What are the most and least compatible pairings for each sign?


Our zodiac sign determines on many occasions whether a relationship is going to work or not. It is true that, if you put effort and desire, any relationship can end up working, the signs being more or less compatible. But almost always, when you start to like someone or when you start to discuss the future with that person, you ask what their zodiac sign is. When a relationship begins, many doubts arise, many fears, many insecurities. And most people turn to astrology to make sure things are going to work out or work out well. These are the most and least compatible pairs for each sign:


To begin with, Aries, you are a fire sign, for that reason, you will feel a lot of attraction and you will have a lot of compatibility with the other fire signs Leo and Sagittarius. You are very similar people, with the same way of thinking and seeing the world. For you, it is important that there is action in the relationship and that you never get bored and these signs are going to give you just that. Leo and Sagittarius understand you perfectly. Another sign that you are also quite compatible with is Libra. In it, you find the stability that you sometimes lack. Without a doubt, your worst combo would be with Cancer or Pisces. Very emotional for you, you lack patience to understand them. You are totally opposite poles.


The signs that best complement you, Taurus, are the water signs Cancer or Scorpio. They are signs that give you that sensitivity that you may sometimes lack. Especially the mix of Scorpio and Taurus can be very explosive. Scorpio is passionate and emotional, while you are perhaps more romantic, but down to earth. With Cancer that union is very similar. He will offer you pampering, attention and affection so that you feel safe and protected. The worst partner for you, Taurus, without a doubt some sign of fire. Aries or Leo, either one. They are very possessive signs, very authoritarian. Your pride can clash in many moments.


If you are looking for a partner who understands you well in every way, the perfect sign is Sagittarius. He will be a person who will undoubtedly respect your freedom at all times, but at the same time, he will teach you new things and you will know the world at his side. It is your perfect company for this journey that is life. In addition, passion will never be lacking and the flame will not go out just like that. If you want that relationship to be based on a deeper friendship, Libra will undoubtedly be your best ally. You are both air signs, you understand each other without using words. Loyal, funny and very curious. You better stay away from controlling and maniacal signs like Virgo or Capricorn. Very analytical and practical for your free character.


Without a doubt, the partner that you will work well with either way will be Pisces. An empathic sign like you, kind, sensitive, loving, everything you look for and want in a relationship. How protective you are, Cancer, and how loving Pisces is, will be one of the most romantic couples in the Zodiac. With Taurus you also make a good pack, Cancer, because it offers you protection, but also security and stability, something very important for you. With whom things will not turn out well will be with Aquarius. It will be a real disaster. It is a sign that goes to his ball and that he does not get emotionally involved as much as you. It will cost you a thousand to understand him and it will cost you the odd headache. You are not for those things, Cancer.


You get along great with any air sign, Leo, but especially with Libra, things work a lot better. You understand yourself from the beginning. You are very good at complementing each other. You give Libra the security they need, and he / she gives you the calm and peace that you sometimes need so much. You can form a very strong bond. With your fiery companions, Aries and Sagittarius, it works if you put that strong character aside. Who you should stay away from is Scorpio. Too strong character for you, Leo. In addition, you are both very bossy and agreeing on something can cost you a lot of fights and arguments. A lot of passion, yes, but if there is no understanding, we are going wrong.


The couple you make with Scorpio is great, Virgo. It can be a bit strange at first, because you are very yours signs, with thousands of hobbies and secrets. But in him / her, you will see someone very similar to you and that attracts from the first moment. Scorpio will bring that passion that you like so much and, in addition, he will know how to respect your limits. You are that kind of stable partner that lasts a long time and makes you very envious. With your landmates, Taurus and Capricorn, things work, but a bit of spark is lacking. The worst partner for you, Virgo, is Sagittarius. Someone too impulsive, impatient and independent for your committed and practical nature.


The best partner for you, Libra, is Leo. From the beginning it hooks you, it is that I do not even need to tell you that it is Leo, you know it, you notice it. It makes it difficult for you at first and that makes you feel a strong connection with him / her. It grabs you because it has a strong personality and it gives you the security that you lack so much. Leo will take care of you like nobody else. Things with Aries work well too. Fuel your fire, it helps you get out of your comfort zone and you help him stop his impulsiveness. Your worst match would be with Cancer. As friends, well, we are not going to fool ourselves. But as a couple ... Libra, too sensitive and unstable for you. You are too empathetic and you can suffer a lot with your emotions.


With earth signs, both Capricorn and Virgo, the union can be very strong. They give you security, stability, commitment and you give them passion, sensitivity and romance. You have your differences, but thanks to them, you know how to complement each other perfectly. The fire signs, Leo or Sagittarius, hook you a lot, Scorpio. They have something that makes you feel an immediate crush on them. But it can be difficult. There is no doubt that if you work, the couple can work, but you will have to do a lot on your part. Aquarius may not be the best match for you. Too detached, he is always in his world, it is difficult for him to commit. Very unstable for you, Scorpio.


For you, Sagittarius, the perfect sign as a couple is Leo. It is a relationship that is very much based on friendship (without necessarily having to be in the friendzone). You understand each other very well, you look at the future in the same way and you face the problems in the same way. You can have a healthy relationship for a long time. With Aquarius you also fit in well, Sagi. He has a very open mind, is independent like you and knows how to respect limits. The only thing, that you will have to get involved a little more. Who would be better not to see or in painting will be Virgo. Yes, there may be good vibes on your part, but it is very difficult for you to understand him, it is difficult for you to empathize with him. You have nothing against his philosophy of life, but you prefer more liberal people.


With Taurus you can become an almost perfect partner, Capricorn. Although you are both from earth and have the same way of thinking, Taurus is a little more emotional and romantic than you. You can come to love each other very strongly, because even if they say that the earth signs are cold, when they fall in love, nothing happens to them. With Scorpio you can form a very explosive partner. You are both dark and also, Scorpio will give you that touch of madness that you may lack and you will lack a bit of emotional security. Your worst match, Aries. An impatient, impulsive sign, a crazy head we go. You are the opposite, patient, controlling, down-to-earth. A little crazy never hurts, but his is too much for you.


In Sagittarius there is no doubt that you will find a soul very similar to yours. You are an enviable couple. You know how to respect your space, you are always from here to there, you love doing and trying new things. You evolve a lot. You can get to share thousands of experiences together. You also get on very well with Geminis. It is air, like you. A person who will help you bring out your most social side, with whom you can share a lot of interests and curiosities. The worst partner for you is with any controlling sign, Virgo or Taurus, for example. People with fixed and traditional ideas, who are stubborn, stubborn. They are totally contrary to you. You open minded and they closed minded.


The relationship between you and Cancer can be incredible, just out of the best romantic movie in the world. There will be no lack of love, attention, affection, pampering, kisses or hugs. In addition to a love relationship, a very beautiful friendship is also formed. You understand each other perfectly, without needing words. Also, when your intuitions come together, you are capable of anything. With Taurus you can also form a beautiful relationship. You give him that sensitivity, that affection that he lacks so much and he / she makes you feel safe, protected and understood. With Aries, don’t even try, Pisces, very different from you, totally a polar opposite. Just like any fire sign. They are too strong and authoritative for your sweet and kind nature.

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