Virgo Love, Sexuality and Marriage Horoscope 2023

Virgo Love, Sexuality and Marriage Horoscope 2023

Virgo does not have a natural instinct to do anything. If their heart is caught, they retreat, go into hiding place to think. They hate and fear all suspense and suspense.

Some Virgos are afraid that bearing children will deprive them of femininity and attractiveness. Others become mothers attached to children and renounce their independence.

Passion seems to Virgo a disease of the soul, which the mind must heal. They analyze their feelings, trying to minimize them with the help of reason, doubt, debate, ridicule, while being tied more than they think.

Virgo is a burning ice, they do not pour out their feelings and love, proving by deeds more than words. Tenderness takes the form of humiliation, swearing allegiance, the same is not expected in return. And they keep their word. They rely on relationships, where the main emphasis is on moral honesty, purity, deep chastity, affection, if they cannot have this, then they prefer loneliness.

No sign has more bachelors and old Maidens isolated in the tower of criticism. The greatest difficulties are encountered in the first stage of the relationship. The Virgos are constrained or embarrassed when they need to make it clear to the other what feelings they have, sometimes lose their opportunities, return home alone, tormented by longing desires, or retire to the level of ordinary generally accepted relations that bring them indifference, but calmness, giving each partner a seat alone, leads them to deep vegetation. In the late days of life, they suddenly explode all this for one incredible passion.

Virgo has the largest percentage of stops, last-minute delays: after almost everything is done, they stop.

Lovers Virgos are divided into 3 categories: the lucky type combines business with pleasure; this is a charming man with an even character, who loves to cook and do all kinds of household chores. A woman of this category is affectionate, lively, devoted, and “serves coffee in bed.”“

The temperate person can be cold to latent impotence, he is a Puritan, an awkward novice, fantasizing in solitude, interrupted by short-term adventures. A woman of this type can be narrow-minded, making a monument of virtue out of her loneliness or turning life around herself into a camp of drills and houses.

The third type makes it possible for sex to dictate its own rules, has adventures like adventures, and the heart is almost not involved. Sometimes with a penchant for pornography. Women of this type can start as Lolita and end as nympho in monastic attire.

Favorable alliance with Capricorn, Taurus, Scorpio and Cancer. Aries, Sagittarius should be avoided.

Virgo Love Horoscope

Virgo Love Horoscope for Women

All the best female qualities were conveyed to her by this constellation: beauty and soft character, fidelity and tenderness, fullness of sexual sensations. She is very attractive to men, but never uses this quality for selfish purposes. It gives her great joy to realize that a man is enjoying her. No need to expect super passions and exuberant exaltation from her, she was created for affection and bliss, and this colors her intimacy with unique colors. She has a deeply respectful attitude towards a man, and in his arms she feels safe and calm. This feeling is transmitted to her chosen one. She’s a little shy. Her attractiveness returns the man to her again and again. And then he remains forever when he becomes experienced enough to understand the simple truth: “they do not seek good from good.” Virgo is an ideal wife, mother and mistress.

Virgo Love Horoscope for Men

Self-discipline, a love of order, not only in business, but also in relationships with women are characteristic of those born under the sign of the Virgin. The desire for clarity and simplicity and some timidity complicate his love affairs a little, since here not everything can be explained by ordinary logic. His amorousness, which stems from a somewhat ideal idea of ​​a woman, also hinders him.

His sexual capabilities are high, but his partner is primarily struck not by this, but by his tenderness, which is rarely found in other men. It is with tenderness and devotion that he conquers the female heart. But he is able to satisfy the most sophisticated needs of a partner. However, betrayal can abruptly turn his character around, and the thirst for love will turn into a thirst for revenge. He is slightly infantile and he needs not so much support as the friendly disposition of the woman.

Ideal for you: Leo.
More or less suitable for you: Virgo, Aquarius, Pisces.
Absolutely not suitable for you: Taurus, Scorpio, Libra, Aries.

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