What Are Cancer Like in Love?

Cupid has it easy with Cancer, and it is that his emotional part is perhaps the most emotional of all the signs of the Zodiac, along with his water companions, Scorpio and Pisces. She likes to be with a partner and they look for her and let themselves be loved when she arrives. They neither want to walk from flower to flower nor are they comfortable in turbulent stories, although sometimes, due to their intense and passionate character, they are attracted to them. It could be said that they do not fall in love at the first change, but if they find what they are looking for, they are not one of those who do not conform and want to keep looking. There they stay. This is Cancer and love .

They like stability and are happy with it. As long as this stability has what they are looking for, they are in no rush to have the person totally surrendered. Your fight will be to keep this person close. And there Cancer fights him like the most. And it would be fair if you were very sincere with them because of your fight, and if you are not on the same wavelength, tell them so that they can bet on other paths.
In the first stage, Cancer is given the tug of war. But as a condiment to exploit the world of feelings and sensations. The initial game and seduction will always have to be accompanied by some real and forceful tests for Cancer to relax. This is Cancer and love .

And what do they need to bet on a relationship and fall in love? People who are so different from them as to bring them something new, but never so different as not to understand their intensity. They need to connect a lot, that their sentimental and emotional part is understood very well, feel complicity when there is physical closeness and when not too. Cancer asks for a lot but because it gives a lot too. And as someone makes you feel more than you already feel, you will fall in love. Sure.

Precisely because they are looking for lasting love, they can take time to fall in love, completely, deeply, and they are not in a hurry or impatience. Deep down they prefer to wait and win by waiting than to make mistakes by rushing. Above all, also, because they are learning from the times that they have launched as if there was no tomorrow and it has not turned out well. The wounds of their stubbornness for unreal stories leave their marks and make them more cautious. But they are always open, they are always there. And when love comes again, if you have to suffer, you suffer ...

Until they are completely relaxed, Cancerians ask for more than they give. Then they are all generosity in love, they give unlimited protection and care, there the roles change, the crab gives more and more than it usually receives. They squander understanding and freedom. When they bring out the temper it is usually because the situation has reached the limit, and especially they will do it in matters of infidelity. There are crabs that have given second chances after they have been tricked but sooner or later it is known that nothing will ever be the same again. Because Cancer remembers EVERYTHING, and also for many many years, even if it tries to forget. This is the reality of Cancer and love .

A Cancer in love does everything possible to make relationships work. Sometimes he feels that it is his role, to fight, suffer and endure so that everything is solved, but in reality it is not. If you have to suffer a little, it is done, but as long as it is worth everything afterwards. Nor should you confuse his patience to endure the bad streaks as a couple with which he will endure everything. Nothing about that. You will give a lot but expect to receive in return. And if he struggles to find solutions, he will also see that the other person does too.

When heartbreak comes, Cancer assumes it but it costs a lot, let alone make the decision to be the one to break up. He usually does it if there is no other choice or if he already has someone between his eyebrows. If it were for Cancer, I could hold on and hold on, and hold on… In the discussions prior to the breakup, and in all of them in general, they tend to distance themselves and move away in some way but it may also be that they put drama on it. And although the blood does not always reach the river, it can happen, with Cancer not everything is peace and love. And in critical situations you can bring out a genius that nobody expected.

For Cancer, the worst thing about love is when heartbreak comes but stagnates. And all because it is difficult for them to go out and leave it, to break with everything. A weak point. Only that. Although in the end, they end up overcoming it with time when they finally grab the door and run away. It will be at that moment when the other will have to try to get it back because Cancer has already given everything it could give.

And the crab will continue looking for love, the true one. And betting on him again. Fighting, suffering, feeling ... More alive and more fighters than ever!

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