What Are the Pros and Cons of the First Date With the Signs?


The first time you are going to meet someone, the first kiss that you want so much and that will finally come true ... There are many first times in our lives that, for better or for worse, leave their mark on us forever. Next, we are going to capture the different PROS AND CONS of the first times with the signs. What is very clear is that, each in their own way, leaves their identity stamp forever and ever ...


PROS : Chemistry with Aries is almost always instantaneous and having fun with him is something tremendously easy, because the first times with Aries are really wonderful ... Whatever happens, with Aries you will surely end up having good adventures and unforgettable anecdotes, why not there is nothing to stop that crazy heart, but fucking fun ... Aries gets lost in the path of pleasure very quickly, there is nothing of bad love in him, there is nothing negative ... He has initiative and he launches himself to try anything that him enter through the eyes, of course. It’s good-natured pleasant dynamite.

CONS : The little patience that it presents when the plans to which it had spent a lot of time go wrong. That, and the last minute disappointments that always end up showing up on dates ... The biggest disadvantage of Aries is that, as long as they see something they do not like, they do not happen there. You can grab all your things and leave without giving a single explanation. Literal.


PROS : Taurus makes you feel safe. Losing yourself in his gaze makes you feel very good. It gives a lot of pleasure to see the calm that there is in it and the transparency that you taste first hand, because it is 100% natural ... Taurus love is one of the purest in the zodiac and in that sense, anyone who knows it for the first time can breathe easy.

CONS : It gives you a lot of calm, a lot of reliability and all that stuff, but it won’t give you a single extra piece of information about his private life. This is what there is, if you want it well and if not, you leave it. Clear and simple. Taurus is not a fan of the first few times with thousands of confessions. He prefers to savor the moment very slowly. Enjoy the NOW and save the deepest confessions for later. Taurus does not bring anything to light so easily and that is what can get on your nerves the most in a first time with the bull ...


PROS : With Gemini you will NOT miss anything. His first times are as exciting as the second, third ... Once he gets carried away and fully turns on, Gemini flows and he will always want and give more and more ... He has the energy to stop a train, conversation topics so that he does not God is bored and a lot of lip service. Gemini falls in love. Nobody can overshadow its funniest and most sensual side, because it is very difficult not to fall under the spell of its charms.

CONS : A first time with Gemini without having a clue what Gemini is like, it’s looooong to assimilate… In other words? That if you don’t know something about the life of Gemini, you will sometimes feel out of style, because he is fast when he talks, he changes the subject every two by three ... And possibly, his energy ends up burning you a little ... But nothing more. Usually a first time with Gemini ALWAYS ends in adventure.

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PROS : Can you summarize all the PROS of having a first time with Cancer? IMPOSSIBLE. There are sooooo many good things that the crab can bring you in a first contact, that it is impossible to capture them all. But if we must highlight one above all, of course it would be this: the kindness that she brings you and the love she gives you. Although he knows little, the crab loves to make the people he is with feel good ...

CONS : Since Cancer doesn’t get a good vibe that first time, bad. As he is all the time with “the fly behind his ear” be careful and very careful, because he may end up changing his mood several times ... That, or he grabs his things and leaves without giving any explanation. With Cancer you never know, it is unpredictable from the cradle. Possibly the ideal would be to deliver the typical manual of “what to do and what not to do to get out of this date unscathed” for their first few times, because the crab is a true roller coaster of emotions.


PROS : His magnetism, his good vibes, his personality and that special smile that the lion has and that no one else can imitate, are super important factors… They are what make a first time with Leo unique and special. It’s something like getting to touch the sky with the fingers of your hand ... It’s magical, next to Leo everything is tremendously amazing. Leo will do everything possible to make any first time beautiful, pleasant, passionate and very special. Next to Leo everything is sooo perfect ...

CONS: Be careful with his temperament, because Leo is not one of those who pretend and pretend that everything is OK when it is not… His against is very simple: he has no filters. If you see something you don’t like (especially some ugly detail from the other person) you are not going to take it well. He does not care if it is a first time, he will say it to your face and possibly, not in very good ways ...


PROS : With Virgo you will feel confident and calm. Although possibly bombard you with thousands of questions about your private life (type: how many exes do you have, what is your favorite food, whether or not you have a history ...) but without making you feel bad ... Virgo in that sense is very respectful / o and not it goes out of line. At first, she seems like the shyest person on earth, but as time goes by, her flirtation can break down any barrier, because deep down she has a very sensual heart.

CONS : That his face says everything, everything, everything. The art of dissimulation or that of delicacy is not very Virgo. In his case, he drops everything like a jug of cold water. Virgo cares very little about losing the magic of the first time, because if he sees something he does not like, he has to let it go ... Moreover, if he does not do it, he feels bad, because Virgo feels like a “false person” when he he shuts up things that he really thinks out of politeness ...


