What are the new year's purposes of each zodiac sign?


This 2020 is going to be our year, there is nothing more than to see the resolutions that the signs of the zodiac have set. Resolutions that are at the height of being a year 10. If you want to know what purpose you need for this new year, keep reading and pay close attention to what is said about your zodiac sign ...

ARIES: The purpose of Aries for this 2020 is to stop pleasing people. During all this year he has exhausted all his resources, therefore, he needs to break all those armor that he has around his heart in order to take care of himself both physically and emotionally.

Aries has gotten it into his head that he is finally going to stop doing what others ask of him, because, although he is a person who was born to break the rules, when someone who cares insists on doing something, in the end he gives in … What Aries should do is learn to say no to the endless requests of others and express their opinion from the beginning…

TAURUS: The purpose that Taurus has set for this new year is to let people into his life. He has finally decided to tear down all those walls that he has been holding for years, he has gotten tired of always being told that he is a cold person when it is the opposite.

This year he is finally going to let people into his thoughts, his heart and his soul. Of course, he will always do this from a position in which he feels 100% safe, Taurus would never risk everything he has because he knows that it has taken him a long time to build it, although it is true that he has the feeling that this year he has than being carried away by the moment to discover who he really is, he thinks that even if he is hurt, he can help him see things about him that he has never seen before.

GEMINI : Gemini has undergone great transformations in his life in recent years and has finally set a purpose that comes to the point. He has finally realized that he has to accept that things change, time has shown him that no matter how many life plans you have, things will go in the direction they have to go and no matter how much you want there are things that they can never be changed ...

During this 2020 Gemini will embrace the unknown, they will learn to enjoy the moment, they already did, but finally they have realized that they have to look more for their own interests. What Gemini has to do is let the change flow through him / her and then, they will start to be happy.

CANCER: Cancer is very clear that this year it is going to stop limiting itself. You have decided to let yourself be carried away by the roads, the passions and all those questions that you have inside. You need to answer all your concerns and you know that this form is the best way to find them. You need to venture out to get to know yourself and that is what you will do in this new year.

Cancer is brave enough to put aside what people think of him / her, it is true that it can affect you a lot, but this year is your time and you will not let anything or anyone spoil it. You will immerse yourself in the world of wanderlust and find a home in all those things that have always scared you.

LEO: Leo’s New Year’s resolution is to focus more on his love relationship and if he doesn’t have it, focus more on seeking stability. He is a person who prides himself on being a sociable and outgoing person, but throughout this year he has taken on too many relationships that have not turned out as expected.

Leo needs to slow down and think about what he really wants to make 2020 his year. You need to connect with all those people who stay by your side and stop thinking about all those who have left you behind. Leo is a person who is not afraid to live, he is not afraid of all the problems that may arise, but he needs a break and he feels that this break is 2020 that comes loaded with good vibes ...

VIRGO: Virgo wants to dedicate this year to simplifying his life and that will be his purpose. It is very easy to live in constant chaos and Virgo has caught on, that is why he is going to work to slow down and have a more peaceful life. You need to clear all your energy, you have had too many bad vibes around you all year ...

This year he will focus on his relationships and emotions, he will put aside everything that has to do with the rest of the world and he will focus on what is truly important. You are going to put aside all those whirlwinds that only bring you headaches.

LIBRA: Libra’s purpose for this year is to put herself first and love herself in all aspects of life. You are tired of always putting your interests last and that is over. He / she has spent too many days trapped in what others think of him / her and that has taken its toll.

The important thing is that Libra has noticed and has decided to take the step to eliminate all the toxic things that are around him. This year he will learn to put aside the opinions of others, because he knows that if he heeds them, he will leave him empty inside and that is the last thing Libra wants, especially now that he has begun to savor the meaning of life.

SCORPIO: Scorpio is a person who has always been free, has not liked asking for help and knows that sometimes he needs it, but it is impossible for him to verbalize it. So this year she has made it a point to accept help from others when she needs it. This year has taken its toll on him and he feels he needs to rely more on the help of others to disconnect from everything that is doing him so much harm.

Scorpios right now need others to guide them. You should not be afraid to open your heart to someone who only cares about him / her. You need to open your mind and trust all those people that the only thing they want is your good. Scorpio has suffered a lot and that is why it is difficult for him to open up ...

SAGITTARIUS: What Sagittarius has proposed for this year is to grow emotionally and find some stability. It is easy for him / her to live with laughter and good times, but lately he / she has felt the need for a little emotional security. You are a little tired of living on an emotional roller coaster and you want some stability in your life,

Sagittarius needs to spend time surrounded by his past in order to know and understand all those emotions from which he is constantly escaping. You are a super positive person and you know that all of this will cost you, but it will pay off for him / her and that is why you will strive to go through all of it without hurting yourself too much.

CAPRICORN: Capricorn is a person who almost always has his head in his work, his studies and in everything that has to do with his future. This year he has proposed to be a little more creative and disconnect a little from that productive world in which he is involved 24/7.

You may feel at first that you lack imagination or ideas, but time to time. Capricorn will strive as he does with everything and in the end he will come up with incredible ideas, ideas that he would never have imagined having ... If he finds the key to bring out all his creative side, he can get to do with the world. This 2020 Capricorn has proposed to participate in any thing that allows him to connect with his most creative side in order to forget for a moment everything that he has on top ...

AQUARIUS: The purpose that Aquarius has set for this 2020 is to establish important limits. Your kind heart and non-judgmental personality are often mistaken for a doormat by people and have no fear of walking on it and trampling you. You are very tired of everyone taking advantage of your good intentions and that is why you have set out to put up barriers.

This year you will open up and reflect on the things you need and will not be afraid to ask for them if necessary. You are not going to let people trample on your feelings and your dreams, you are sick of always being the victim and you need to be happy once and for all. Aquarius knows that this 2020 is his year and he is coming for all.

PISCES: Pisces has the feeling of having been in hiding for a long time and that is why their New Year’s resolution is to be completely authentic. He is a person who tends to always be nice and empathetic. This often leads him not to express everything he feels for fear of hurting others.

This year Pisces knows that he has to get his essence 100% and that is why he will be honest with him / her and with others. This will cost you at first, but in the long run, it will transform your life into something you have needed for a long time. Pisces has been hidden for a long time, it is time for it to come to light and shine like never before. It is your moment ...

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