A Detailed Guide To The Void-of-course Moon

A Detailed Guide To The Void-of-course Moon

Since ancient times, the Moon cycle has been observed and studied. Composed of approximately 29 days, it exposes the Moon to several “phases”, as we have classified, in which the illumination it receives from the Sun changes the illuminated face of this star that we see from Earth.

According to Astrology, the cycle of the Moon describes a stay of two to three days of the star in each sign of the Zodiac. During its change of position between the signs, it remains a period of a few hours just without connecting to any other star or sign; it is the period called “Course Moon”.

Influence of the Moon Void Of Course

This period when the Moon appears to have less influence on Earth is actually the moment when its strength can most interfere with our lives. This is due to the fact that she is not governing events, which causes unexpected and unpredictable things to appear along the way.

The most noticeable effects are delays, unforeseen events, surprises and confusion about schedules and meetings.

Despite its negative influence in the course of day-to-day events, the period can be well used if we take it from the other side. As the circumstances are more “confusing”, the time is favorable for activities such as:


Take some hours out of the day for yourself. Put your problems aside, postpone appointments, turn off your phone and also your mind for a few moments. Lie on the couch and simply disconnect. In addition to giving your body something it needs, you will be taking such action at the right time so that it is not involved in major stress and problems.


It is a good time to relax, practice activities such as meditation and yoga and leave your body and mind rested and free from commitments and other pressures.

Feel the nature

Take the opportunity to do outdoor activities, whether in a park or in your own backyard. Keep in touch with nature, daylight and the energies it provides.


Look for a retreat time for good readings, delight in new discoveries, new subjects and works that attract you and take the opportunity to deepen your knowledge and enhance your intellectual experience.


If the external moment is not the most favorable, take the opportunity to take care of yourself from the inside. Stop and think about what you have done in your life, how things are going and what can and cannot be improved and changed.


As we have already seen, some actions can be taken to transform the situation of the Course Moon into beneficial, but for this to happen well, it is necessary to abdicate some behaviors as well, see:

New projects

It is not the best time to start something new. If you have innovative ideas and a new plan, quickly postpone this endeavor to ensure your success.

Two ways

Avoid big choices at this point, try to stay stable and postpone more difficult decisions.

Social life

It is the time to maintain stability in social life, so in your relationship do not let discussions take place during this period. Confusion and disagreement can be maximized due to the Course Moon.


If you are unable to take the day off to relax and forget about your appointments, plan better this day for urgent meetings. Leave in advance and consider unforeseen events that may arise along the way, also make sure you have good communication with those who will meet.

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