Virgo Temperament And Characteristics - 2023

Virgo Temperament And Characteristics - 2023

Virgo, perhaps one of the most complex and rich zodiac signs. The need for culture, for improvement, understanding through logic, deduction, system.

These are skeptics who do not believe in revelation and intuition. But most religious philosophers present their spiritual leaders as born in the Virgo. Virgos rarely exaggerate, analyze and think that they see everything too clearly, attribute everything to their own account, criticize, try to simplify, cleanse. Deep need for cleanliness. They are like cats torn between curiosity and fear.

Virgo is a sign of cats and generally small animals. They are restless, they want to think it over before doing it. Sometimes they think too long, which deprives them of spontaneity, and sometimes because of this they lose their chances and miss opportunities.

They are smart, efficient, reliable and can do whatever they want, they can be ideal average representatives and maniacs, nerds, great thinkers and geniuses.

There are 3 different types of Virgos, depending on the solution to the underlying problem of stool and constipation, as well as greed, the psychological twin of constipation.

TYPE I: Not able to solve this problem or solves it unsatisfactorily. He is always restrained, constrained, restrained. This trend can range from positive to negative extremes: from the need for order, to manic pedantry, from penniless collecting to great collecting, from cleanliness to excessive scrupulousness, from careful planning to putting everything off until tomorrow.

TYPE II: I reached the opposite extreme, to physical and psychological diarrhea, as a form of protest and disagreement. He loves “dirt” of all kinds, a thirst for strength and power, cruelty to selfishness. This type is often compared to Scorpio.

TYPE III: Mixed, oscillating between the first and second, hold with one hand and give with the other. An intermediate personality, sloppy today and embraced by a passion for cleanliness tomorrow. A respectable citizen suddenly becomes frantic.

All types are reflected in clothing, classic impeccable style, conservative, taking care of details, but without much imagination, courage or freedom. Sometimes intentionally - refined, super-formal. This can turn into grayness, monotony, which has lost all connection with fashion. Such people like to finish everything, hesitate in buying new things. The “Positive” Virgo wears carefully selected and fitted clothes that make a pleasant impression of being simple.

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