The Transit Of The Sun In Each Zodiac Sign

The Transit Of The Sun In Each Zodiac Sign

The Sun is one of the most important stars in the zodiac. The star king is responsible for many influences. The positioning of the sun at the moment of birth is capable of bringing to each person’s personality very important and striking characteristics.

The solar influence can be defined mainly if you were born in the first or last days of your sign. This difference makes it possible for you to have solar influence of the anterior or posterior sign.

The sun enters each sign at different times. The best way to know what is the real influence on your profile is with the elaboration of an astrological chart. Through the birth chart it is possible to check the exact location of the sun at the time of its birth.

It is also possible to identify traces and characteristics of the star’s action in each sign. Its strength and influence is so great and relevant that each sign has features that can be highlighted and highlighted due to the presence of the sun in that sign.

To help you understand the sun’s effect, we list the main characteristics that the star influences in each sign, check out:

Sun in Aries

People born with the sun in Aries are generally extremely honest and sincere. Those influenced by this energy tend not to be afraid to face new challenges and are always looking for things that differentiate them from others.

Sun in Taurus

People born with the sun in Taurus are always very kind and loyal. Because they are very sociable, they tend to be people who are always with many friends around them. Patients know how to wait for the right time to act or make decisions.

Sun in Gemini

Very intelligent and extremely sociable, those born with sun in Gemini have a great capacity to learn new things. They are very pleased to know something new and are always looking for new experiences and new friendships.

Sun in Cancer

People born with the sun in Cancer are often very close to the past. With a strong connection with family and loved ones, they love to remember good times lived in childhood. Emotional security is the great defect of those born in this traffic, however, their good memory deserves to be highlighted.

Sun in Leo

Proud by nature, those born with the sun in Leão are even more self-centered and love to be the center of attention. But despite this characteristic, they are usually very passionate about life and love having many people around them.

Sun in Virgo

Those born with sun in Virgo tend to be very shy and reserved people. They love the backstage and avoid becoming the center of attention as much as possible. Because they are very analytical people, they are sometimes seen as very critical, which can be a bit annoying.

Sun to Libra

People born with the sun in Libra are extremely harmonious, whether in personal, loving or professional relationships. Always trying to avoid fights and arguments, the natives of this sign are lovers of good things and loyal and lasting relationships.

Sun in Scorpio

Those born with the sun in Scorpio tend to be reserved and very cautious people. This excess of caution makes it difficult for them to trust people. This is mainly because they have strong intuition and believe in it with a lot of credibility.

Sun in Sagittarius

Adventurers, people born with the sun in Sagittarius like to travel. Always looking for news, movement and change, they hate routine and everything that may seem too formal.

Sun in Capricorn

Very serious and reserved, those born with the sun in Capricorn always put work first. Very concerned and cautious, they tend not to expose themselves and to not let people get too involved in their personal lives.

Sun in Aquarius

Independence is the word for those born with the sun in Aquarius. Always looking for novelties, they like to lead life in an authentic and original way. They love to live in society and respect the people around them a lot.

Sun in Pisces

People born with the sun in Pisces are always very intuitive and sensitive. They usually take life lightly and objectively, valuing the simple and the casual. They are extremely creative people, connected to nature and non-material things.

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