The Planets In The Zodiac Signs :: The Planets Today

The Planets In The Zodiac Signs :: The Planets Today

Since the human being is a living talisman, he sums up the force of the cosmic moment in which he was born. For him, the stars stopped since he will give testimony with his life of that moment; the position of the signs, houses, and planets will remain the same for their entire existence and will be like their nerves, as well as their permanent point of contact with the sky. We must bear in mind that human beings are free to resonate in higher tones and understand that we cannot avoid what we already choose for this life.

However, we can consciously respond to these processes, and it is possible to conclude that above from what we have learned, from our genes and our stars, is our attitude, in the sense that with a bad or good mood, we can improve or worsen our sky.

Although good and evil are relative, these terms are common in astrological texts and go so far as to refer to the stars as malefic and beneficial.

This approach does not accept reality because if we take a planet in its sign (in regency), it is supposedly very well, but it is terrible in its opposite (in exile).

We wonder if a Mars in Aries (in regency), who expresses his vehemence and impetus to the maximum, does not forge reckless individuals, who do not fear anything or anyone, who do not have the tact or care to channel those energies, which can lead them to abuse their strength, using it to the most opposite extremes; to sanity or peace.

But a falling Mars in the sign of Cancer, which is where it is ‘disastrous,’ does not create in its natives a fear of the possibility of struggle and leads them to put their feelings before action, and causes the violent reactions of the individual end in repentance; or if a Venus at home (in Taurus), who is in his best position, does not promote possessiveness and does not cause suffering to those who have it because of attachment.

Allowing dependence on the other to be one of its fundamental motors: but when we have a Venus in Virgo (fall) ‘disastrous position’, we observe lack of affective support, which allows the person to tend to establish other reasons for the fullness of fullness that correspond to the religious and the mystical, proposing a life without emotional ties and with a need for the love of the sacred and the purest or sublime.

For these reasons, prudence is required to handle these extreme and, therefore, limited names since it is born at the best moment to evolve and correct the debts that are brought from the past. 

The same occurs with the Moon in Cancer, which is in its sign (rulership), or in its best place, as it accentuates fertility, children, and family ties, increases sensitivity, and gives dependence on family conditions. Still, a Moon in Capricorn (exile), a position according to some ‘negative and malefic’ astrologers, enlivens states of mind that impel the native to demand more of himself and establish order in his diet and to live from an early age in critical situations that lead him to reach maturity. And notorious prudence, in addition to a discipline that he has to acquire under the circumstances.

Suppose a person must live specific experiences, the roots of which were forged in their past lives and found written in the natal charts of everyone around them. Could we affirm that those experiences that arise in an astral chart are negative, malefic? or terrible?

Saturn is known as the ‘greatest malefic,’ whose influences have always bordered on suffering, pain, and tragedies, but is it harmful? The ancients knew Saturn as the teacher, who gives us experience and from whom we learn. As suffering (ruled by Saturn) is a consequence of ignorance, it helps to transcend pain through a process of maturation and settlement that allows us to glimpse the how, how, and why of those events that touch our existence. Saturn represents the ability to manage life under higher patterns. The experiences that he represents cosmically have simply one purpose: that we learn and can nourish ourselves from these experiences and realize the vain of our struggles and the intangible of life.


Sun in Aries

Combative, impulsive, irritable, impatient natives of great spark and vitality. They tend towards violence or towards that which generates tension, accidents, or blows. Speed and transience not only in his activities but in his own life. Difficulty recognizing the fruit of their companies. Notable initiative and actions that are not measured or examined. They are the most vehement and aggressive of the element. Dislikes are the everyday. They have maximum energy and vitality, and they don’t even have time for themselves. Vivacity. Performances that they later regret. Adventurous spirit. Abrupt actions need freedom. Impatient, awake, fickle, sincere, and naive.

Sun in Taurus

Stability, definition, and continuity in your processes. They will take root in a place, and there they stay. Comfort, well-being, and the search for material security. Remarkable physical resistance, realism, objectivity, and practicality. Symbol of adherence and stubbornness. Fixed ideas and slowness. Inclination towards art, in general, theater and sculpture, in particular. Loving, faithful, and fertile natives. Obstinacy, attachment, dependence, and nobility. Good appetite and taste for food. Lovers of nature and inclinations towards agricultural work.

Sun in Gemini

Ability and dexterity in the area of communication. Ease of dialogue and activities that rely on the word, whether written or spoken. Dispersion and difficulty in achieving definition in life. Doubts and indecisions due to the dual situations that surround them. Diversification, multiplicity, instability. Awake, lively, talkative, and intelligent natives.

Sun in Cancer

It accentuates family ties and allows a good part of life to revolve around family or love. Notorious relationship with the mother. Infantilism. Excellent sensitivity, susceptibility, and fertility. Stability is something they will fight for. Digestive problems. Setback in the activities they are doing or fear that what they have will not evolve or not achieve their objectives. Willingness to take responsibility for the children and take care of them permanently. They are inclined towards poetry and literature: ups and downs and mood fluctuations.

