What Are the Pros and Cons of Dating the Zodiac Signs?


Every time we go on a date with someone for the first time, our legs shake and everything is questionable. We go from emotion to thinking that it can be a disaster, or we come up and we do not give it importance. There are those who do not flinch and go to the appointment as if they were going to buy bread; others do not sleep the night before. Well, if by our sign we can have some information to be calmer, it is better not to waste time and know it YAAA.


Pros: Since Aries is always cheerful and fun, whatever happens, you won’t get bored on the date. His energy is contagious and as long as the chemistry works, you can rub your hands together because there is going to be a “party”. Aries is always ready for anything and is about taking the initiative. Get ready!

Cons: As the date does not go well, Aries becomes frustrated, closes in a band, and will want to leave as soon as possible because he does not know how to hide. And if he doesn’t write to you or reply to anything, don’t be surprised.


Pros: Taurus is friendly and calm. In that sense, the appointment will be quiet. Nor do you expect to know the secrets of Taurus or if there can be a relationship after a first date. Take it easy, as a Taurus, enjoy the moment and tomorrow it will be seen. Now is now.

Cons: Along the same lines as the above, if something goes wrong, you will not realize it at the time. Taurus does not bring out what he feels easy. Of course, if you did not like the sight of the food, your mood is not good for being receptive to dates, kisses, or anything.


Pros:  With Gemini, you won’t get bored. He has conversations to make any date a success, but if you want to get his attention, have a good conversation too, ask him interesting questions, tell him anecdotes from your life and experiences that surprise him.

Cons: It is not that you have to have prepared an opposition to go on that date but Geminis highly value people’s intelligence. If you don’t know much about something, your sense of humor will do the trick. If you don’t have it either, better leave soon.


Pros: Cancer will be kind and open-minded if they go to the date knowing that you are someone who could be important in their future. If you don’t know each other at all, then he will be more reserved and suspicious because to open up he needs to know more about you. Give him confidence and take his to tell him about you and your “good intentions”

Cons: Since Cancer does not get a good vibe on the date and suddenly has a change of mood, give yourself up. What could be wonderful is going to screw up. But beware, this is not frequent. Just so you are warned. And so that you read before the manual of “what to do in Cancer’s mood swings.”


Pros: Leo’s good humor will make any date good, but the one that will interest you is the first one and if Leo has had to organize it, get ready because it will be magical. Leo for that is unmatched. If you organize it yourself, choose a good place and make yourself spectacular. Leo is easy to seduce if he sees that you, the site, and everything that surrounds it is perfect.

Cons:  As the date does not work, Leo is not distinguished by being very sneaky. You will notice that he wants to leave, do not force anything. If you didn’t like Leo, he might not be taking it well to know it. Shut up, leave when you can and smile a lot.


Pros: Virgo is shy and sweet on a first impression, on a first date, and most of the time. You will have to observe much more to know if you liked it because by his attitude it will “seem” that he does. He answers all their questions, all of them, it’s his way of getting to know you. Don’t feel like you’re in an Interpol questioning, even if it seems like it.

Cons: Whatever is not to your liking, Virgo just let’s go. No offense. If he says it, it’s because he needs to, but that doesn’t mean he didn’t like you. If everything works out between you, get used to their criticism.


Pros: Libra kisses like few others in the Zodiac. On your date, there will be many occasions that will almost end in a kiss as there is chemistry between you. Your appearance has to be to Libra’s taste, but as the site and the plan are also romantic, there will be a kiss for sure. And kisses ... and who knows what else.

Cons: As Libra does not like you, it will be difficult for you to know because Libra does not get wet in it and lets things flow without forcing anything. You will have to read between the lines. If you don’t like Libra, just don’t do anything, Libra won’t force anything. Goodbye very good and that’s it.


Pros: As the chemistry works, you are going to be kissing at any moment with your Scorpio. Or that there is friction. Scorpio is intense and sensual and needs to sign with the contact, kissing or touching if the person in front of him likes it. From there, keep your fingers crossed because you are going to get on a very very powerful Ferris wheel.

Cons:  Scorpio’s magnetism has the effect of taking you where he wants you, not where you want him. If you are the one who passes, you will have to suffer his disappointment, if Scorpio passes you, it will hurt you not to have been able to conquer him.


Pros: As fun and upbeat as Sagittarius is, a first date will be the first time to have fun. Then it will be seen but do not think that you are going to get bored or anything like that. What’s more, you may still return home with an already organized plan for a getaway or a trip. This is how Sagittarius seals every good moment in his life.

Cons: Don’t be confused by Sagittarius’ enthusiasm on the date because he’s like that. What may seem like a crush might be, but Sagi doesn’t jump into anything that compromises her just like that.


Pros: Capricorn will be on time for the appointment. Before that, do not think that you can cancel it or that you have forgotten it. It is very formal for those things and except for a major cause, it will be there. And with some detail even, even if it is minimal. Capricorn is conservative and likes to have these details. And they will always have them if the relationship works.

Cons: Capricorn is controlling. At some point you may even feel like you’re in control of everything and that you have little room for maneuver. Give it time and it will be loved. Not at first, but because if he controls Capri he feels safer.


Pros: Aquarius is going to surprise you because if you have to choose the place of the appointment, it will be a different place or plan then how many you have lived. Just as he will surprise you with his original ideas on whatever you talk about.

Cons:  You may notice that Aquarius behaves colder than a date of this caliber demands. But it is that Aquarius is mental, not emotional, and until he feels safe, he will behave like an acquaintance who can be a friend. Then it will be seen.


Pros: If something does not work on a chemical level, what is certain is that you will have a good time and fun with Pisces. And a nice friendship may emerge. If it works, the Pisces sensitivity will make things easy for you and you will return home feeling wonderful things.

Cons: If the date does not work because you do not like Pisces, you will notice his disappointment and how the subject affects him. If Pisces does not like you, it can be blocked with communication and send wrong signals that can confuse you. But it is that he does not know how to say NO so directly ...

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