Meaning Of Number 13 In Tarot - Know Your Power And Luck

Meaning Of Number 13 In Tarot - Know Your Power And Luck

Popularly, the number 13 is strongly marked as a symbol of bad luck and, even worse, the date of “Friday the 13th” turned into a dark day of foreboding. But how was all this egregore formed?

One hypothesis, according to Christianity, would be that Jesus died on a Friday and 13 people were present at his last supper.

Even older, in Nordic paganism, there is a similar story, that God Odin had offered a banquet to 12 other gods. Lóki, the God of cheating and enigmas, was not among the guests and his anger ended up resulting in misfortunes at the event.

Does that remind you of any other stories? Yes, that’s right! The story of Sleeping Beauty, who during a celebration in her father’s castle, the king, was bewitched by Maleficent, who had not been invited to the festival.

From these myths then came the belief that inviting 13 people to dinner is a bad idea. And as they say: “whoever tells a story, increases a point”. In our current era there are still such beliefs about the bad omen of this date. There are historical reports that the number 13 is unlucky (have you noticed that ancient buildings removed the thirteenth floor? That is, they jumped from the 12th to the 14th), some tragedies also occurred on Fridays, not precisely on the 13th.

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Quoting Norse culture again, “Friday”, which roughly translates to “Freya’s day”, a pagan Goddess of love, fertility and wealth (now, now ... Now we changed the context a little), associated with other goddesses, like Aphrodite Greek, because Friday is the day of all these energies of love and sexuality since it corresponds to the planet Venus, of love, harmony and relationships.

It is also believed that crossing with a black cat on this day would be terrible and, since we are talking about goddesses, I can quote one more that corresponds to the blessings of fertility, love, joy and fun: the Egyptian goddess Bastet, which is represented by the figure of a cat. This is where all the devotion to the animal came from. For the Egyptians, the cat is the goddess Bastet herself incarnate and considered protection, luck and divine blessings.

In the video below, I will explain more about the positive power of the number 13, its representations in the Tarot cards and how to benefit from never being afraid again!

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