Sun in Leo

Haughty, imposing, and proud individuals with the ability to command, organize and govern. Imposition. Power strength. Weakness for luxury. Dignity, honor, and self-reliance. Born leaders. They will always look for collaborators. Leo are stable and fixed. They stay in one place for a long time. Leo are the most constant of this element. Heart problems. High self-esteem.

Sun in Virgo

Analytical skills, thoroughness, and perfectionism. Romantic relationships with ups and downs and difficulty in expressing what they feel. Skepticism. Criticism and incisiveness. Mathematical ability. High levels of self-demand. The predominance of reason over feeling. Suggestibility, Intestinal problems. Position of those who tend to be intermediaries and mediators, among others. Ease of carrying out activities in which detail and precision prevail. Testing in childhood. They are the intellectuals par excellence and lovers of knowledge. Helpful.

Sun in Libra

It produces tranquility and material comforts. It favors the relationship with art, beauty, justice, and the law. He will seek harmony in one way or another and do everything possible to reconcile, thus giving ground in the fundamentals with a heightened sense of proportion. High levels of warmth and a rich and varied affective life open the doors to have numerous bonds. Idealistic, artistic, creative, lover of comfort. They quickly attract the opposite sex.

Sun in Scorpio

Create extremism, radicalism, and passion. It raises the breaking of their friendly relationships and ties with others in a blunt way: strong character and high self-confidence. Propensity to cultivate spiritual knowledge. Restlessness about death. Sudden changes in their lives. Mystical, philosophical and esoteric tendencies. Love for the occult. Obsessions It allows the conscious management and control of sexuality or its excesses and distortions.

Sun in Sagittarius

Numerous plans and projects. Idealism instability. They are related to distant places from the birth site. Joy, optimism, and ease of mobilizing a large number of people. Friendly and warm. An inclination for sports. They help others to feel good since they are intermediaries and collaborators.

Sun in Capricorn

High sense of discipline and highly esteemed changes that occur every seven years. Austerity and difficulties early in life allow us to gain experience and prepare for an entire life over the years. Ability to direct and direct or carry out great companies. Efforts whose results are generally palpable in the long term. Perseverance, persistence, and utilitarianism, few or no children. Individuals who cement their future little by little. From an early age, they seek to assume responsibilities. Parsimony, slowness. Restriction and struggles in your love life. Pessimism, melancholy, and reflection. Avarice. Natives who worry too much about the time that passes. Tendency to loneliness. Love of discipline. We need to fight for lofty goals.

Sun in Aquarius

His broad-mindedness and his eagerness for knowledge are evident in the facts, which suggests that he is in a position to understand everything and to look beyond. His high levels of rebellion led him to go against the norm and conflict with authority symbols, starting with his own family with whom he usually has essential differences. With great attraction for technical matters, and will have an interest in computing and electricity. Taste for the modern, avant-garde and for everything that has a projection towards the future. Intellectual and independent. Creative and innovative. With high levels of altruism. With love overwhelmed by knowledge and inclination for science.

Sun in Pisces

It favors spiritualism, intuition, the psyche and gives qualities of a medium. Sun provides the ability to grasp and anticipate. It is the position of tears and crying. They tend to be very vulnerable to the influence of those around them, who in turn do not value the services they provide. Predisposition to continuous nimbus changes. Internal struggles between the spiritual and the material. Mystical power. It raises times of great confusion and doubt, as well as entanglements and misunderstandings. Notable susceptibility. Self-denial, surrender, and cooperation.

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It expresses the strength of communication and dialogue. It fosters a very particular dynamism that is the consequence of thoughts and mental processes. Represents intellectual potential.

Mercury in Aries

A quick mind, alive and awake. Word aggression and appreciable mental activity. Situations of tension. Unplanned actions notoriously dynamite your mind. Disputes and altercations over strong expressions, thoughtless words, or ideas expressed at inappropriate times. Capacity for technical or mechanical matters. Haste to speak. Short writings. Arguments, lawsuits, headaches. Mental overwork. Intense and overwhelming thoughts. Blows to the arms. Powerful initiatives. Precipitation.

Mercury in Taurus

Strong mind and ideas. Slowness in the flow of thoughts. Decisions; whose repercussions are seen in the long term. Logic and realism. The economic search and productivity are on his mind. Concern for land or money. Obsessive ideas in which having and possessing take on notorious importance.

Mercury in Gemini

Remarkable dynamism and vivacity of thought. Diversification and ability to relate to others. Intellectual capacity and ease of expression. Possibility of having countless friendships. Mind in continuous activity. It allows contradictory and dual situations to create doubt and uncertainty that alter the serenity and tranquility. The diversity of possibilities make it difficult to make a final decision. Adaptability and permanent movement. Dispersion in ideas and superficiality.

