Virgo and Relationships: The Most Perfectionist Sign

Virgo and Relationships: The Most Perfectionist Sign

The sixth article in the series on signs and relationships is about Virgo , the seemingly calm, but internally anxious Zodiac.

Virgo likes everything that is beautiful and clean, so disorder accompanied by dirt, as a rule, are ingredients of how to lose a Virgo in ten days!

Apparently calm, they keep a chronic anguish and anxiety inside, so they need daily support from their circle of relationships. Very pessimistic or negative people do harm to Virgo people.

Sweet and affectionate, they do well in personal relationships where there is enough affection and affection. But as a good Earth sign, it has resilience to endure relationships where the whole daily task falls on their heads and where the partner demands more than he gives. However, it feeds your need to be useful, but not your inner need for peace.

At work, they tend to be tireless and to be realized by the production they are capable of generating, depending little on external responses. They are more practical, need little praise and understand that if there is more demand, it already means that they produced well.

Their non-externalized anxiety can generate stress crises that usually manifest themselves in health problems. Therefore, it is not a good thing to abuse the armorial ability of Virgos.

Like all Earth signs, they seek some material security, but their greatest value is the ability to generate that security and not the security itself. Virgo is a sign that is somewhat spiritual and that values ​​sincere and well-founded relationships. Companionship comes before the material world, but both are important.

His way of showing love is by helping in practical terms when the other (anyone else) needs it most. Like Pisces, its opposite sign, they have the ability to help others unselfishly, even though they have never seen it.

They are very critical, so be prepared to be criticized daily. The function of Virgo in the world is to diagnose what is wrong and to point out, they do it naturally and not for evil. So, those who live closely with these people must have a good dose of courage to change themselves in search of becoming a better person every day.

Virgos (as) should not have their defects pointed out frequently, because they already do this 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and external pressure in this sense only serves to increase their anxiety and distress. You can be sure: they know every little defect in themselves and, in due course, will try to fix them. Point them out with affection, helping them deal with so much internal pressure.

Virgo is a changeable and communicative sign, they like social life, but they are careful when choosing who is part of it. So, respect their time and space when they don’t want to mix too much on any occasion.

Expect a resilient person, who is little shaken by external factors, but who is always worried about something and, deep down, seeks peace in a clean and healthy environment. Health is very dear to them and these natives try to take care of it and yours too. They tend to be discreet and polite and have no patience with nosy or thick people, but their delicacy prevents them from fighting back in kind, so they will only treat you with a certain reserve if you do.

Relationship with Virgo is usually somewhat easy, as long as you are willing to be the best you can be ... These people are demanding, you know !? But think of someone who will be by your side even in the worst of illnesses and difficulties, then found it! Everything has its price.

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