What are the signs that break easily under pressure?


There are times when everything breaks around us. For one situation or another, life can lead us to complex situations in which there is no alternative to deviating from that path, from that path ... For some signs, breaking with such high expectations can be very discouraging. Starting from scratch costs us all, but there are Sun Signs who are more reluctant to these changes and who have a much worse time when they have to face them. Here we show you the most common reactions of the signs of the Zodiac when they can’t take it anymore.


Everyone knows it, Aries is a determined person and it seems that he is not afraid of anything or anyone. Nothing could be further from the truth. Aries, although they may not always recognize it, has had to accept like everyone else a NO for an answer at some time. And although inside he is angry and full of anger, he has had to hold on and channel all that energy elsewhere. But in the end he is Aries, and he will always try his best to get what he wants, whether in love or in any other situation in his life. But he also gives up when he sees that there is no longer anything to do. He’s worn down from everything he’s fought for but now, enough is enough.


Despite that stubborn and stubborn reputation that will always haunt him, Taurus wants love. You need love. And affection, and respect and above all a lot of understanding. And sometimes, they look for that love in the arms of someone who can really give it to them. When Taurus can’t take it anymore, you notice it. He is very constant with what he wants and with what he wants, and surely before breaking down he has insisted over and over again. But he also knows when it is time to turn back and leave that path. Often he has no control over everything he wanted, and when he realizes it is when he retires. Forever and broken.


Gemini is a very active sign, a sign that needs to investigate, experiment and above all, learn. If they are happy, they tell you, they have to bring out their emotions because they enjoy doing it and also, somehow, they release all that energy they have inside through communication. But when they are bad, things change. When they can’t anymore they tend to shut up and become much more introverted. And perhaps in another sign such an attitude would not be too noticeable but in Gemini it is noticeable, and it shows a lot. It’s not that they can’t relate like they used to, it’s that they just don’t want to. When they can no longer, everything is over.


Cancer is a sign with a very great sensitivity inside. He is a person who suffers a lot when some kind of “ugly” is made to him, when they give him answers that he knows he does not deserve or when he is belittled. When any situation makes him no longer able to, he becomes very sad, and sadness brings out the worst in this sign. He projects that rage on others, loses his sweet charm and becomes too despotic. Also, if you have to go hurt, you will go without regrets. When you can’t take it anymore, anything goes. And that Cancer knows very well.


When Leo can no longer project it on others. You can continue to act as if absolutely nothing is happening but inside you are super broken. Leo has that energy that keeps him from letting up even in the most difficult situations. Or at least, he has that strength not to show it to the world. He will almost always blame himself for having trusted and that things have turned out that way. Only the closest people will know what is wrong with him and even so, many times he will try to take iron out of the matter ...


Virgo sometimes gets too “wet” with others. He is a very helpful person who enjoys being asked for help. In a way, he feels very useful when others look to him because he knows that he is a heavyweight and that his opinion is important. So, as in everything, Virgo is super perfectionist and sometimes also quite critical so, his advice will always be a bit bloody if he knows you need it. When Virgo can’t take it anymore, he will lose interest completely and you will notice it. From being 100% involved, it will go from not being involved in anything. And that will hurt more than anything else. You didn’t have it when you could. You won’t have it when you want it.


Libra works well when you have people around you who motivate you to keep going. They are sociable people who need that constant interaction of ideas, that flow of communication that makes them learn all the time. So when Libra can’t take it anymore, he will break down and seek that time alone that he so badly needs at that moment. In the end, when they are like this they know that the only thing people will do is wear them down more and they prefer to have a little peace and quiet. You can become very secretive or if you feel that you have been treated unfairly, you can even prepare to return the same as soon as possible.


When Scorpio can’t take it anymore, he becomes overwhelmed. They have great difficulties regulating these emotions and they look for any kind of outlet for them. Scorpios tend to hurt themselves with negative thoughts that run through their head over and over again. And the problem is that those thoughts are very often uncontrollable. They will look for the exit to release those emotions wherever, even if the path to find them may be dangerous. They have to learn to focus and focus. They will take time to leave the place that hurts them but they will end up doing it.


Sagi works best when he’s busy, when they’re doing something interesting that motivates them. If you are sad, you lose all that energy. And yes, you probably have a lot more things to do in your life, just because you need to get away from what has made you feel bad. But no matter how much Sagittarius “gets” in his life too much, he becomes unable to complete the tasks that at another time he would have done with his eyes closed. When Sagi can’t take it anymore, he needs to rest, disconnect and focus only on himself. As much as it may cost you sometimes.


Capricorn has a strong need to help out all the time to people who are looking for him and who ultimately need him. And it feels good to have that role, but it must be said that Capri is a person who does not fool around, and sometimes, she does not have a soft way of saying things, even if she wants to. When Capricorn can no longer lose all kinds of motivation and stop helping, stop worrying and stop being there. It is true that this will cost you a lot because it is in your nature to be in control of everything, including the problems of third parties. And solve it anyway, but being wrong makes him take a step back.


When Aquarius breaks down and can’t take it anymore, it is lost. He begins to isolate himself from the world, from people, and also begins to have an attitude of total detachment from the world. Everyone knows that something is wrong with it because, although it is in its nature to be very independent, when it breaks, it also makes you feel bad about its indifference. Many times, it is not premeditated but simply needs to isolate yourself from everything. You will not understand well why everything has happened and you will blame yourself for many things. That is why he moves away, because sometimes he also believes that the evil was generated by him / her.


When Pisces can no longer break into a thousand pieces and does not know very well what to do. Within himself, he ceases to be interested in that future he imagined in his mind, he is not enthusiastic about the possibilities that await him, he ceases to be excited about things. You will need time to heal and to regain that imagination and those dreams that make you feel alive. He will have to isolate himself in some way and he will have to rebuild himself little by little. He will have a bad time but when he is reborn he will return with a well-charged battery, and he will not go through the same thing again.

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