Mercury in Cancer

In their mental processes, the family or the place where they live occupies a vital place. Poetic inclinations. Mind through which a series of fears and fears passes, either to people or to what may happen to them. Intellectual achievements subject to setbacks. Unrealizable illusions or dreams. Mental disorders. Unfounded fears. Academic ability. Flattery.

Mercury in Leo

Concern for luxury and prestige. Mental processes in which it seeks to be the axis or the center of attention. Delusions of greatness. Power, authority, eloquence, and the ability to convince. Writings for which recognition is obtained. Power of ideas. The intellectual activity that provides honors. Fixed ideas that you try to impose on others.

Mercury in Virgo

Tend to Start what requires mathematical precision, care, and detail. Ability to divide, separate, classify, measure and order. Skeptical and analytical. Logic predominates. Hypersensitivity Incisive criticism. Gifted to carry out surprising mental discipline. Emotional problems.

Mercury in Libra

Search for peace, comfort, tranquility, and rest. Balance in your mental processes. Love, aesthetics, art, and law predominate. Acceptance of external ideas. Willingness to arrange, accommodate and mediate. Sense of beauty and harmony. Need for an external impulse to act.

Mercury in Scorpio

Intuitive and deep mind. Extremism in ideas. Ease of mastering the mind. Hypnosis. Mindpower that can be directed voluntarily and achieve magical results. Imagination is derived from your passions, instincts, or your spiritual and mystical conditions. Thoughts in which death or rebirth prevail. Life disappointment. Mind in a continuous struggle between the sublime and the mundane. Absolute mysticism or uncontrollable passions. Dogmatism. He exalts or hurts with his words. Sarcasm. Resentments.

Mercury in Sagittarius

Mental dynamism. A permanent flow of ideas that make the native the axis of his peers. Dispersion, wandering, and ambivalence in your cognitive processes. High aspirations, futuristic mind. Ideas and thoughts in which joy and recognition are present. Numerous and influential initiatives. Spiritualization of ideas. Publications that are projected abroad. Positive mental attitude.

Mercury in Capricorn

Realism, slowness, precision, and foresight in their mental processes. Negative thoughts and pessimism. The objective vision of life. Both the future and death are their concerns. Native who tends to experience severe anguish, depression, as well as loneliness. Ability to use experiences and also the people with whom it relates. Slowness or challenges and obstacles in learning. Force with words. Prudence and severity. Order and discipline. Opinions measured and exposed with great success.

Mercury in Aquarius

Amplitude in concepts. Fight to maintain freedom and for the rights of both your own and others to be respected. Creative mind. High IQ. Ease of improving, innovating, and transforming the established. Inventiveness. Ingenuity. Synthesis capacity. Rebellion, fight against the established. Futuristic vision. We need to renew and give a new touch to what is done. Search to know and know everything. Freeway of thinking.

Mercury in Pisces

The intuitive mind that captures receives. The ability for religious or contemplative thoughts to prevail. Vagueness, dreams, and fantasies that evade reality. Conflicts that arise from persecution, fears that are often unfounded, which lead to instability. Ease of receiving cookings in revealed form. Mastery of the mind through prayers and chants. Compassion, service, and collaboration. Doubts and uncertainties regarding the decisions that are made.

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Represents the strength and power of love in its various manifestations, as well as the artistic sense. That feminine that animates feelings, vanity and what enables the predominance of the senses. It symbolizes the comfort, the friendly and pleasant of the life.

Venus in Aries

Affective relationships subject to dislikes, tensions and fights. Romantic life that is defined early with irritable and taxing people. Tendency towards vehement expression of their feelings. It grants sudden loves, very intense and at the same time passing.

Venus in Taurus

High levels of persistence in your romantic relationships, even if they don’t work out. Long-standing sentimental ties. Jealousy affecting unions. High levels of sensuality and the need to explore all the labyrinths of love. Fidelity. Stubbornness and dependence on love. Ability for crafts, arts in general, and sculpture in particular.

Venus in Gemini 

Promotes harmony and balance in communication. It enables artistic studies. Duality and lack of definition in his emotional life. Position that helps the native to function with ease on a social level. Ease of establishing sentimental ties. Warm relationship with the brothers. Passionate loves.

Venus in Cancer

Harmony and beauty. Facilitates romantic relationships. Protection and support from childhood. Sweetness, delicacy and fertility. Close relationship with mother and home. Harmonious family relationships. Poetic inspiration. Ups and downs and permanent fluctuations in your feelings. Fear of losing those you love.

Venus in Leo

It fosters luxury, comforts. Romantic relationships with organized, proud and well-positioned individuals. Concern about what they will say in emotional matters. Outstanding artistic activity with effective support. Exhibitionism. Need to be the center of attention.

Venus in Virgo

Criticism is an intimate part of their love relationships. Difficulty expressing feelings and achieving definition in their emotional life. Artistic inclinations, based on mathematics

Venus in Libra

Artistic inclinations. Position of forms, aesthetics and comfort.

