What Are the Insecurities of Each Zodiac Signs?


We all have something we don’t like about ourselves. Something that we try to hide from the world, that we do everything possible to change it and that every day we fight to completely eliminate it from our way of being. We have something that does not let us be comfortable with ourselves, something that makes our self-love not let us truly love ourselves. Everyone has that insecurity that every day completely destroys our self-esteem. Read on to find out what insecurity you fight every day according to your zodiac sign:


In general, Aries, you have quite high self-esteem, you do not let any criticism or any comment affect you like that because that way. As soon as you feel a little lower in spirits or self-esteem, you do everything you can to feel better about yourself. But, Aries, you also have your moments of downturn and your insecurities. You are a very competitive person, who in everything you do, you give your best to be the first or to be above the rest. Your insecurities come to light when you feel like someone is being better than you in many ways. Instead of sinking, you can get pissed off, bring out your more competitive and toxic side and put yourself in danger. Don’t let your insecurities depend on anyone else.


You are a very strong person, Taurus, there is no doubt about it… But you also have your insecurities like everyone else. Your problem is that you put your best effort to get something and when you already have it, you are very afraid of losing it. That is your insecurity, Taurus, the irrational fear you have of losing what is yours, what you have achieved, what you belong to. And you feel more insecure when you look around you and realize that nothing is eternal at all, that everything is constantly changing. Your problem, Taurus, is that you cling too much to everything, even things that really aren’t worth it. You have to stop being afraid to let go, to let go, to free yourself. In the end there are things that are not so important.


Time is always against you, Gemini. You are quite an impatient person who hates wasting time, who wants to be in a thousand places at once, who wants to do everything. You know that you cannot make up for lost time. And there your insecurity arises, Gemini. When you start to think that you’ve wasted your time, that maybe you shouldn’t have done that, that there were other things you could have done better. But, Gemini, you are too smart and you have to start feeling much more confident with what you do. Even if you were wrong, if you acted like that, it was for something. Remember, EVERYTHING happens for something, do not beat yourself more for something that you cannot change, for that time that you think you have lost. It will be time wasted, but lessons gained.


You are a person who came into the world to love and also to feel loved. You live by and for yours, Cancer. Your insecurities reside right there, when you feel like something is wrong, when you don’t get all that love back, when you feel like you’re about to lose someone you really love. You depend a lot on the affection that yours give you and that irrational fear of losing them makes you feel insecure. Your insecurity, Cancer, is feeling alone in front of the world, in front of problems, in front of life. But you are strong, very strong and you have to begin to realize that you need nobody’s love, Cancer, only your own towards you. It’s time to start appreciating your self-love much more.


You, Leo, always have very high self-esteem, you are a strong person and you try to convince yourself and others that you are super safe and that you are not afraid of anything. But, Leo, to be honest, you also have your insecurities, no matter how hard you try to hide them from yourself. And that is the problem, that you work hard to hide reality, that you are afraid that others will see your weakest part, your defects, your dark part. Your insecurity is that fear you have that others will see you vulnerable. When you don’t feel accepted or valued by others, your self-esteem plummets. It is so, Leo, although it is difficult for you to accept it. But you don’t need anyone to recognize you, you don’t need anyone’s approval. You know what you are worth and that is the important thing.


You always strive to make everything perfect, to leave everything you touch perfect and yes, Virgo, that is because of your insecurities. You are afraid of failing, not only to others, but to yourself. Not only to fail, but to not give the best that you could have given, not to be the best, to not do things well. That perfectionism may be your best virtue, but it is undoubtedly the source of all your insecurities. You get too obsessed with doing things right, to such an extent, Virgo, that it can be toxic and dangerous to your mental health. Everything can be better, absolutely everything, but if you are obsessed with it, you will not enjoy life. You have to learn to let yourself go, to enjoy the moment and, above all, to see how beautiful there is in everything that is imperfect.


You came into the world, Libra, to interact with others, to be constantly in contact with the people you love. You are independent, you go to your ball and you never cling to anyone, but you need human contact. Your insecurity is that someone rejects you, someone refuses to continue receiving your love. You are not afraid of being alone, because you have learned to be happy in your solitude. But you are afraid of not liking, of falling ill, of not fitting in with society. That is why you care so much about the image that you always try to give to others, about what others think of you. Look, Libra, if someone doesn’t like you, there is nothing you can do to change them. You didn’t come to be liked by everyone, you came to be yourself. Tattoo that your mind from this moment.


You are a very intense person, Scorpio, that is not something new. You live things with a lot of intensity and you take everything very seriously. The problem comes when those things happen, when that is part of the past, it takes a lot for you to get rid of the memories. Your insecurity, Scorpio, is not to overcome that past, those mistakes, those betrayals and never get to live in the present. You get really frustrated when you can’t move forward, when you feel stuck and don’t know what to do. But, Scorpio, you have to be patient and take your time. You live things with great intensity and it may cost you more than others, do not be in a hurry. Each takes time to overcome the past.


What characterizes you the most, Sagittarius, is that optimism and positivity with which you face the present and the future. You have high expectations of life and you want to live it all in a big way. The problem is that not everything turns out the way you want it to, life does not always give us what we deserve. And it is those expectations that are to blame for your insecurity. You always want the best for you and your loved ones and when something doesn’t go your way, you get frustrated. You carry that frustration inside, you are not a person who shouts his insecurities to the rooftops and that makes it hurt even more. Sagittarius, is still that positive, but start accepting that things are not always going to go well and that not everything depends on you.


You need to have everything under control. For this reason, you are a lover of order, of planning everything, of assuming responsibilities. You want to go very far and you set very far goals. It is difficult for you to admit it, but your insecurity is the fear of failure. For you Capricorn, failure is the worst thing that can happen to you. Therefore, you are obsessed with giving your best at all times, for having everything in order, for doing things in the best possible way. You are not only afraid of failing yourself, but others as well. You’ve set your cane too high, Capricorn, and that’s the problem. From time to time, don’t forget to remind yourself that no one is perfect and that nothing happens if you make a mistake. As they say, being wrong is wise, so now you know.


You are always coming and going, from here to there, you always go to your ball, Aquarius. You are a very detached person on an emotional level. Not only with the emotions of others, but also with your own. You go through a lot of those topics, because in part, you feel very insecure talking about them. Facing your fears, your emotions produces a lot of insecurity. You don’t know how to deal with it and you are afraid to sink yourself into those emotions. But, Aquarius, nothing happens. In reality, very few people know how to deal with their emotions, you are not unique in this situation. Take it easy and don’t be afraid to feel, be it something good or something bad. Enjoy your feelings.


You have a huge heart, Pisces. Your kindness is out of this world. You are always helping others, you are always giving all your love to your people, to your family, to your friends. But you are very sensitive, a person who is not easy to understand and your insecurity makes you afraid of disappointing the people you love the most, of failing yours. Your mind makes you think that you are not giving enough, that everything bad that happens to others is your fault. Pisces, you have to open your eyes, you have to bring out that strength that you have hidden. You have to stop demanding that you always be so good to others and stop demanding so much of yourself. Think more of yourself than others, Pisces. Those insecurities are not forever if you work on them.

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