This is how you must love a Scorpio?


Loving Scorpio is very complicated. It is not a sign like any other, much less in love. It can be difficult to maintain a relationship with Scorpio if you don’t know how to love him. To begin with, the most important thing is loyalty. Once Scorpio has let you into his life, he will protect and defend you at all times. But remember that the most important thing to maintain Scorpio love is to work loyalty every day and never fail him. Scorpio has suffered a lot for love, he has suffered a lot when he saw that he was replaced by another person and that is why he has become someone so demanding when it comes to trusting someone ...

Earning their trust is a job that may come its time but you have to do it if you really want your relationship with Scorpio to be healthy from the first moment. He is a very reserved person, he does not talk just like that about his problems or share personal information with people he does not trust. Once he trusts you, his shell will disappear and he will share with you every thing that happens to him, every doubt, every thought that haunts him. It is very difficult to earn their trust, but to love Scorpio is a phase that you have to go through.

You have to accept their direct honesty, there is no more.  Loving a Scorpio has its pluses and minuses, but if you really are in love with him / her, there will be nothing wrong with this entire journey. Scorpio is a very honest person, to the point that there are times when he does not know the limits. He does not see the need to lie when you have asked for his opinion or when it is necessary to talk about feelings. Loving Scorpio also means loving that poisonous tongue that it can sometimes have. At first, it can get a bit tricky, because you don’t know if he’s doing it badly or not. But later, you will realize that he is doing it with the best intention in the world.

Get ready for the most passionate love shows in the world . With Scorpio, you never know what to expect. He is a person with great sexual attractiveness and with a great capacity to flirt, provoke, to play with the spark of the moment. You have to be up to the task and be prepared to receive that passion with wide open arms. Loving Scorpio is a real adventure and you have to be prepared to live it from the first moment.

You will also have to accept his strong character and his complexities . As a good water sign, Scorpio is a person with a fairly complex character, with quite deep feelings. Many times, that character is what causes many of their relationships to end. If you want to love Scorpio, you have to accept that he is not perfect and that his character can complicate everything a little more. You will have to accept that their sensitivity requires a little more attention and patience.

To love Scorpio, you have to be very careful about jealousy. Please, it is something that you better take into account from the first moment. To avoid unnecessary drama, avoid doing things that you know will make the Scorpio jealous. It also doesn’t ask for so much, just details as basic as not talking to your ex or not flirting with anyone else. Scorpio wants to avoid being jealous again. You know it is a very toxic feeling and you don’t want to fall back into that loop from which it is very difficult for you to get out.

Learning to love a Scorpio takes time and it also requires that you put a lot on your part. Because yes, you can blindly fall in love with him / her, but being in love does not mean the same as loving someone. You can fall in love with anyone, but you cannot love anyone. To love Scorpio you need to put a lot on your part and above all, not judge before knowing what is going to happen. The best thing to do is to let yourself go and pass the baton on to Scorpio. Let him / her be the one who takes you through their world, who shows you the most special corners, who tells you how to do it

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