Utilities and material improvements from artistic activity or love relationships. Spiritualized feelings. Harmony and physical beauty. Encourages superficial affective bonds

Venus in Scorpio

Struggles in your love life and in your relationship with people of the opposite sex, as it involves delicate situations due to your passions, jealousy and resentments. Breakups, tensions, sexual excesses. Sudden resentments and changes that alter the course of affective life. Strong passions and excessive attraction for the opposite sex. Celibacy or prostitution. Love life that was defined ‘according to personal interests. Deaths or dire situations surround their love relationships. They maintain a domain and control of their affective life or they fall into abysses where instinct and the distortion of feelings prevail. Stormy loves.

Venus in Sagittarius

Loving relationships with foreigners. Long trips with comforts. Ups and downs in love. Artistic creations that are projected abroad.

Venus in Capricorn

Love ties with people who differ in age. Position that creates barriers and disappointments. Need for emotional support. Rationalization and control of feelings. Cooling down of affective relationships. Retreat. Calculated, mathematical and precise artistic activity.

Venus in Aquarius

Freedom is the predominant element in your sentimental ties. Unconventional affective relationships and against the established. It favors coexistence, not marriage. New and innovative techniques in the field of art. Futuristic creations. Free love that can go to extremes. Singleness.

Venus in Pisces

Love relationships with ups and downs that lead to ecstasy or pain. Delivery. Acceptance and in many cases submission to the people they bond with. Sensitivity and confusion predominate in their affective relationships. so deception can occur. Musical inclinations. Intuitive art. Strange situations that even go as far as kidnapping for love. Idealization of the people with whom they are romantically related. Sweetness, smoothness and delicacy. The hidden affective.

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It represents the hidden and even magical impulse of the human being. Moon governs childhood and the relevant events at that stage. It symbolizes motherhood. It corresponds to the processes of health. The place where it is located raises fears as well as it can be related to the dark side and what must be transcended. It is related to the functioning of the body, especially with fluids, secretions and in particular with digestion.

Moon in Aries

It instills dynamism, impulsiveness, impatience and irritability. Overwork and countless actions that make it difficult for them to dedicate their time to what they really want. Active and dynamic mother. Digestive processes that occur 1 olí speed. Pregnancies that arise early in life. Quick deliveries. Everything about the family is subject to sudden and unexpected changes. Symbol of aggressiveness, belligerence and independence.

Moon in Taurus

Stability and comfort. Encourage ties to art or theater. Need to take root in a specific place. Sensuality and physical attractiveness. Confident person. Good offspring and fertility. Facilitates childbirth and the sentimental area. Durable and obsessive affective relationships. Loyalty or harassment of someone you love.

Moon in Gemini

Diversification, instability, lack of definition and dispersion. Dynamism in the relationship with the environment. Superficiality. Harmony with the people around them. Respiratory problems. Constant travel. Permanent need to learn and experiment. Changes of housing to nearby cities. It does not foster children, but if it does, several are born in the same delivery with some complications.

 Moon in Cancer

Facilitates childbirth. Tendency to obesity. Maternal instinct and protection developed. Family situations absorb it. Psychological problems. Shyness and fear of unfamiliar situations. Digestive disorders and notorious susceptibility. Laziness, rest, rest. Fertility.

Moon in Leo

Proud, haughty, enterprising individuals, with ease to subdue dominate the people with whom they relate. Family problems. Irritability, leadership. Authority problems by compliance with provisions or by imposition. Broad vision of things and above all great organization and discipline. Proud, determined and strong-willed mother. Difficulty in childbirth.

Moon in Virgo

Criticism, thoroughness and perfectionism. Carrying out activities that require care, analysis and precision. Sentimental problems and difficulty in the relationship with the opposite sex. Fears and complexes related to their emotional life. Position that denotes problems in childbirth. Few or no children.

Moon in Libra

Search for beauty and harmony. Multiple possibilities in affective life. Individuals who serve as support to other people. Predominant artistic inclinations. Taste for beauty. Passivity. Property legal problems. Influence of the maternal grandmother in his life.

Moon in Scorpio

Tensions and conflicts where you live. Early distancing from the mother or noticeable differences that generate suspicion and resentment. Difficult deliveries in which the life of one of the two may be in danger. Obtaining hidden powers. Taste for the esoteric. Extremism and sexual excesses. Deaths that alter family relationships. Hormonal problems Resentments.

Moon in Sagittarius

Permanent trips and trips. Inclination to dispersion. Diversity of activities. Family related to abroad and long trips. Struggles in love life. Joy surrounds family relationships. Expressive, expansive and dynamic individual. Joviality. Deliveries that take place abroad; children, fruit of the bond with foreigners

Moon in Capricorn

Digestion that takes place slowly. Restrictions in childhood and quarrels with the father. Severity and strict compliance with duty. Thoughtful native. Maturity symbol. Difficulty expressing your feelings. Disposition towards everything that requires method or care. Late results in its various actions. Sadness and pessimism. Austerity. Problems in childbirth.

