What are the fears that the signs have to overcome?


Everybody is afraid. There are people who show it more than others, of course, but we ALL have worries or things that we don’t like and that, in a way, scare us ... Next, the different fears that each zodiac sign should overcome.


Fear of being vulnerable in front of people who are not what they say they are. Aries, you have a very strong inner power and you have to trust it more. Accept as soon as possible the fact that bad people reproduce like flies. These people will continue to exist, but not for that, you must become someone firm and cold. Train your heart ...


Fear of opening your mind and heart in a society full of lies and toxic people. Oh Taurus, how difficult it is sometimes to trust, for that very reason ... You are very afraid of being YOU in a pure state in front of someone, who then ends up being very different from what it seemed to you ... Get over it by taking the first step Taurus, not everyone has to be bad


Fear of social rejection and the feeling of abandonment. That can break your heart into a thousand pieces, and you know it, Gemini. There is nothing that scares you more than feeling a lot of loneliness, in a room full of people you thought you knew ... Get over it by inviting yourself to have more time alone. Why not start enjoying more moments of independence and solitude?


Fear of eternal loneliness and the feeling of constant misunderstanding. That nobody understands you, it is logical and you even accept it. Now, that nobody understands you, that nobody wants to do an extra power to understand you and that, to top it off, they put you aside, it already adds many fears to your interior ... Get over it by discarding the people in your life who make you feel this way Cancer . Sooner.


Fear of losing or failing. It sounds typical, but it’s the scariest thing right now. You don’t like losing, but you like disappointing yourself or your family much less. Get over it by training your mind like never a Leo. You have to learn to take life more calmly. Make those challenges more enjoyable, less competitive and if you fail, go for another. And so. Add up and go on.


Fear of confessing your deepest fears. Difficult right? You are terrified to fully open your Virgo heart. You believe that this gesture could be the end of you, because you are always alert so that no one sells you or betrays you ... Get over it by opening up with someone you trust. It is not healthy for you to fight your wars in absolute Virgo solitude. Zero fears for everyone.


Fear of expressing how you really are in public. You hate people who use others as personal clowns to make jokes. You hate people who laugh very softly at some shit of yours. You hate being the center of attention for your quirks and you really can’t stand people who have to ridicule to be SOMEONE. It pisses you off, even ... Get over it with a lot of self-love. Be you in every way and give everyone Libra.


Fear that others will see you fragile. It has cost you yours to have the reputation you have. You know it and because of that, you don’t want anyone to be able to trample it. Get over it by accepting that you too have to have Scorpio fears. Even the strongest need a few moments of peace to refuel. You are not god, you are Scorpio and you fail. As everyone.


Fear of extreme abandonment, which you don’t expect ... Fear of having to accept a loss before your time. Fear of saying goodbye without wanting to say it ... You are very afraid of the unpredictable, even if you are like that (because you know that you are more unpredictable than the weather) it is contradictory, but it is the truth. Get over it by traveling, being YOU in every way Sagittarius ...


Fear of being hurt again. Make the same mistake again ... Get over it by annihilating those bad memories once and for all. The bad experiences of the past, do not have to repeat themselves now Capricorn ... And if they did, what is wrong? You have to learn by living Capricorn and living, you fail. Accept it, nothing happens.


Fear of not being able to overcome the fears that you have right now. You turn your mind A LOT of Aquarius. Although you give the sensation of flying and of being more in space than on planet earth, many things scare you and you DO NOT express it as much as you should. Get over it by facing each and every one of them. Do not go over the topic, do not let time take them away, do not allow them to reappear ...


Fear of infidelity or betrayal. You are very afraid that such people exist. For you, the commitment of love or friendship is like signing an invisible paper in which the word RESPECT never fades. Get over it by giving confidence only and exclusively to those who really deserve it. And give the rest of the Pisces, whoever does not give you a good vibe, to the trash.

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