What are the signs that leave not to return?


There are times when it is very necessary to leave, and then come back with more force. There are many other times that that is not enough. There are times when taking time is no longer necessary, because what can really heal you is to leave forever. Here are the different reasons why the signs can go away and never come back.


Aries leaves the moment they discover that it is one more option. It is obvious that Aries cannot be the priority of everyone around him, but he is not going to be the second course of anyone. Aries has always taken their own desires very seriously and in them, their self-love is always in the first place. Easy and simple. If Aries feels that they are not someone’s priority, why dramatize? It leaves, and voila.


Taurus takes EVERYTHING he does very seriously, and if in this case he decides to leave so as not to return, be very careful, because it will surely be forever. The main reason that Taurus can grab his things forever is DISINTERMISSION. The moment you notice that you are sharing time, moments and happiness, with someone who makes the same case as the flies, it is over.


The main reason why Geminis can leave and never return? THE LACK OF CONFIDENCE. For Geminis, there is nothing worse than sharing LIFE with someone who has a brick wall complex. That’s right, Gemini sees that as a warning sign that tells them GO, RUN… The moment Gemini feels that they are with someone distant and with zero desire to OPEN THEIR HEART, they leave… They do it so as not to suffer.


Although it seems incredible, it is true. Cancer will leave, never to return when it has a HUGE excess of very theatrical love shows. It’s amazing because people think that Cancer is like that. Very excessive in terms of demonstrations of love, but deep down, he has a very independent soul ... Cancer goes his way, today it is like that and tomorrow it is not known, but if they overwhelm him, he leaves. Point.


Why would Leo leave and never return? Because you noticed that you didn’t get enough attention that you really needed. Leo is a sweetheart who needs real and sincere attention. If you notice that your partner says YES to everything so that you shut up, or that you skip the topic and are always in the clouds, bad ... Leo hates having the feeling of abandonment or of being totally ignored.


The shyness. That’s right, if Virgo decides to go after someone, they do it to win. But if you do it and you don’t get the answer you want or everything becomes very confusing, bye, bye ... Virgo hates to make a fool of himself like that, or so he thinks ... For him to go after someone, he has to do a LOT of SIGNS and above all, it has to be the other person who makes the first step. If not, it goes away. And it does not come back.


Libra will leave never to return, the moment his battery of patience with lack of commitment comes to an end ... In other words? That Libra can leave you forever, because of fears and doubts. Libra needs to be with someone who keeps his word and commits himself to death. If you do not see that, you stop suffering and directly, it cools down and leaves ...


Scorpio hates a lack of interest and it may be that this is one of the main reasons he has for going and never coming back ... Scorpio wants to share his life with people who make EFFORTS, he does not want to live his time with someone he has to take care of like a small child… Scorpio knows his worth, and he also knows that there are thousands more people to discover and meet… He spends wasting time with someone who shows no interest.


The main reason why Sagittarius would leave not to return? THE FEAR OF FLYING. That’s right, Sagittarius is a lover of adventure and of living life exploring the world. If it happens that you are with someone lazy and very fond of his comfort zone, bad ... Who is not willing to move his ass to see the world, stay away from Sagittarius, because the archer is FREE and is passionate about people like that .


You lose Capricorn when you do NOT convey confidence. The goat leaves never to return, as a good personal defense mechanism, because if it does, it is for something ... Capricorn has a very witchy sixth sense. If he warns you that something dark is with someone, bad. You don’t think twice, and you trust your judgment more than the other person’s words.


INJUSTICE and CONTROLLING ACTIONS are very compelling reasons for Aquarius to leave and not to show signs of life again until they feel like it. That’s how it is. Aquarius does not think twice, because he detests injustice and hates sharing LIFE with someone who, in a way, takes it away ... Aquarius was, is and will be free all his life.


The reason why Pisces can leave so as not to return? Not getting enough attention. That, or feeling that it is someone else in your partner’s life ... Pisces wants exclusivity in every way. If you feel that your feelings are taking a backseat, that’s bad ... But the bottom line is when you sense and get your suspicions right. Pisces hates to see how their fears come true ... There, it goes and does not return. Really…

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