Moon in Aquarius 

Supports communication, relationship with others, independence and creates fear of being locked up. I reject everything that threatens freedom. Possibility of carrying out wide-ranging social activities. Nervous and childbirth problems. Easy to live in community and to interact with a large number of people. Very active public life. Liberal mother, broad. Ability for chemistry and for what has to do with current affairs.

Moon in Pisces

Increases intuition, premonition, susceptibility. Real or alleged persecutions. Amazing imagination. Internal conflicts. Misunderstandings and setbacks surround family relationships. Psychic disorders. Daydreaming. Close relationship with spirits and ease of communicating with them. Complications and strange experiences in childbirth.

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Its animating and vitalizing influence accentuates and accelerates everything. It symbolizes the fighting capacity of the human being, as well as his need to be and to achieve independence. It represents the masculine impulse and expresses in a celestial theme the way in which the energy and vital force will be used.

Mars in Aries

Fight, aggressiveness and independence. Strength. Love for danger. Risk and courage. Great demand on the body itself, physical energy. Personal initiative. Leadership power. Shape destiny through your own efforts and struggles. Headaches and excess activity. Propensity for thinness. Intermittent fevers Self-demanding and marked vitality.

Mars in Taurus

Economic initiative. Ability to control their anger and annoyance in a rational way. Violent reactions that can be overwhelming. Physical endurance and strength. Sensuality. Powerful economic interests and materialism. First sign of blows and accidents to the neck.

Mars in Gemini

Remarkable intellectual energy. Little rest. Symbol of expansion and rapid communication. Willingness so that the diversity of commitments make it difficult to define. Discussions and altercations. Speed in everything that concerns the expression and the mind. Run over of words, desire to manifest many things at the same time. Violence on short trips. Considerable activity and dynamism in its environment. Blows and fractures to the clavicle and arms.

Mars in Cancer

Position that overshadows their commitment and initiative. Violent reactions that end in regret. Dislikes and excess work within the home. Fear of aggression and the results of their actions. Setback in many of your family accomplishments. Gastric problems and operations or surgical interventions on the stomach. Food or food related activities.

Mars in Leo

Continual struggle for power. Execution of activities that in one way or another generate recognition. Physical strength. Dynamism and energy directed towards the organization. Generalship. Authoritarianism and willingness to lead. Dislikes due to disciplinary factors. Heart problems. Tensions in the relationship with the father.

Mars in Virgo

Position of the laboratory workers or those who carry out technical activities that require care and a considerable dedication of time. Energy and vitality that can be rationally directed. Disagreements for comments. Demanding of others. Surgical interventions in the intestines.

Mars in Libra

Provision against violence. Flattery. Fear of aggression and diminished combativeness. Comfortable position before life. Native that, to be moved, requires external impulses. Kidney operations. Violent legal or judicial activities and allegations. Aggressive consort. Unions that are defined quickly and early in life.

Mars in Scorpio

Courage and taste for danger. Violent and strong reactions that disturb the harmony. Powerful initiatives. It raises the process of regeneration and rebuilding or fuels a destructive force. Concentrated energy. Blows to the genital organs and operations on these parts. Accidents Hidden energy and inner power. Sexuality that is expressed in an intense but fleeting way. Sudden and sweeping changes and transformations.

Mars in Sagittarius

Idealism and love for adventure and far away places. Diversity of experiences and mobility. Extraordinary plans, projects and initiatives will deeply motivate you. Changes are frequent. Fight for your own ideas. Aggressions, violence and even death abroad or while traveling. He fights vehemently for his ideals. Risky sports practices.

Mars in Capricorn

Promotes impulse control and violent reactions. Ability to evaluate, direct and direct energy in a rational and programmed way. Stamina and great physical energy. Bumps and cuts on the knees. Prudence, reserve, authoritarianism and ease of command. Lofty goals you fight for.

Mars in Aquarius

Relationship with machines and with matters or processes of a technical nature. Ludias and discussions for freedom. Violent actions in the search for equality. Configuration of footballers, dancers or those who subject the ankles and calves to continuous tension and blows. Energy that goes towards the universal. Taste for long trips.

Mars in Pisces

Energy more psychic than physical. Violent reactions that end in tears and can lead to persecution. Service. Willingness to help and collaborate in a selfless way. Spiritual or mystical force. Conflictive situations accompany their actions and initiatives. Underground life with high expectations. Blows to the feet, in addition to fractures and cramps.

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It expresses its benefactor and positive influence that gives joy, well-being and a special dynamism that leads its natives to change and explore vast horizons, whether in the philosophical and mystical aspect, or in the economic, professional and intellectual area. It is, by nature, eminently expansive.

