What are the advantages of having a Sagittarius in your life ?


Having Sagittarius by your side is an advantage because he will always be with you, he will help you fight all your battles when you feel that you cannot take it anymore. He will act in the harshest way possible and will pick you up when you fall, but that harshness with which he will treat you will not be to make you feel bad, but to make you realize that life is two days and that it is not worth it. spend it whining about nonsense. Sagittarius is one of those people who will make difficult things seem easy because there is no better way than to take life than to take it with some humor, after all, many things are not in our hands and that Sagi is very clear about that.

 Sagittarius will support all your bad decisions and then laugh at them with you. He is a very smart and cunning person, he will always try to push you to do the things you really want to do, no matter how silly. Sagi wants you to live your life to the fullest and that is why it is an advantage to have him by your side because he will always make you experience things that you would never have imagined living. He is a person who lives from day to day, but with an intensity that very few people are able to keep up with him, so if you want to stay by his side for a long time, you’d better get on with it and don’t miss a beat. one step.

Although he is somewhat cautious, he will let you enter his life little by little. He is a very outgoing person, but he does not let anyone into his heart.  He loves to know the essence of each person and analyze it a little before letting it in. Of course, if he lets you into his life, feel privileged because not everyone is capable of entering that heart full of crazy and adventurous ideas. Being next to Sagittarius is an advantage for you because you will feel an immense desire to live each day. It has a very positive energy and the best of all is that it is a very contagious energy and that is why everyone who is close to Sagi sooner or later ends up being happy.

Sometimes they need someone to put their feet on the ground because it is true that sometimes that desire to have adventures every day of their life gets out of hand. But when he finds some peace, he becomes a calm and thoughtful person, he loves to reflect on abstract subjects, subjects that have not been scientifically proven by human beings, subjects that make him feel intense and new emotions. This is why it is a real advantage to be next to Sagittarius because even on his calmer side he is able to teach you ways of living life that you would never have imagined seeing.

Everyone goes through bad days and it will be in these days that you will realize how important Sagittarius is to you.  It will always remind you that things happen because of something, but that many times they do not depend on you, it will teach you to live with it and it will make you see that despite how bad things may be, in the end everything will work out. Sagittarius will listen to you at all times, without interrupting you and then it will help you to implement a plan to fix that situation that is tormenting you and if it cannot find any plan, it will take refuge with you and the storm will pass by your side.

If you manage to be close to Sagittarius, hold on and never let him go ...

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