What are the best and worst things about a having a gemini as a friend?


Having a Gemini friend is a real gift, you cannot explain in words how special it is to have such a friend. But it also has its bad points. Not everything is rosy. The best thing about being friends with Gemini’s is that you will rarely get bored. Having a friend like that is incredible, because he will always propose to do something, whatever, but he will not let you get bored. Also, Gemini is that friend who knows everything about everyone or anything.

In his mind, he has information of all kinds and whether you like it or not, they are all advantages. With Gemini, you never have to worry about having to talk about your feelings or your fears. Thanks to his intuition, he knows perfectly what your most vulnerable side is and what worries you.

The worst thing about being a friend of Gemini is that he is a person who goes to his ball, who is very independent, stays in his world and forgets everything else. He is a person who speaks up and when he does, he is very focused on his topic of conversation and will not let anyone else speak, unless he has to contribute something to what he is saying.

Conversing with Gemini is a double-edged ax, because it may have its good points, but it also has bad points. Also, the problem with Gemini’s is that they have a hard time committing to something 100%. He is the type of person who never commits to a plan that is ahead of time. Being a friend of Gemini’s is something incredible, but don’t forget that it also has its bad things ...

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