Lunar Nodes: What They Are And What Do They Mean?

Lunar Nodes: What They Are And What Do They Mean?

The lunar nodes also called the dragon’s head and tail. They are two points found on the birth chart of each one of us. They appear on opposite sides of the map (north and south) and, in the same way, represent opposite things.

The southern node (dragon’s tail) represents your most present traits, and you most easily expose that. These traits come from your memories and past experiences. Therefore, it has to do with “cause.”

The northern node (dragon’s head), on the other hand, represents the purpose of your life, the path you should follow, the characteristics you have and that must be developed for the construction of your life trajectory. It has to do, therefore, with “effect.”

The energy from the peculiarities of the southern node is negative - it has to do with our karma, that is, incomplete actions in past lifetimes that generate some “hangover” in our present life. In contrast, there is energy from the characteristics of the northern node, which is positive.

Therefore, you must know where the north and south nodes are located in your birth chart to understand better which characteristics of your personality you should strive the development of, which ones you need to contain, and which ones you need to change. Remember that you automatically locate the south node when you find the north node since they are exactly opposite in their location.

It is worth saying that, even if you do not agree or believe in karma and past life actions, a lot of information from your nodes can help you to enter into a deeper reflection about your personality and, with that, it will help you to evolve even more as a human being. So it’s worth the read!

North node in Aries (South node in Libra)

The northern node in Aries and the southern node in Libra characterize a person who wants to feel free, and this will only happen when he is in complete control of his life and does not depend on anyone else. A Libra characteristic very present in this case is the need to appease all situations and it is very important to contain this trait and develop better discernment. This can be bad, as there are many times when agreeing is not the best solution. Oftentimes, disagreeing is the right thing to do. People with this node position have difficulty understanding this; to practice any discord, even if beneficial, is very difficult for them.

North node in Taurus (South node in Scorpio)

Whoever has the head of the dragon in Taurus suffers many impulsive moments to acquire material goods - this may be because, in past lives, they have suffered significant losses in their life trajectories. These moments of impulse can generate a lot of imbalance in their life since they acquire unnecessary things. They also tend to be impatient. Therefore, they need to learn to have limits, to understand that, when organized and careful, they do not need more and more things to survive.

It is also important to remind them to work. They may feel that other people’s opinions are not so crucial but the Node in Taurus makes them afraid of others’ judgments and that’s how the reminder helps them.

North node in Gemini (South node in Sagittarius)

Natives with a northern node in Gemini think that they are a king because they believe that no one knows more than themselves and, therefore, there is no possibility of being wrong. Assuming that you know everything can cause unnecessary discussions in life, not to mention possible constraints. Remember that we all learn new things every day and, even though we learn a lot, we still know only very little. It would help if you also learned to listen to others. Have the humility to recognize that other people may have ideas as good or even better than yours.

North node in Cancer (South node in Capricorn)

Having the northern node in Cancer means wanting to control everything and everyone present in your life. This absolute control of everything comes from the need to feel that everything needs to be under your responsibility to work and that everyone is well. This can even make them take care of other people’s lives, which may not be well regarded. This nonlinear emotional balance makes them uncompensated. So take off that armor you wear and let others know you for what you are, even with mistakes and defects. Have the courage to admit that you can’t consistently control everything and more importantly you don’t need to be in control of everything.

North node in Leo (South node in Aquarius)

Most likely, those who have a northern node in Leo, in other lives, was a person who put aside (by will or need) their desires and lived in the function of others, whether friends or family. So today, they are needy, very dreamy, and need to feel loved. Know that now you can be the center of attention in a few moments. It would help if you also had the willpower to impose what you want and go after it.

North node in Virgo (South node in Pisces)

People with the northern node in Virgo and the southern node in Pisces are incredibly dreamy. They need to put their feet on the ground and think more rationally. They also need to understand that certain moments in life need to be lived with seriousness and responsibility. It is not always time to dream! As they are always dreaming, they tend to be lazy and sloppy. So they don’t have time to deal with reality. It would help if you learned to have focus, discipline, and concentration.

North node in Libra (south node in Aries)

With the north node in Libra and the south in Aries, people tend to be very self-sufficient. That is, they do everything on their own because they think they don’t need anyone else. Therefore, they must strive to understand that only with help can we achieve our goals. Learning to respect others is also a challenge but necessary. Being selfish is too easy, so you also need to control selfishness and understand that other people also exist and have their own wants and feelings.

North node in Scorpio (south node in Taurus)

They are very stubborn and materialistic. Learn to give up so much stubbornness, which exacerbated the need to have so many material goods. When you give up your stubbornness everything will begin to flow more naturally in your lives. Have the balance that discipline in the routine provides and understand that changes should also be welcomed - this means not being afraid to take risks (of course, when calculated and previously analyzed).

North node in Sagittarius (south node in Gemini)

Whoever has a Sagittarius node allows himself to be carried away by others to feel accepted in the group. They end up joining “modinhas,” even if they don’t agree with them, just because of this extreme need that they have to feel the acceptance of others. For this reason, they also run the risk of being indecisive and not very honest - they say a lot to impress. It is necessary to understand that authentic relationships are built only with honesty and trust. Gossip and lies should not be part of the package.

North node in Capricorn (south node in Cancer)

Here there is a mixture of attachment to the past with immaturity to face the present, because they do not want to meet the responsibilities of the future. They are fearful people, dependent on others to do even small everyday things. Being less childish is essential, as is knowing that as an adult, we will not always have someone to run to. If you have the northern node in Capricorn, learn to live in the present and don’t be so attached to memories. They are essential, but they should not guide your life.

North node in Aquarius (south node in Leo)

The northern node in Aquarius and the southern node in Leo form a person who needs (and very much) to attract the attention of everyone around him, in addition to not bothering to take the risk so that he can be noticed and prove it to others ( and, above all, himself) who is strong and deserves to be the leader. The most significant challenges for people with these nodes are found in the most fundamental causes and values of human beings, such as dignity, equality, respect, friendship, and love.

North node in Pisces (south node in Virgo)

They are so demanding, inflexible, linked to the minor details, and judicious that they can tire anyone around. They are exaggerated even with themselves, as they always want perfection in everything and everyone. They need to relax a little, try to exercise the creative side of the brain, and let go of a bit of organization. Understand that, every human being makes mistakes, without exception. Accept more and judge less!

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