The 3 Levels Of Reiki: Know What They Are And What Do They Mean

The 3 Levels Of Reiki: Know What They Are And What Do They Mean

Every Reikian has a different vibration in his energy. It is not for nothing that he chose this path. However, three levels are fundamental to the Reikian. These levels, despite being positive, must be balanced with Reiki because even what is good, when out of control, generates losses.

It’s like water. The calm and balanced water is good and has many benefits. However, when out of place, it generates floods, catastrophes, floods, etc. For this reason, I emphasize the importance of using the energy of Reiki to balance the inherent abilities of every Reikian.

There are many skills that the Reikian has. However, I highlight three fundamentals for a good connection with Reiki energy:

1. Altruism

It is the action of loving your neighbor without expecting anything in return. When balanced, this ability makes us understand that we must respect each living being. As Reikians must work for the planet, for the neighbor, with unconditional love, that is, regardless of the acts of the other, we must cultivate love and compassion in ourselves.

When we are out of balance with this ability, we tend to cancel our wills. We stop loving ourselves. When this effect occurs, the annulment will block the love that exists within us, and soon we are demanding the love of the other, the compassion of the other, and becoming needy with this situation.

2. Benevolence

It is our understanding of the situation of others, tolerance towards others. Reikians demonstrate this ability in dealing with each other. We understand behaviors as an evolution of being. We know that there is a time for change and that everyone has their time.

When we are vibrating negatively, this ability turns into complacency. We end up being complacent about the harmful behavior that people have with themselves and others.

It is necessary to balance Benevolence with Reiki. So we don’t let Benevolence turn into complacency.

3. Acceptance

Accept life, let the universe lead our existence, having the wisdom to understand what we can change and accept what we cannot change. Accept moments that serve to teach you that it’s time to change. Not the situation itself, but the way you react, act, think and feel that circumstance.

Understanding that life is made of ups and downs and that suffering and joy are part of our life and our existence and is fundamental to the meeting of happiness and our connection with Reiki. We have to accept that some situations exist for our learning so that there is an evolution and a mental and spiritual ascent.

When we go to the extreme of this skill, we stop acting. We believe that life is like that and that it is best to accept it. We lose our power of action, change, and inner transformation.

Accepting has a lot to do with not accepting that your emotions dominate you. The balance between accepting and acting is the way to the wisdom of living.

Reiki acts as a balancer for our subtle vibrational field. To not fall into the extremes of each characteristic, we must always use Reiki, that energy of love and light. Always use that energy and awaken the power that every Reikian has for transmuting this beloved planet of ours, and of course, for transmuting your energy.

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