Top 11 Promises of God in the Bible to Claim Everyday

Top 11 Promises of God in the Bible to Claim Everyday

The promises of God are always fulfilled because he does not lie. God makes many promises in the Bible for all who love him. Our God is faithful and that is why we can trust that he will fulfill all that he has said.

God promises to forgive all the sins of those who accept Jesus as their Savior. He promises to be with us and help us overcome all difficulties. It also promises that the Holy Spirit will guide us and that in the end we will have eternal life with him, free from sin and suffering.

Here are some of the many promises we find in the Bible. Meditate on them and you will see how they will strengthen you and help you to have more confidence in God.

What are the 11 promises of God?

1. The fulfillment of its promises

Men can lie to us and fail, but God always fulfills what He promises and we can trust in His faithfulness. If he says he will do something, we know he will do it.

2. Eternal life in Jesus

God not only gives us promises that we can enjoy now. It also promises to give us eternal life through Jesus and his sacrifice on the cross. We must only accept that we are saved through Jesus. When we open our hearts to him in repentance and recognize him as our Lord and Savior, we receive his forgiveness and begin a new life directed by him.

3. The forgiveness of our sins

God gives us a new beginning when we approach him with a repentant heart and ask forgiveness for the bad things we have done. He promises to forgive us all our past mistakes and help us change. With him we can start a new life with Jesus as our savior and Lord.

4. Provision

God promises to provide in abundance so that we can cover all our needs. He does not promise to give us everything we want, but he will give us what is really necessary to live: food, shelter, clothing, sustenance.

5. Rest

It is good to know that we can bring all our anxieties and worries to God and he gives us rest. We do not need to carry our sorrows, we can give them to God and rest in him.

6. Jesus

The birth of Jesus was the fulfillment of the promise of blessing, the arrival in Israel of justice, right, salvation and security. Today we also find all that and much more in Jesus.

7. The Holy Spirit

Jesus promised and sent the Holy Spirit to the primitive Church. Thus they received power to be witnesses of Jesus for the world (Acts 1: 8). We also have the Holy Spirit and the power to carry the love and presence of God wherever we go.

8. Blessing and descent

We can trust that, as God fulfilled the promise of blessing and descendants that he made to Abraham, he will also fulfill the promises he makes to us. He also wants to bless us and make us fruitful in all areas of our life.

9. Salvation

God provided the salvation of our souls through Jesus. He wants us all to be saved, he wants us to go to him and accept his forgiveness. He also says in advance that, be it now or later, we will all bend our knees before him.

10. The crown of life

The crown of life mentioned here and in Revelation 2:10 is the reward promised to those who resist and remain faithful to the end before trials, temptations and persecution.

11. Peace

In our earthly life we ​​have many sorrows and afflictions, but in Christ we find the peace we need to move forward without fainting. He has already won the victory and that is our peace.

Choose to believe God and his promises! He will never fail you!

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