What Are The 12 Astrological Houses And What Does They Mean?

What Are The 12 Astrological Houses And What Does They Mean?

The world of astrology is large and wide, vast with different and complementary information. However, many aspects are little publicized - at least not to the same degree as daily horoscopes, for example. In this scenario, few people know what astrological houses are. Want to understand a little more about this subject? Read carefully this unique article that the Virtual Horoscope prepared with such affection for you.

Astrological houses

Astrological houses represent the signs and planets to configure how each person develops his personality, behavior, and the things that happen in his life. There are twelve astrological houses, which can be seen on the birth chart of each one. Each house represents one of the twelve sectors of an individual’s life.

Astrological House 1 - Ascendant (Aries)

The first house represents the sign of Aries and talks about its ascendant. Then, it talks about the ego, the “me” itself, and its personal and non-transferable wishes. This is one of the most important houses and, perhaps, the best known on the birth chart. The Ascendant informs about practically everything of a person - physical form, health, style, personality characteristics, how he faces the world, etc. The ascendant is determined from each person’s birth time.

Astrological House 2 - Posses (Taurus)

Right after the first house, which deals with the ego, the “I” as the main object, we have the Taurus house, which addresses the physical possessions of the human being, such as money, material goods, and everything we want in this segment and in which level of intensity we want. And, of course, it deals with how and what we do to conquer these possessions, that is, the work and physical effort that generates income. It is in this house, too, that we see what our talents are and which professional area best matches our personality.

Astrological House 3 - Communication and intelligence (Gemini)

House number three is that of communication, studies, and brothers. It determines if the person is focused on studies and is always looking for new knowledge or an individual with difficulty concentrating and studying. It shows if you are a being who knows how to communicate and express what you need, if you make friends quickly, or if you are a quiet and always isolated person. He also talks about his relationship with his brothers. It is the home of intelligence, communication, and, following the astrological order, the sign of Gemini.

Astrological House 4 - Family (Cancer)

In the Cancer house, we represent the home, the base, and the family. We know if the person has problems with the parents and if there are disruptions in the family base, for example. In this house, the origin of that person’s life within his family is also treated: how was his childhood, where, with whom, and with what he lived at the beginning of life, etc. This house is usually suitable for those who are dedicated to psychology, architecture, among others.

Astrological House 5 - Creativity (Leo)

House five is the house of Leo, a sign ruled by the Sun. This house is related to love, pleasure, relationship, and creativity. It deals with self-esteem, sexuality, fun, leisure, and other related aspects. People with problems in house five may have low self-esteem, are unable to have sex due to emotional problems, or may have difficulty having fun. This house is usually good for leaders, great athletes, inventors, and, in general, all the people who need to use their creativity frequently.

Astrological House 6 - Improvement (Virgo)

This house is linked to health, well-being, hygiene habits, work, personal improvement, and professional growth. Virgo, as the ruling sign, house six deals with how to constantly try to improve, whether at work, or being healthier, cleaner, being more innovative, or simply being the most perfectionist possible in any situation.

Astrological House 7 - Relations (Libra)

Libra’s house has to do with marriage and any other type of relationship between the “I” and the world, such as relationships of friendship, work (between colleagues or with superiors), and the environment. In addition to addressing relationships, this house also talks about breaking them, such as divorce or job loss. People with problems in this house may be in crisis in their love relationship, unemployed, or overly bossy. On the other hand, people with a beautiful seven house get along well with everyone, have a healthy and happy loving relationship, in addition to being tolerant and patient.

Astrological House 8 - Transformation (Scorpio)

Box eight deals with the various changes and transformations (whatever they are, that is, of any nature) that we go through in life and how we face them. People with problems at home eight have difficulty dealing with changes and often give up in the middle of the process. Whoever has this vivid house always sees changes as a timely process of evolution and, in fact, grows with these transformations.

Astrological House 9 - Spirituality and religion (Sagittarius)

This house is related to spiritual, philosophical, and sociological matters of being. Here, people are interested in discovering their religiosity, intensely studying philosophy and astrology, for example. It also deals with a bit of dream, the direction of our life, and the reason for our existence.

Astrological House 10 - Career and vocation (Capricorn)

This house represents our ambitions and what we need to achieve in life. It also represents our image as a whole - reputation, status, social class, desires, and aspirations. For women, box ten can also bring a lot of essential information about fertility.

Astrological House 11 - New possibilities (Aquarius)

Box eleven deals with all the new possibilities of your life with the world. Here, you will learn about news in your life, in all segments - in friendships, in loving relationships, with parents, or even in your professional career. People with problems in house eleven yearn for news in life that does not happen, situations are paralyzed, besides having problems with friends and loved ones. In this house, it is also treated about our soul’s mission and what we came to do in this world.

Astrological House 12 - Missions in the world (Pisces)

As a continuation of box eleven, this box shows its mission as a human being. It is also here that we deal with our secrets, possible debts, illnesses, and, mainly, whether or not we have a vocation to help others. There are many people whose primary mission is to help others, and if they have a good home, these men and women can help the needy in some way. Others, however, even with this mission, deny it or postpone it for some time. Therefore, it is in this house that we deal with essential issues for human beings such as humility, honesty, and compassion.

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