The Power Of Pluto In Capricorn Sign


From 2008 to 2024, Pluto will be in the energy of the sign of Capricorn. In astrology, Pluto is a planet that affects the collectivity and the energetic moment of transformation that the world is going through. It is a planet also associated with the collective unconscious and the conflicts that arise from it so that the old patterns can fall, and so that a new scenario can appear in the world.

Capricorn is the sign of responsibility, work, authority and commitment. It is a sign that deals with the concrete world, with restrictions and with self-control in order to achieve the goals set for achievements.

Putting together the meaning of Pluto and the sign of Capricorn, what can we expect from this 16-year transit?

 Pluto is a planet that affects the collectivity and the energetic moment of transformation that passes the world


Pluto is a planet that affects the collectivity

Then, we will see transformations that will happen on a more collective than individual level. As Capricorn is a sign that deals with authority and responsibility a lot, we must see changes in the layers of society that deal with the collective management and organization capacity. One of the ways this can become more evident is in the government. Governments across the planet are going to be questioned and the old administrative patterns will not be sustained by the passage from Pluto to Capricorn. Hierarchical systems will be shaken and this is so that a new, more responsible system can emerge and reorganize.

Here in The United States, we can see this energetic influence very clearly in the political environment. With corruption cases being investigated, government officials will have to transform themselves to change the obsolete and corrupt way the country has been governed for so long.

On a more personal level, the influence may not be as felt, but it will also happen. Pluto awakens a need to become aware of its own limits, challenges, duties and responsibilities in all areas of life, but mainly in relation to the professional career.

Pluto in Capricorn arrives for everyone to say that we are responsible for our destiny. And we cannot escape the duty to build what we choose to be and live. So don’t shirk your responsibilities. On the contrary, accept your duties and learn to fulfill what you have promised to yourself.

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