What are the best and worst things about a having an Aquarius as a friend?


Having an Aquarius friend is a real gift, you cannot explain in words how special it is to have such a friend. But it also has its bad points. Not everything is rosy. The best thing about being a friend of Aquarius is that he will never judge you for being different, quite the opposite. Aquarius is that friend who always supports all your strange ideas, your different tastes and your special motivations.

If you ever want to have a deep conversation with someone who brings new ideas, takes you out of your comfort zone and teaches you a new vision of the world, do not hesitate to go to your Aquarius friend. The friendship that Aquarius offers you is not compared to anyone else’s and that is why you have to value it better than anything.

If you really know your Aquarius friend, you will know that it is the worst thing about being their friend. Aquarius is a very independent person so from time to time he will run away without explanation. It may take days and days to respond to your messages, you may spend weeks without knowing its existence and that, if you are a somewhat dependent person, it can bother and hurt you.

If you need constant attention, it is clear that your friendship with Aquarius is not going to be the best in the world. Aquarius is a person who needs to disappear from time to time to find himself again and that can be affected in his friendships ... But then, when he returns, everything remains the same and nothing has changed. Deep down, Aquarius is one of the best friends you can have in your entire life.

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