What are the chances of you taking the first step according to your sign?


When you like someone, the probability that you will take the first step depends on many things, including your sign and everything that makes up your character. There are people who risk much more in this sense than others, let’s see if you are one of them ...


You are impulsive Aries, and although you may initially doubt a little whether or not to take the first step to conquer someone, in the end you will. You will do it because you are risky and because you always go for what you want, life is two days and you are not willing or willing to waste your time. In addition to this, it is difficult for you to contain your feelings and if you do, you end up bursting and releasing through your mouth everything that passes through your head and of course through your heart ... How brave you are, Aries!


Taurus in your case is not that you are not able to take the first step, it is simply that you will not do it until you are 100% sure that the other person also feels something for you. The fear of rejection sometimes paralyzes you, but if they give you an iota of signs that they are colitis or colitis for you like a good bull that you are, you attack until you die trying if necessary.


Oh Gemini, if you don’t have any other choice, you will make the first move, but if you can save it, you save it. You will wait for the opportune time for the other person to do it, and if not you jump headlong into the pool without thinking well if there is water or not. It is clear that this way you can take a host, but what difference does it make, it would not be the first or the last time that you would clean your scratches and continue on your way. Now, if there is water, you swim in the conquest like no other sign ...


You never make the first Cancer move, unless you find a more introverted person and have no choice. You are quite traditional and you want to be beaten, then you already give everything you have to give, which is a lot, but initially you don’t open up to just anyone. Confidence is super important to you too, and until you have it, you don’t declare your feelings. In matters of love you are quite prudent, and you will not play until you are sure that you will win.


You are one of the bravest and boldest signs of the entire Leo zodiac, so you have no problem getting close to the person you like, but they must also show interest or else you will withdraw. When asking for the phone number or giving a kiss to the person you like, you prefer the other person to take the first step, that way you feel more secure and you can start little by little to show who you are … Get ready!


You that take the first step is that you do not think about it Virgo, you do not like planning or drawing hasty conclusions, if you like someone and it is the right time you will make the first move, but if you do not wait as long as necessary. You know that rushing was never good counselor, and for this reason, in matters that have to do with the heart, you prefer things to happen naturally.


If you have to take the first step, right, Libra? In this sense you have no doubts, although you are indecisive in some aspects that require more seriousness, as for the conquest you do not cut a hair. You will not let the person you care escape, much less for not making the first move. If you like someone and you notice from the beginning that you have possibilities, you want them to know exactly how they make you feel, and most likely you will end up conquering them ...


Flirting is one thing, taking the first step is something very different for you, Scorpio. It costs you horrors to make the first move, and declare yourself because we don’t even count it. The more you like a person, the more difficult it is for you to talk to him, at first you are quite reserved and only when you feel absolute confidence do you open up and really make yourself known.


Taking the first step is not a problem for you, Sagittarius, when you really like someone you feel that there is nothing to lose and perhaps a lot to gain. In addition to this, you are a born hunter or hunter, you like challenges, but of course as long as you see signs, you are not going to get involved like that just because. Where you put your eye you put the bullet Sagi, you are the archer of the zodiac and that is why you will have no problem in showing your intentions at all times ...


For a simple pretty face you do not make the first move because you need to see much beyond a Capri physique, no matter how well that person is, you will not take the first step. Now, if apart from attraction you find values that match your way of seeing life then you set out to conquer. You will not miss the opportunity to investigate much more to know if you can form a stable and lasting relationship. Very good what you do!


Let’s see Aquarius, it is not that you refuse to make the first move, but you do not go crazy or crazy with that of the conquest, indeed, many times your relationships begin as a beautiful friendship. There is also the possibility that you have a crush and then drop the odd clue to the person who attracts your attention so much, but making long declarations of love does not go with you unless you are very sure of being with that person. ...


Sometimes you underestimate yourself and you get cowed in such a Pisces way that you think that you will not be able to take the first step, and not even to conquer anyone. You are not aware of your potential and sometimes this plays tricks on you, thank goodness that in one of those it seems that it clicks in your head and you get out of that state that prevents you from being yourself at all. If you like someone, although at first you may block yourself, then you will go for it and flow like the fish in the water that you are ...

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