Virgo Professions and Business Guide - 2023

Virgo Professions and Business Guide - 2023

They are attentive in their youth to the choice of a profession, realizing how serious life is, they want to study and work on themselves all their lives. Love for details and perfection, sharp analysis, sometimes turning into greedy pedantry, anxiety about health, all this opens up great opportunities for them.

Virgos are impeccable regardless of the chosen profession. They may prefer to work alone, but this does not exclude the ability to collectivism. They are correct with their superiors, are strict with their subordinates, sometimes a little patronizing, condescending.

They find it uncomfortable to ask for a raise. They are sometimes underpaid for a long time, they are paid with incentives, medals, patents. They are attentive, cautious in money matters and can live on little money, they can slowly save for a “pleasant” tomorrow, taking care of the black day. Rarely take risks in gambling, do not rely on luck.

Good doctors, pharmacists, veterinarians, emergency attendants, obstetricians, masseurs, herbalists, dietician, linguists, as well as watchmakers, opticians, engineers, chemists, clerks, designers, farmers, laundresses, cleaners, shopkeepers, secretaries, telephone Operators, domestic staff, civil servants, textile and horse care professionals. Virgo are considered as the “working bees” of society.

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They love their work until they surrender. This is the core of their life.

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