The Wedding Party Of Each Zodiac Sign

The Wedding Party Of Each Zodiac Sign

Marriage is a unique moment in life. Planned with such care and dedication, we often invest all of our savings on this long awaited day. And, of course, with so much investment and preparation, we want the event to be perfect. But there are so many options! There are several types of decoration, flowers, cake flavors, types of wedding dresses, different sweets ... Wow, how many details! But your worries are sure to subside now, because My Today’s Horoscope is here to help you! We have separated some essential characteristics about how each sign prefers to celebrate the wedding. Enjoy!

Aries Wedding Party

Aries are people with a strong personality, who actually impose what they like and usually don’t care much about certain traditions - they value their personal tastes more. For this reason, the wedding of Aries people is usually informal and usually outdoors. The wedding dress is authentic, signed with a lot of elegance and modernity. As the bride is also not very patient, the ceremony will be short so that the union is made official quickly and everyone can go to the party! Speaking of parties, she will be very hectic and fun, but also very organized - and that the wedding planners are prepared, as it is not easy to live with an anxious Aryan bride!

Taurus Wedding Party

One of the most traditional signs of the entire Zodiac, Taurus does not let go of any custom from this very important moment. The wedding invitations, the choice of the church, the flowers on the way to the altar, the buffet for the party, every detail will be minimally planned to reflect refinement, elegance and tradition. This does not mean expensive things, but rather good taste. Food and drink are indispensable details, of course! Get ready for a full table wedding and a cake on as many floors as possible. The Taurean bride is calm and does not want to stress, so she puts other people to organize this important moment - of course, these people are extremely trustworthy, especially because she wants a lot of quality in everything. The wedding dress tends to be discreet and classic.

Gemini Wedding Party

Communicative, modern, lovers of freedom and fun. These are the Geminian brides, who will be wearing a versatile dress, without veil, only with a hairstyle as practical as the dress, which allows them to dance a lot all night. Geminis prefer a very informal party, with happy music, light food and lots of drinks. The ceremony can take place at the Church, on the beach, or anywhere else. The important thing is that everything goes out in a pleasant way and that everyone remembers this date with a smile on their face!

Cancer Wedding Party

When it comes to marriage, Cancerians do their best, mainly because it is the event that marks the beginning of the construction of their family. Therefore, it is a highly anticipated and extremely planned moment for everything to go as they please. As it will be an unforgettable moment, the bride and groom will spare no effort or expense to make this happen. The Cancerian bride is very romantic and feminine, so the dress can count on many lace and a long veil with different styles of embroidery. Like the dress, the entire wedding - from the ceremony to the party - will be stylized to romanticism, with many rose petals, intimate decoration, low lights and photos of the couple scattered around the environment. Long live love!

Leo Wedding Party

A lot of luxury, elegance, animation, grandeur and exuberance. Leo already like to attract attention normally, so imagine at your wedding. From the clothes that the bride and groom will be wearing to the flower chosen for the arrangement of the tables, everything will be the best and most beautiful. The leonine bride will not save expenses for her marriage, so she will start to plan everything well in advance, not to forget anything and include all possible details. The chosen dress will be extravagant, with a lot of shine and a long veil, princess style.

Virgo Wedding Party

Virgo people are discreet and organized, and these characteristics are reflected in their ceremonies and wedding parties. The ceremony can be simple, held in a small chapel in an inner city. Following the same description line, the party will be with few guests, and it can be a dinner or even a bolder celebration, but following the style of elegance and minimalism. Although simplistic, the wedding will have every detail very well thought out and in the taste of the bride and groom - because they are very stubborn, they will not hear other people’s opinions. The dress will be delicate, comfortable, with few details and perfectly made for the bride’s body.

Libra Wedding Party

Librans are balanced, refined, elegant and charming. For all of this to be present in a matrimonial union of people of this sign, the details must follow discreet tones - which does not mean that they need to be traditional colors. There will be a lot of refined and light food. Everything will be very sophisticated and without exaggeration. As Librans are very sociable, the wedding will be for many guests, but this is not synonymous with a party of breakouts, after all, people of this sign prefer soft music so that it is possible to talk. The wedding dress will be refined like the whole party, with quality fabric and made to measure.

Scorpio Wedding Party

Scorpios are sexy, strong and full of life. As they love to have fun, their wedding will follow the same line of their personality. The whole celebration will be filled with lots of music, laughter, dancing and, most likely, drinks for everyone to let go and have fun together - including the Scorpio bride herself, who, before taking a few sips, is usually shy. The buffet will be exotic and with strong flavors. Everything in the wedding will be to the taste of the woman, who will not accept opinions contrary to yours. Scorpio’s bride dress is sensual, but at the same time reserved.

Sagittarius Wedding Party

The wedding of someone from Sagittarius is one of those typical events that the host says “I put everything and a little more”, so that it is sensational and unforgettable. As the Sagittarius bride is very fun and modern, she will choose looser dresses that will allow her to dance the night away - perhaps a shorter model is the option. It will be a very lively wedding and, suddenly, it can even be a themed party, as Sagittarians like to get out of the routine. Maybe a luau on the beach, or a masquerade in an old palace!

Capricorn Wedding Party

Capricorn people are traditional, attached to their history and who value all the rituals we go through in life, such as marriage. From the ceremony to the party, the large number of guests will enjoy elegant moments, with refined, traditional decor, and very good food. Everything will be very well organized so that the day is perfect! In fact, it is the bride herself who will organize every detail, so she will be sure that everything will turn out the way she imagines. Speaking of the bride, she will be wearing a discreet, sophisticated and beautiful dress made by the hands of some renowned stylist.

Aquarius Wedding Party

Aquarians cherish their freedom and happiness. Therefore, it is very difficult to find someone of this sign who wants to get married - it is more likely that, when you fall in love, you will prefer to live next to sign any type of document that proves the union. But, of course, there are Aquarians who want a wedding party and, in this case, like an eccentric celebration, for being creative and original people. The style of the bride’s dress can vary a lot, but it certainly won’t be the “princess” type. It can even be a dress in a color other than the traditional white - the important thing is that it reflects the personality of the bride.

Pisces Wedding Party

Very dreamy, sentimental and romantic, the Pisces person wants a fairytale wedding. Everything will be like a dream: decor in pastel and pink tones and many objects that bring an intimate feeling to the environment. The bride’s dress will have lace, pearls or flowers, with a long veil and wreath. The bouquet of colorful flowers will give the final touch for it to be perfect.

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