What are some mini tips for the zodiac signs in october?


One mini tip a year, it never hurts. But if that mini tip comes once a month, so much the better. Here are the perfect mini tips for the month of October:


Run away from people who are seemingly envious Aries, you know who they can be, so instead of getting into the rag and participating in their games, go away. Door with people who have a lot of free time and little desire to move their ass and work. October is a month of many gains (especially emotional) and if you manage it well, you will get more than you want ...


Flow and DON’T control so much. Let yourself be carried away by your intuition and enjoy your free time more. Taurus, enjoy every moment that you can take advantage of doing the things that you like the most. If you spend the whole month just worrying about the past, the present and what is to come, life is going to fly right under your nose. And then you know what makes you mad at that.


Observe very carefully. Shut up and try not to speak ahead of time and above all, do not forget anything you see. Gemini, you sense and sense something very strong. You know that there are people very close to you who are possibly playing against you or are hiding something big from you. Rather than giving them the head start, go one step ahead and do your investigative work alone and in silence.


Right now you need emotional support crab. Who does not want to give it to you, door. Who does not understand your choices and your steps to follow, door. Who does not make an extra power to make you feel good, door. As easy and simple as that. You have given enough for others, to put up with not doing the same for you. Now, when you need it the most… Go for it all Cancer.


Right now, actions are worth much more than words, because you already know what happens with the latter ... Leo, if there is someone who is really trying to hurt you, don’t play their game. Do not turn on, or get carried away by your impulsiveness. Cold mind and frozen head, only then, you can give the ZAS of your life to that person without any consideration and education.


Time is the only reliable judge you have in your life right now Virgo. Only he will be the one to tell you who is and who is not. He will be the one who makes you open your eyes and who gives you the keys to act in a different way in the not too distant future. You are considering changes, very big at times and, really, changes that can taste like glory if you really take it with desire. Ahead.


Do not start unnecessary conflicts to help third parties Libra. Only, fight in the battles that come your way and no, do not fight the neighbor’s, your family’s, your friends ... Focus on what you really want, what you have and what you are going to have what to do from now on. Grab your head and center it. That is already going around a lot ...


From now on, very cold head Scorpio, but very warm heart. That’s right, no matter how much it costs you, you have to be a very strong scorpio and be full of energy. As much as you can ... Be much more open to the people you know who love you more than your own life. Seriously, this is a good time to have more inner security and to really open your Scorpio eyes.


When you have the opportunity and economic availability, go on a trip. Anywhere Sagittarius, even if you spend the minimum and go camping. No matter the place or the forms, what matters is the reason: traveling to free yourself. To feel GOOD. To reconnect with your most adventurous SELF. Sagittarius, really, try to recharge your batteries like this, with a lot of positivity ...


Saying NO would ever do you any harm Capricorn and you know it. Even if the world seems like shit many times and you want to help, so that shit can be solved, you do not always have to be at the foot of the canyon ... The “I’ll sleep tomorrow or I’ll rest when I can” have to be finished. Take better care of your health Capricorn. Yes, it is an order.


Do not stay with the desire to do things out of sheer responsibility. Even if you follow your instincts and let yourself go, you know that you are not irresponsible Aquarius. Your crazy little head is spinning, it wants to do something great and it can do it, but it has to get away from the thoughts that generate negativity in it. If you really want to risk and invest in something very big, take October as the beginning ...


Cynical people piss you off, but you don’t have to let them hurt you Pisces. Try to adopt a much cooler stance with these types of people. Remember, that karma and time are two very strong allies that, although they take their time sometimes, they end up arriving to deliver justice. From now on, hear, see and shut up and only act, when it touches you closely. If not, flow and go Pisces ...

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