What are the best and worst things about being friends with each sign?


That someone is our friend does not mean that he is perfect and that is why the most lasting friendship relationships are those in which both are capable of loving the virtues of the other and accepting their defects. Next, we are going to see what is the best and the worst thing about being friends with each zodiac sign ... Can you accept the defects of your friend? Let’s see!


The best: Aries is the best friend who can talk about you, when they create a bond of friendship it is forever. The ram of the zodiac will support you and appear when you need it most, plus it will always have an idea to do something together.

The worst: without a doubt her impulsive and childish streak, that you better not question her because you could hurt her feelings easily. He has a bad temper and gets repetitive, but this may be funny to you and the good thing is that it goes away quickly.


The best: Taurus will be with you through thick and thin, although he does not always tell you how much he loves and appreciates you, you will notice it in his actions. If you are in his life, be very clear that he will fight to keep you forever.

The worst: the bull of the zodiac is not as passive as it seems, it has strong opinions and immovable postures that could drive you crazy. The good news is that he will respect your opinion and will not turn his back on you for it.


The best:  with Gemini you will rarely get bored, if you want information on any subject you can ask, it is almost like an encyclopedia. He loves communication and having a good time with his loved ones, something that is appreciated when what you want to have by your side is good energy.

The worst: with so many interests floating through the environment, it is easy for this sign to get caught up in its own things and not give you the importance you need at a certain moment, do not take it into account, it will reconnect with you.


The best: Cancer will show you how much he loves you by taking care of you, if you have a bad day he will be willing to improve it, if you need an encouraging word he will give it to you and if what you need is a great talk about your feelings he will always be willing to listen to you then in order to you say that is friendship ...

The worst: At the opposite extreme, Cancer puts so much effort into their friendship that if you spend too much time with other friends, they can get a little jealous. He will never tell you directly, he will prefer to work on that feeling and let it go.


The best: Leo is the life of the party and that is why he will always be ready to celebrate your achievements and motivate you in grief. He is one of those people who speak with their own light and he will show you by brightening the days and hours.

The worst: although he has a big heart, Leo has a pride and an ego that few signs know. If you feel that your achievements are not appreciated, you will become defensive because, even if it is difficult for you to recognize it, from time to time they need validation, especially from the people you love the most.


The best:  Not everyone is a friend of Virgo, so if you become his confidant you will have a dedicated friend. This sign will give you encouragement whenever you need it and will not be afraid to tell you what it thinks, even if it tries not to hurt you it will not sweeten your hearing.

The worst: Virgos are quite rigid and often feel that they know what is best for their people, which is why they get frustrated if you do not follow their advice. Sometimes he acts as a judge and can cause a tension that you did not expect, but if he loves you he will respect your decisions whatever they are ...


The best: Libra has an easy-going temperament, plus she has an undeniable grace. He loves to entertain and meet beyond the surface, so if you have a special connection with him or her your time will fly by.

The worst: He does not like conflicts or having to confront anyone, so it is better that you do not ask him to position himself on your side when it comes to a problem with a mutual friend, if you want Libra do not make him pass For this.


The best: Scorpio is the most intriguing sign, you will never know at first what is going through that little head. Although he may be a bit reserved, he knows how to show his friends how much he cares about them and you can tell him everything without fear that he will tell anyone later.

The worst: If you lie to him, you screwed up, he will take you off his friends list and may even get revenge in some way. Treason with treason pays off… watch out for this!


The best:  Sagi is curious and optimistic to the best of his ability, he loves to explore everything and that is why he will always have an idea to spend fun times with his friends. If you have a bad day you will not be able to have better company, he will know how to cheer you up and will not let you come down completely.

The worst: while it is great to enjoy being with Sagi, get ready to put up with her whims because when something gets into her head right off the bat there is no one to get it out of there. If you do not respond as you wish, you may get pissed off like a small child ...


The best: Capricorn will support you no matter what happens, he is quite protective of the people he loves and will not allow anyone to mess with you. If you are going through a difficult time it will be the rock to which you can cling and your stability when things get complicated.

The worst: he tries so hard in the things he fights for that he wants everyone around him to be the same. Impossible! This way of his seeing things can make you feel pressured, however, if you go through everything and even laugh at this characteristic, he will understand that no one is equal to the other ...


The best: if you want to know the most interesting and random aspects of things, it is best to have an Aquarius in your life. The most humanitarian and psychological aspects of human beings attract their attention, so if you want to have a deep conversation with someone who sees the world in a different way, this sign is the best person.

The worst: That said, Aquarius tends to be very independent and doesn’t always have a need for constant contact. They have no trouble isolating themselves and disappearing for days or even weeks, making it harder to connect and talk to them when you need them most.


The best:  if you need a friend who understands you, that is Pisces, he is so intuitive and empathetic that he will understand anything you tell him. The zodiac fish is a sensitive soul that will put itself in your place to see things from your perspective, something that is ideal when you are going through a bad time.

The worst: just because you get caught with their character doesn’t mean they are the best decision makers. You are generally inclined towards what others want and it will not be unusual for you to change your mind from one day to the next, which at some point can be exhausting.

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