What are the signs that fall in love before ?


There are signs super addicted to love, people who when they are already in a relationship can become extremely dependent. And there are much more detached and cold that have the ability to cut their losses when they start to see that things do not work. But this is something else, here we are talking about the initial stage of falling in love, the signs that begin to feel much earlier, those who fall in love quickly. This is the ranking of the signs that fall in love before:


Capricorn is late to fall in love. It is likely that it will be caught by someone quickly, yes, but from there to take the big step of falling in love, there is a long way. And what’s more, if by any chance I did, I wouldn’t tell you either, so you’d be right there. Sometimes, he is so stubborn that he only seeks to achieve and achieve. It is as if something got into his head (be it person or things) he has to get it anyway. Sometimes, he thinks that love is going to deprive him of other things, such as that it will not let him progress or it will clip his wings. And that is why she often runs away from him.


When you fall in love, everything is amazing Aquarius. Your world changes radically. You are honest, loyal, and focused on what really matters to you: that person. In addition, you let others pass into that hermetic world of yours and you seem like another person. It is true that you will not talk too much about your feelings with others. Nobody cares that that frozen heart is beginning to beat for someone, but it is true that you will prove it with facts Aquarius, with many facts. The problem is that it costs you a lot to fall in love. The energy and spark can arise almost automatically, but the act of love takes much longer. You may like someone very much, but the word “fall in love” is sorry but you don’t let it go with the first person that crosses your life, no matter how much it may attract you.


You are a person who analyzes everything too much, in fact, when it comes to having some kind of date, or when you start to write to someone you like, the first thing you ask yourself is if this will work. You start turning your head all the time with a thousand doubts and a thousand questions. For this reason, because you have a tendency to intentionally seek problems, you move at a very, very slow pace in love. Come on Virgo, you don’t fall in love because you get stuck all the time and tremendously high walls.


If any Leo is seen in this ranking he will tell you, “WTF? If I fall in love very quickly ”but no, that is not true. Leo very much confuses love with passion, with attraction, with desire, with intimacy, with kisses and hugs, with caresses ... But when he really falls in love, he knows it. Moreover, if I looked back now, I would know perfectly well who was real love and who, however, believed that it was and was not. So, Leo thinks that he has quickly fallen in love with anything, with a city, with a flower, with a book, with a person ... And afterwards, it was not so bad.


Gemini’s are very quickly hooked on whatever they like and it makes them feel good in the moment. So, it is not uncommon for us to see him super hooked on someone who removes him from the inside. But love is something else, and Gemini’s is clear about it. You can get caught a lot by someone and in fact, others may even believe that you have fallen in love. But no, sometimes, his busy social life, his magnetic nature and that gift that he has to communicate makes others confuse impressions. It’s not what you think, he’s not in love with you, he’s just that adorable and that’s it.


Once a Scorpio falls in love he has an impressive addiction to the other person, sometimes even toxic, that practically everyone knows. But to truly fall in love, it takes time. When you meet Scorpio you know perfectly well that emotion will flood your life. It is passionate and has an impressive magnetic energy. But he is also reserved, very jealous and very stubborn. You don’t want to be the first person to lay your heart on the truth. You do not want to be the one to risk and less in something that is not in your hands. Therefore, even if it costs you a lot, you will not hesitate to take a step back when you see fit. He may like you a lot but he has the cold blood to stop everything if he knows that it does not suit him.


Libra falls in love over low heat even though she has crushes with everything that crosses her path. Libra is an air sign, free as the wind and has no qualms about telling you that today he fell in love with a book and tomorrow he will fall in love with a car (a bit like Leo). But in reality these “crushes” are fleeting impulses. Libra needs to feel that he is alive, and he does it through those impulses. Everything excites him, life itself excites him and he wants to know, learn, know and fall in love yes. But the latter will be because those impulses have been focused on one thing and have not dispersed as it usually happens. And that’s when Libra knows he’s starting to feel more.


Although many may not believe it, Pisces prefers to go slowly in love. He can feel a lot for you. In the end, Pisces is a water sign that needs a lot of affection and love. But there are many types of love that Pisces is more than served with. The love of your family, the love of your friends ... And the truth is that you do not need anything else many times. It is clear that he will not reject love, but he will be able to do it in the background many times, out of fear perhaps, out of fear of losing many other things, because he does not turn his world upside down. Of course, if you fall in love, you will be hooked for a long time to that person.


Sagittarius likes to be in love, but it is true that, although he often does it quickly, he is not one of those who proclaim it from the rooftops. In fact, he does not want others to know because he thinks that much more damage can be done if things go wrong. So he prefers to hide it even though he knows full well that blood flows through his body much faster. If you really think you have found the person, you will get carried away, and even if you deny it, you are probably already in love with them.


Many may be surprised by this, but Aries falls in love too quickly. She loves adventure, exciting experiences and that stage where she starts to fall in love she loves it… She does it quickly and with a lot of emotion and passion. Sometimes what scares you is that this “butterflies in your stomach” phase will pass quickly and the stage of commitment and boredom will arrive. But that is another story. First you will fall in love. And he will do it quickly because he follows his heart and his impulses and does not stop him at anything. Then we will see ...


Cancer clearly had to be at the top of this list. You fall in love very quickly and very easily. You have a heart in which there is always room for love. And no matter how badly they have treated you before, you always give Cancer a chance. It is in your nature, it is like that. And it is not that you do not learn from previous experiences but that love, in the end, makes you feel good and no matter how much you want to, you cannot close something that makes you feel good because someone has hurt you a lot before. You will walk with lead feet yes, but you will not forbid yourself to be happy again. And it’s inevitable, you don’t want to control it.


If you are Taurus, you know it. Yes, no matter how much you want to hide it, no matter how tough you are behind that shell of yours that you wear, no matter how much you want to show that you have control of absolutely everything, you know: you fall in love very quickly. And Taurus is fine, because in the end, you feel, you get excited, you free yourself, and you are who you are, without wearing masks or disguises. In the initial stages of love, nothing can stop you from immediately throwing yourself into Taurus. You are the way you are, and you are already Taurus, it is good to love, it is good to love and the feeling is beautiful. You don’t have to blame yourself later if things don’t work out, okay? One thing is one thing and another is another.

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