Warren Beatty

Henry Warren Beatty is an actor, screenwriter and film director born in Virginia, United States on March 30, 1938. This native of Aries, in addition to being one of the sexiest men in classic cinema in recent times, has participated in interesting films that reflect on the values of American society.

Determined, entrepreneurial and oriented toward high goals, as indicated by the influence of the Aries sign, he decided to study art at Northwestern University after being encouraged by his famous sister, actress Shirley MacLaine. After a year, he left his studies and decided to move to New York to teach acting classes with Stella Adler.

His big screen debut was in 1961 in the film Splendor in the Grass. A few years later she achieved international fame with Bonnie and Clyde. Henry has received 14 Oscar nominations, 18 Golden Globe Award nominations (he won six), and received an Oscar for Best Director for the film Reds. Something to expect in this Aries since he is a pioneer who loves great challenges.

Regarding his emotional life, Warren Beatty has been married to actress Annette Bening since 1992 and has 4 children. Passionate and adventurous, the actor had romantic relationships with famous celebrities such as Madonna, Cher, D. Keaton, Natalie Wood, Goldie Hawn, Brigitte Bardot and Jacqueline Onassis, among others.

Those born under the influence of the sign of Aries are people who have a very high sexual libido that leads them to have many affairs throughout their lives. But once they find a person who complements them and considers them suitable, they are able to give their whole being without limitation. At the same time, they are beings who give great dedication to their children and are even willing to sacrifice themselves to achieve their well-being.

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