Spirit Animal Of Each Zodiac Sign


Spiritual Animal function as guides that protect people throughout their lives.

For many centuries, animals have represented more than just creatures of nature and their ‘personality’ traits influence humans as guides on the way.

In fact, indigenous tribes around the planet have associated their personalities with certain animals, which are coupled as spiritual guides giving their bearer wisdom, trust, goodness and knowledge.

Spirit animals are also directly related to the signs of the zodiac.

In terms of the zodiac, all signs are solar, with the exception of Libra and Virgo, so they are represented by some animal that provides characteristics of their personality and an influence on spiritual energy.Depending on the sign that the person is, there is a spirit animal that represents his personality and illustrates many of the ways in which he takes his life.

Aries Spirit Animal: Cheetah

People ruled by Aries are full of energy that demands to be released and does not allow to be repressed or domesticated, just like a cheetah . The ability to embrace ferocity and speed make these people unique.

In addition, those born under the sign of Aries have something called hyper focus, that is, they fix their gaze on the prey and do not give up until they get it, like cheetahs.

Taurus Spirit Animal: Bear

As a protective animal, those ruled by Taurus have the tendency to protect those around them and the people they love the most, such as the mother bear with her cubs.

Taurus Spirit Animal: Bear

In addition, the bear symbolizes strength and stability, which is why they establish a solid foundation in everything they do.

Gemini Spirit Animal: Dolphin

Like dolphins, those ruled by Geminis are curious and funny, they 

always try to create memorable experiences in their life and live without a set of rules.

In addition, they are very intelligent people. As dolphins are known to be one of the most intelligent creatures in nature.

Cancer Spirit Animal: Rabbit

Like rabbits, those ruled by Cancer sign have a complex personality, as they can be very shy, nervous and skittish , but they are also very safe when they must and when it comes to survival.

People of the Cancer sign can be intelligent and creative, and they teach not to let fear overwhelm them and assume all the circumstances of life.

Leo Spirit Animal: Dragon

With its sole presence the dragon dominates a place because of the power and majesty it represents; so are the people of Leo: imposing, strong and powerful.

Also, those ruled by Leo are considered innate leaders, but they are usually noble and always looking for ways to show how much they are worth.

Virgo Spirit Animal: Fox

Despite being small, foxes are very agile mentally. In the stories of literature, the fox always depicts to be cunning, intelligent, and fast.

Like foxes, those ruled by Virgo are intelligent and generate a sense of home in the environment.

They are very analytical and cunning, which gives them infinite wisdom.

Libra Spirit Animal: Swan

Those ruled by the pound are elegant and beautiful, like swans. For Libras, finding balance and calm in the troubled waters of life is very important.

Libra Spirit Animal: Swan

In addition, they have an originality that no one can copy or imitate, and that is seen both physically and spiritually.

Scorpion Spirit Animal: Phoenix

Those ruled by Scorpio have a double personality; They can be strong to protect themselves from moments of danger, anguish or addictions. But underneath their armor they hide a more open and vulnerable gentle side.

Like the phoenix, they are people who symbolize growth, renewal and inner strength.

Sagittarius Spirit Animal: Cat

With the independence that characterizes cats, Sagittarians are free and march at their own pace, likewise they do not change for anything or anyone.

Like cats, they are curious, free and only answer for themselves. And give the world just what they want to give.

Capricorn Spirit Animal: Crocodile

When you fix your gaze or tooth on a prey, crocodiles don’t give up until they get it. For those ruled by Capricorn sign, nothing can shake their determination to get what they want.

Capricorn Spirit Animal: Crocodile

They are patient and assertive, and wait for the right moment to achieve what they want. Likewise, they look fierce, but they surprise with their hidden abilities.

Aquarius Spirit Animal: Spider

Spiders represent patience, creativity, and the battle between darkness and light. Therefore, those ruled by Aquarius can spend a lot of time building something, but sometimes they prefer to work alone.

Just like there are friendly spiders, there are also very territorial spiders . Accept both the positive and negative sides of yourself, in everything you do.

Pisces Spirit Animal: Deer

Like deer, those ruled by Pisces are compassionate, calm, and open.

One of the main things they value in life is being able to find their tribe. And surround themselves with like-minded people.

They are also sensitive and shy like deer. They do not respond well to people or opinions that are harsh, offensive, or vulgar. People close to those ruled by Pisces know that they must approach them quietly and calmly so that they do not drift away.

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