Jupiter in Aries

Joy, encouragement and collective participation. Willingness to obtain recognition and endorsements in life, due to their heroic actions. Numerous initiatives that find effective support and backing. Leader skills.

Jupiter in Taurus

Ability to achieve a comfortable and stable economic situation. Wealth, expansion and advantages in material life. Vocal cord and neck problems, caused by accumulation of fat. Position that favors serenity, justice and poise. Obesity. When Jupiter is well aspected, it provides kind and friendly people.

Jupiter in Leo

Search for power and recognition, as well as dedication to maintain the I x isition achieved. Authority and self-reliance. Relationship with the outside. Encourage travel and long journeys. Influence on others. Egotism.

Jupiter in Virgo

Criticism and perfectionism are manifested in their public and professional activities. Social recognition will come from their intellectual activities, in which thoroughness and selection have an impact. Bowel problems. Instability and difficulty in clarifying your goals over time. It grants a cautious, analytical and practical nature, with the ability to distinguish between the apparent and the real, the true and the false.

Jupiter in Sagittarius

With an itinerant soul and a good disposition to walk optimistically before life and what it offers. It has the hallmark of confidence in tomorrow and a particular predictive ability that empowers you to know what will happen. Huge attraction for places far from the birthplace. Circumstances are arranged in such a way that he always ends up having a particular descent over those around him. Position of gymnasts, athletes, clowns and of those who, in one way or another, manage to make others happy, although it can hinder the cohesion of their ideas and plans.

Jupiter in Capricorn

Social and public advance, programmed and planned. Very good professional possibilities and in what allows them to establish links with many people. Senior officials, direction, guide. Position of reflection, tact and diplomacy. Successes and recognitions that are presented little by little. Slow progress in life. Ambition for power. He confers a greedy nature, eager to rise to the ranks of notoriety in his profession.

Jupiter in Gemini

Success from communication, writing and things related to the word. Countless friendships and trips. Optimistic and cordial communication. Difficulties in clarifying what you really want in life.

Jupiter in Libra 

Recognitions that come easily and are related to harmony, beauty or artistic activities. Productive partnerships. Successful unions. Kidney problems due to routine and sedentary work. Inclination for justice, advocacy and laws, or whatever is related to them.

Jupiter in Aquarius

Power and strength to innovate, renew and alter the established. Natives who work for freedom. Search for knowledge and need to find an answer to your concerns. Renowned for his intellectual pursuits.

Jupiter in Cancer

It has the seal of abundance and prosperity from there that it has the soul of a mother and the ability to shelter, protect and nurture those around it. You are likely to get carried away by excesses especially in food intake and easily gain weight. Although family may be of special significance, it is likely that it will leave its native place. Joys in the place where you live. Childhood is one of the most important points, as is old age. Obtaining inheritances. Problems in body fluids. Passivity, rest.

Jupiter in Scorpio

Susceptibility and hurt feelings affect your relationships and your social position. Relationship with criminal, philosophical, medical or helping other people’s activities. Ability to restrict and control sexuality or to indulge in its excesses. Inner force. It favors the religious life.

Jupiter in Pisces

Spiritual power. Inclination towards fat due to accumulation of fluids in the body. Position of religiosity and mysticism. Leader capacity in the spiritual and religious sphere. Selfless kindness and cooperation. Charity, sensitivity, understanding. Self-denial and spirit of service.

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It symbolizes the structured force of a necessary order for which men are usually not prepared, which is why it also forges suffering, pain and sorrows. It represents the divine laws and their fulfillment, as well as severity, organization, prudence, constancy, love of duty and discipline.

Saturn in Aries

Helps curb impulses and channel excess energy. Ability to direct and direct their forces rationally. Internal conflicts between thought and action. Violent reactions that require control. Imposing attitude. Rigor and inflexibility that when channeled towards others can degenerate into tyranny and harshness. Martial discipline.

Saturn in Taurus

Tendency to accumulate, save and keep what you have. It creates affections in the throat and in the vocal cords. Efforts and struggles to achieve stability and tranquility. Economic definition after a long time. Slow, slow, safe and precise reasoning. Depressions and loneliness that are the product of their economic limitations. Avarice. Material losses.

Saturn in Gemini

Limitations and severity in the field of communication and where words and dialogue prevail. Ability to find answers, since the deep reflection of Saturn is combined with the intellectual search of Gemini. Concise and concrete ideas and thought processes are stimulated. Relationship with siblings and friends that goes through extremely critical periods. Studies do not come easily. Airway problems. Distance from siblings and few friends. Difficulties in studies.

Saturn in Cancer

Severity and order prevail in family proceedings. Long periods of depression and distress. Control of feelings and rational management of them. Fear that efforts made will be wasted. Critical relationship between parents, the death of one of them may occur early. Helps implement a number of food disciplines.

Saturn in Leo

Authoritarian and domineering father. Great struggles and effort to achieve your goals. Heart problems. Instill severity and authoritarianism. Recognitions, the result of great efforts. Command problems or with those who have power. Difficulties and obstacles to success.

