What are the bad habits you have when you are in a relationship?


We all have a relationship habit that is annoying for our partner, for our friends and family, and even for ourselves. They are a kind of learned behavior patterns that we usually start when we are in a couple, let’s see what is the most annoying habit according to your sign ...


Friend or friend Aries it seems that you can not keep your hands away from your loved ones, and the truth is that this is a bit overwhelming. When you are in a relationship you are a bit controlling and you know it, although you are not a possessive jealous person unless they give you reasons, it is true that you like to know what your partner is in at all times. You are an Aries charm, but this side of you can irritate the other person ...


Although at first you are reserved, when the relationship is formalized you become a bit clingy, which some people love, and what can be bad for others who prefer their space. You are not extremely possessive, but you become so focused on your partner that even your family and friends find it frustrating that you don’t spend your time with anyone else. Be careful with this!


You have a reputation for being somewhat changeable because of the two Gemini faces, but this is not what can get to upset the person with whom you have something. You like to keep your options open, and although you may have a certain exclusivity for that person who has touched your little heart, you doubt a lot about putting labels on your relationship. Either because you are scared or because everything seems uncertain to you, it is annoying for the other person that you refuse to call them a partner.


Although you are not afraid of committing when you fall in love with Cancer because you do not like games, at least in this sense, you tend to plan your future very quickly, even when you have been with that person for nothing and less time. You have a tendency to start conversations in order to know where your relationship is going, which is not bad, just that sometimes you are not very subtle and you see yourself planning the wedding and the name of your future children. Watch out! This can scare the other person ...


It is clear that you are not satisfied with any Leo relationship, yours has to be the best and that is why you have a bad habit of comparing it with the others. You want your relationship to be idyllic, and when you see that others are engaged earlier, that they are more romantic, or that they seem to be happier, you feel envy and you strive to make your relationship resemble what you have created in your mind. When you become aware of this you realize that it is a mistake, however, if you do not control yourself you can make your partner and friends feel bad talking about it.


It is known that you take your time to fully open up to the other person, things may be going very well, but you keep your relationship private until you put or put the ring. While there is nothing wrong with maintaining some privacy initially, over time it can be annoying for your partner who may think that you are ashamed of her. Only when you are sure or completely sure that he is the person for you will you admit to anyone that he is much more than a friendship.


Libra sometimes you get so excited about a relationship that you scream from the rooftops and by all means how excited or excited you are. This is not that it is bad, but if your image does not turn out later, it may be damaged, which makes you very angry. Even so, if you get excited again, you do it again and, although the people who love you are happy for you after a while, this way of expressing your emotions may seem somewhat tedious.


Although it may seem like a stereotype, it has its Scorpio weight. When you love someone and you are serious about the relationship, you can be a bit possessive. While this can be flattering at times, it can be infuriating at times. Sometimes you get jealous or jealous even when they look at your partner, and she is not to blame for this and pays for all the broken dishes of your excessive emotions. Count to ten before riding a Scorpio chicken ...


We know that you are a very sociable person Sagi, and others can easily be attracted to you. Although you most likely only want to be with your partner, you have a personality that can inadvertently send some signals to others and also to your partner. Although this can be totally innocent, it can also be annoying for the person you are with, who if they do not know you well may think that you are flirting with others.


You like to be in control of all of Capri, or at least to some extent. Sometimes you can be somewhat pessimistic, but this is not the most annoying, the worst is that you are somewhat dominant. This can work well with a calmer person than you, but if you find someone with a certain character, things get ugly. Whether you are a man or a woman, when you are with someone you need to feel that it is you who wears the pants and depending on the other you can go better or worse ...


For those who do not know you well, you have a reputation for being lonely and distant, however, this can change when you go out with someone. Initially you may be reserved, but when the other person least expects it, you unleash your emotions and thoughts on your partner. Although the person who is with you will most likely stay by your side, it is like an unexpected whiplash that not everyone fits in the same way.


Pisces that you are a romantic dreamer is not new to anyone, and that is why you tend to spend a lot of time thinking about what you want from your relationship. You have some difficulty expressing your wants and needs, and sometimes you take it for granted that the person you are dating knows what they are, when this is not always the case. No one can read Pisces minds, which is somewhat disappointing for you and which can be somewhat annoying for your partner.

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