Virgo Health Problems and Precautions - 2023

Virgo Health Problems and Precautions - 2023

The body of the Virgo does not feel part of nature. It does not have the energy of Aries, the vital reserve of Taurus, the elasticity of Gemini, the stamina of Cancer, the resistance of Leo. It is perishable, easily tired, often looks painful. The lungs and muscles are underdeveloped, but the body is equipped with a first-class nervous system that knows how to cope with this deficiency.

It monitors the symptoms and prevents the bad from getting worse. Sometimes this can lead to exaggerated attention to one’s health, hypochondria, mania of purity, to fear of germs that excludes all normal contacts, which can result in sexual abstinence.

The main danger of Virgo is constipation, which threatens to poison the entire system if it is too long. Tumors are relatively rare, which cannot be said about intestinal cramps caused by anxiety, anxiety, unrest, which can be released temporarily, but which are rarely cured to the end. Inflammation of the small intestines, uremia.

Preventive measures: light regular nutrition, healthy diet. Regular walks, hours to sleep, and most importantly, regular stools. Medication and moderate use of prescription. Virgos sometimes consider their illnesses as punishment for the joy of indulging in carnal pleasures.

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