Saturn in Virgo

Analysis and deep reflections lead him to make strong criticisms of those around him. Long-term intestinal problems. Propensity to carry out activities that require logic, precision and care. Mental discipline. Comments and criticism can affect your position. Industriousness, perseverance.

Saturn in Libra

Association and union with mature people or with those who differ in age. Artistic inclinations developed slowly, the results of which are seen in the long term. Ease of dealing with matters of a legal and juridical nature. Willingness to judge fairly or harshly and relentlessly. Serious kidney problems. Unions and associations that are postponed and do not occur easily. Orderly, disciplined “or conflictive couple life. Manipulative and utilitarian partners. Has a heightened sense of law and justice.

Saturn in Scorpio

Control, domination and rational management of your sexual life. Complexes or limitations that prevent children and fullness in love. Combination of reason and deep reflection of Saturn with the esoteric and occult of Scorpio. Medical inclinations or towards those activities in which death has a preeminent punishment. Painful sexual experiences It promotes mystical or esoteric disciplines with a definite purpose, which in this case are related to the search for perfection.

Saturn in Sagittarius

Limitations and obstacles in life that are overcome with joy and optimism. The tests of fate are not that strong. Structuring of realistic and concrete plans and projects that certainly happen quickly, like trips abroad, which tend to be postponed. Isolation abroad. Liver problems Discipline and demand towards himself. Programmed and rationally led spiritual advancement

Saturn in Capricorn

Slowness, parsimony, calculation. Advances in life through permanent efforts. Knee problems Activities that require tact, attention, prudence and modesty. Possibility of developing concrete and precise methods that increase your responsibilities. Early inclinations towards the line of duty. Permanent need to clarify the fundamental goals of life and willingness to take advantage of the plans or projects outlined.

Saturn in Aquarius

Reflection and calculation: means used to change the established or the traditional. Specification of ideas, slow definition of projects and the various plans that we have. Restrictions of a sexual nature. Leg problems Investigative capacity and facility for scientific processes.

Saturn in Pisces

Misunderstandings and misrepresentations of the truth. Discipline in the mystical and religious framework. Critical situations lead him to isolation and loneliness in limiting circumstances. Comments powerfully influence your moods. Internal conflicts that affect your balance. Monastic tendencies. Foot problems Painful experiences.

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It symbolizes the force that changes the established and that prints the futuristic stamp, in which creativity and innovation prevail, but under higher and clearer standards. Their need for freedom usually leads to extremism, and if the person who is strongly influenced by this star has not established certain ideals or principles about the higher meaning of life, they can reach regrettable states if they do not have the helmsman to take the vehicle to an end noble and elevated. The love for the unconventional and the need to be different are their mainstay.

Uranus in Aries

It encourages explosiveness, expansion and dynamism. Willingness to carry out, through a new methodology, technical reforms. Violence and unexpected reactions. Surgical interventions on the head. Use of technology and everything that is modern. Sudden changes, initiative and ingenuity. Ideas that are easily and quickly structured, but that do not materialize. Ability for electronics and computing.

Uranus in Taurus

Agricultural tasks that are technified or systematized. Economic processes of great scope and that use novel projection methods. Cramps and pain in the neck. Vocation for sculpture, but with a futuristic touch. (Concrete creations that are ahead of their time. Ambitious projects, search for independence and freedom in the economic area.

Uranus in Gemini

Relationship with papers, writings and intellectual activities. It encourages the work carried out in the publishing world Remarkable intellectual capacity Combativity and fight for ideas. Inclination towards dispersion and wandering Need to know, but especially about mechanical or technical matters Diversification and nervous problems. Unexpected changes of environment.

Uranus in Cancer

Tendency to eat a diet dominated by pills and chemicals. Gastric problems Liberal and independent mother. You work with food, but in a technical way. Unforeseen situations and changes that alter and affect family life. It encourages life in community.

Uranus in Leo

A position that denotes a force contrary to what is established and a fight against what is ordered. Independence and need for self-government, without external interventions. Pride and egotism. Circulatory problems and hyperactivity. Difficulties with authority.

Uranus in Virgo

Ability to inquire and investigate. From an early age they question everything they observe. Ingenuity and capacity for processes in which electricity and technology come together. In the intellectual field is where they have their best possibilities and alternatives. Operations on the intestine. Problems in managing sexuality. Predominance of reason and logic.

Uranus in Libra

Facilitates links with humanistic or study groups. Innovative artistic activities. Futuristic art. Changes at the marital level and unexpected situations that alter their unions, relationships or associations. Free unions. Tendency to establish free emotional and commercial ties.

Uranus in Scorpio

Talent to make extraordinary discoveries. Tenacious and incisive researcher. Sexual problems and tendency to relate to people who do not have a definition in that sense. Predisposition for this native to be in places where explosions or violent and unforeseen situations occur. Incurs in sexual excesses by the need to experiment It encourages occult and esoteric knowledge, as well as medical activity.

