Cancer, it is difficult for you to find a relationship like that, but when you find it, you know that it is the one.


Even if you make the world see that you are the safest person in the universe, you also have your insecurities, Leo. And you know that you are in a healthy relationship when your partner is not afraid to discover what those insecurities are, those weakest points. When your partner is there in both your good times and bad times. The easy thing would be that, as soon as you take out your character, your partner disappears and he does not want to know anything about you. But you know you have a healthy relationship when he / she stays there, to calm you down, to make sense. You are someone independent, Leo, but deep down you need someone who gives you that sense of security, someone who cares about you. You are in a healthy relationship, when that person values your independent side, but also appreciates your more loving side.


You are quite reserved when it comes to falling in love, Virgo. In love, you take your time to open up, to let your partner know you completely. When you are in a healthy relationship, your partner is as patient as he can be with you and even knows how to cope with your hobbies and that perfectionist side of you. On top of everything, your partner will give you constant love and support, because they know that even if you don’t ask for it, you need it. You know that you are with the right person because it gives you the confidence you need to open up and let it enter your heart. You are a person who cares about every little detail, Virgo, and you know that you are in a healthy relationship when your partner cares to alleviate every worry you have.


It is not easy for you, Libra, to find a person who fully meets all those expectations and requirements that you have in mind. You know that you are in a healthy relationship when that person does not overwhelm you, is not on top of you 24 hours a day, but still, you feel them close. When he knows how to value your independence, but not because of it, he will leave you feeling alone. Your partner will make an effort to understand you, they will do their part to put themselves in your shoes and know what your insecurities are, your fears and why you act the way you do. The easy thing, Libra, would be to throw all those insecurities in your face and tell you to fix them yourself. But when you are in a healthy relationship with the right person, you won’t feel guilty about being this way.


You are not easy to deal with, Scorpio, and you know it. You are a very mysterious and reserved person and it can be difficult to maintain a relationship with you. When you are in a healthy relationship, you know it because your partner has no problem dealing with that hurricane of emotions that you have inside. Anyone would get scared and even start creating more unnecessary drama. But in a healthy relationship, that person will give you all the calm and space you need. The important thing is that your partner has a lot of patience and does not despair when you have your days or your moments of maximum sensitivity. There are other important things in a relationship, Scorpio, but for you this is paramount.


For you, Sagittarius, it is very difficult to find a healthy relationship in the long term. You are an independent, adventurous, free person and not everyone is willing to put up with all that for a long time. Most people are looking for commitment and you, that’s not something you offer that first. But you know that you are in a healthy relationship when your partner not only knows how to keep your rhythm and accompanies you on all your adventures, but will also give you the independence and freedom to do what you want and when you want. He doesn’t ask you for explanations, he asks you to tell him everything you learned when you ran away. It is not necessary for your partner to be as independent as you, simply to give you your space, to know how to understand you and to accompany you whenever you ask.


In love, you are a very reserved person who always walks with lead feet so as not to end up suffering. Even if you are in a long-term relationship, you remain that way, simply to protect yourself. You know that you are in a healthy relationship, when your partner gives you all the security you need, when he gives you love without you asking, when he understands you even though it is complicated. Your partner will help you relax and stop thinking that everyone is going to hurt your heart. And it is that, Capricorn, in reality, all you ask is to share your time with an honest, familiar person who knows how to value comfort. In addition, you can be a very perfectionist and squared person, but your partner will help you to know how to enjoy life without obsessing so much.


You are someone special from head to toe, Aquarius, and in love much more. You need someone who knows how to value your intelligence, your creativity and who will not cut your wings. You are used to people looking at you badly for being who you are, to being criticized for your crazy and different ideas. You know that you are in a healthy relationship when your partner, in addition to defending you from all those people who criticize you, supports you in everything you do, makes you feel valued and knows how to appreciate that intelligence and inner world. Your partner will love that you are such a dreamy person and will want to create a future in which you both share dreams. You are in a healthy relationship, when your intelligence does not go unnoticed.


You are so dreamy, Pisces, and you are so detached from reality that many times your relationships end because of that. But, you know that you are in a healthy relationship, when your partner supports you and lets you dream all you want, but also helps you put your feet on the ground when necessary. He will let you travel wherever you want, but then he will be the first person to give you that much-needed reality check. Your partner wants to know you and also wants to know all those crazy things that happen in your mind. Also, you are a person who needs a lot of love. Your partner, if you are in a healthy relationship, will accept it, appreciate it and offer you the same or even much more in return.

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