PROS : EVERYTHING. Having a first time with Libra (no matter what) is pure magic. That is luck and the rest is nonsense. A fucking gift from the sky, okay? Libra, with its crazy personality and its essence, makes the temperature rise by leaps and bounds ... Seriously, with Libra the explosive chemistry is more than served. He is a very crazy little head who loves to make plans of any kind and who never puts problems in anything.

CONS : Easy, your doubts. Libra is a book that seems very easy to read, but when you take it in your hands, you realize how deep it is. Sometimes it is an authentic human hieroglyph, other times it is a leaf moved by the wind or a very romantic and dangerous soul ... What is clear is that with the balance neither God is bored, now, as long as it does not enter that first time for the eyes, bad .. Goodbye. Bye. There is no one there who can do anything, because Libra is a very selective being at heart.


PROS : No one can come to compare with Scorpio, because what he transmits to you with just a glance, cannot be described even with words…. Chemistry with Scorpio is a stroke of luck that everyone wants, because with just a little touch, it can make you feel wonders ... A Scorpio, passion and intensity come out of his pores, seriously, it transmits a good vibe and a desire of always MORE that are not of this world. The first few times with Scorpio are NEVER forgotten.

CONS : Easy. Scorpio can take you to his ground whenever he wants, however he wants and without your permission. Your magnetism takes care of the work. Now, if he detects that you are resisting, that you go off the subject or that you do not follow his current, bye. It will pass from you and will do it with clear intentions, so that it hurts a little, because Scorpio cannot stand NOT to get away with it. You like to have an effect on others 24/7.


PROS : ALL the first few times with Sagittarius are pure pleasure. It’s fun in person. He is not afraid of almost anything and of course what he always seeks is to have a good time. You hold on to his hand, and you can be sure that you are going to have fun at all hours. Sagittarius floods its first few times with good vibes, respect and many adventures (some wild and others more relaxed) but what is clear is that with Sagittarius you know the good vibes first hand.

CONS : That he shows a lot of interest in you, does not mean that he will want more and more. No no and no. Sagittarius is a bag full of leaves blown by the wind (each in a different direction, to make it more difficult to catch) and is not going to commit to someone, just like that. If he sees that there is a lot of pressure, he will run away. It will go. Goodbye very good and that’s it. He does not want complications of love and drama in his life ...


PROS : The most important? That you will never be late for any of your first times. Capricorn keeps his promises and if he commits to you, he delivers. Undoubtedly. He is very responsible for those things and although at first it seems that the most formal person in the world, in privacy, has an amazing magnetism. Seriously, you will want to feel each and every one of his frictions, because the goat is sensual to the point of being ... He loves details, he likes to create a calm atmosphere, with a lot of pleasant tension, and then be able to reach more ... You know.

CONS : That Capricorn has to be in control of the situation. If not, you will not feel satisfied at all and possibly end up doing a smoke bomb ... That’s right, the goat in a way feels more secure when it takes control to its territory. In the first few times he feels a bit out of place because he does not want to show his most controlling facet at first, but deep down, in silence, he curses, because he cannot NOT take control of the situation ...


PROS : With Aquarius, of course you will have the best first times of your entire life. Without exaggerating. You will live experiences very different from the one you are used to. You will feel that you are a really special person, because Aquarius takes care of it like that ... He likes to pamper his people and take them to his particular world. No pressure, no rules, no ties ... All with total freedom, because the beauty of Aquarius is that, if he is by your side, it is because he respects you just as you are. And that, completely falls in love ...

CONS : That sometimes you will feel that you have to go after him to make him listen to you. That some other times you will believe that something is wrong with you, because he will not show his hair, but Aquarius is like that ... He does not do it on purpose, on the contrary, he has always been a very free soul and not even in his first few times will he to be. Why? Because Aquarius is natural and will always show itself as it is.



The first times with Pisces are mystical, magical, pretty, pleasant and very crazy. That’s right, Pisces is not a drama friends, on the contrary, it is possibly one of the most sensual and launched signs of the entire zodiac. Once its initial shyness has been overcome, the fish takes you to its particular world of madness and in it, it shows you how beautiful it is to let yourself be carried away by the current. In addition to forging a friendship, with Pisces you will have the most wonderful anecdotes of your life.


Pisces can be blocked on some occasions. Why? Because his sixth sense often detects things where there is nothing ... He eats his head a lot in case he likes you, if not, if he is doing it well or if he is screwing up to the bottom ... Pisces wants everything to be perfect , that everything flows and in the end, thinking so much is what can screw everything ... Pisces closes itself in its own world and there is no god who can undo that personal bubble in which it takes refuge.

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