Your Detailed Guide to Venus Retrograde

Your Detailed Guide to Venus Retrograde

We reveal everything you need to know about this astral phenomenon that will affect your love life and even your beauty routine.

For thousands of years, we have been able to observe (and feel) the planet Venus. Her name is related to everything that has to do with pleasure, beauty, aesthetics, arts, decoration, social life, fertility, grace, and attraction, just as the Greek goddess does. Here we reveal everything you need to know about this planet and how retrograde affects our way of living.

How does Venus affect us?

It influences human relationships and partnerships, including marriage, how we have fun, what we give away, how we seduce, and how we bond with our money.

What does it mean for a planet to be retrograde?

The retrograde motion of a planet is an apparent backward displacement in its orbit for a particular time. It is not a natural phenomenon, and it is only an optical effect that occurs when the orbit of the Earth reaches and overtakes the orbit of Venus.

When will Venus be in retrograde?

Venus entered this retrograde stage on October 6, 2018, and will end on November 16 of the same year. On this date, it will take its course from the sign of Libra.

What can we expect when Venus is retrograde?

When a planet goes “retrograde,” it invites us to review issues from the past and being Venus, the goddess of love, perhaps the need to review past loves will be felt, and affective stories could be repeated. Unresolved issues with the couple will have to be taken up!

Besides, we will feel the need to return to verbs with _r_e, such as review, renewal, restart, review, etc.

What should we do on Venus retrograde?

Now, Venus’s retrogradation helps us remove those clothes from the closet that we no longer use or change that perfume that we did not like. Venus retrograde comes for us at an economic level to better organize our savings and prepare for a purchase or essential expense.

What should NOT be done on Venus retrograde?

On the other hand, it is better not to get married in this period or formalize an association. Neither are aesthetic operations, drastic changes of look, nor valuable purchases that you may regret.


The following ritual will help you get through this period and come out of it energized and renewed.

On the next full moon, which will be on October 25, light two candles, one white to clear negative energies that do not belong to you and another purple as a symbol of protection.

While you light these candles, you should meditate about your fears, illusions, and current relationships and ask yourself if you want to make any changes.

These are some basic characteristics of when Venus seems to “walk backward,” but don’t limit yourself to just that. To find out how all your energies are doing during this period and for the rest of the year, you can try to make a personalized professional horoscope, which will indicate a much broader energy scenario for you to analyze and make essential decisions.

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