Uranus in Sagittarius

Traveler position. Relationship with places far from the birthplace. Idealism. Fight for a better world in which equality is a priority. Countless displacements. Broad way of thinking and advanced ideology.

Uranus in Capricorn

Innovative, transformative economic actions. Social advance that is unexpectedly energized. Creative capacity at the service of what is achievable. High initiatives that can become a reality, since original ideas are combined with perseverance and perseverance, although there may be a reduction in the actions that the native undertakes and the results are long-term. Creation of innovative and technified economic systems. Knee problems

Uranus in Aquarius

Outstanding intelligence. Naturalness to carry out humanistic or technical actions that leave a mark. Cool creations. Search for freedom and broad understanding. Ease of relating to the outside world. Intellectual activity that is projected to other countries.

Uranus in Pisces

Innovation of the various mystical and religious processes. Vision of religion extremely broad and open concepts. Ankle and foot problems. Inclination towards dance. Combination of intelligence with intuition and sensitivity. 

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Delivery, religiosity and disinterested cooperation are the attributes of this star, due to its mystical character that is far from material and tangible processes. It fosters entanglements, confusion, uncertainties and a lack of clarity, which is a consequence of its opposing views on the material. For this reason, when this planet is studied, there is always misunderstanding and strange situations that are commonly classified as negative, but that in their essence bear the stamp of spirituality.

Neptune in Aries

Spiritual and religious inclinations that are manifested in an environment of outstanding dynamism and activity. Dislikes and altercations due to differences of creed and imposition of their own beliefs. Eye problems Native activity that is misrepresented and misinterpreted. Amazing service. Search for spiritual independence.

Neptune in Taurus

Constant fight for your faith. Strange problems in the throat and ears, such as pain and drainage. Inspirational artistic activity. Entanglements and misunderstandings due to economic or monetary matters. Material losses, product of misrepresentations and improper interpretations of reality.

Neptune in Gemini

Intellectual dispersion. Writings about music or religion. Strange friendships. Communication that goes through entangled and conflicting lapses. Comments that misrepresent the truth. Intuition in studies and in writing, which can be revealed. Distraction in studies. Mental wandering.

Neptune in Cancer

Tranquility, comfort and rest. Willingness to live in a place where spiritual knowledge is cultivated and the religious part prevails, or where misunderstandings and comments are common. The origin of the native is not exactly clear (kidnapping in childhood, etc.). Unknown mother or father. Problems of accumulation or elimination of fluids in the body. Adiposity, obesity, psychological problems.

Neptune in Leo 

Religious or mystical life that provides you with recognition. Ability to organize spiritual movements. Comments and entanglements that alter and affect their social position. Circulatory and heart problems difficult to diagnose. Delusions of greatness. Encourage musical activity. 

Neptune in Virgo

Rationalized artistic expression made with meticulousness and detail. Skepticism. It fuels the need to establish alliances between intellectual and spiritual processes, which can lead to unraveling the mysteries of nature or cause severe conflicts. Miracle cures. Serious problems due to food assimilation. I work in solitude and retirement

Neptune in Libra

Union with mystical groups or institutions. Intrigues dominate their unions and associations. Legal difficulties related to music or drugs. Strange kidney problems that are difficult to diagnose. Union with spiritual people.

Neptune in Scorpio

Exaggerated mystique. Religious ecstasy by natural or artificial means. Extremism and extraordinary experiences in the spiritual field. Passions and deep feelings for which he fights. Inclination towards the esoteric and the occult. Sexual disorders and nonconformity with material life. Need for spiritual growth.

Neptune in Sagittarius

Fight for an idea or plan that starts with religion or spirituality. Servant of an ideal. Pious activities in a dynamic environment. Works for others. Long journeys on matters of belief.

Neptune in Capricorn

Rationalization of mystical and spiritual factors and the search for productivity in these activities. Position of disbelief. Social, professional and mystical activities at the service of others. Knee problems

Neptune in Aquarius

Advanced mystical and religious conceptions. Combination of science and religion. Mysticism based on knowledge. Possibility of reaching a high vision of religions. State-of-the-art artistic and musical creations. Gossip, misrepresentations for sentimental reasons.

Neptune in Pisces

Impersonal service, cooperation and selfless help. Persecutions. Problems in body fluids. Relationship with clandestine activities. Psychic problems. Close link with spirits or forces of the astral world.

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It represents the fundamental impulse of life, since by its magical influence life spreads and man seeks the deep reasons for its existence. Expresses the struggle between the sublime and the infernal, between the eternal and the perishable. It governs the individual transformation process. Dominate over sex and its attractions. It influences those who seek or need to handle mystical knowledge or the forces that border the world of the sacred. It drives to reach the state of perfection and motivates to take on the challenge of life with a higher understanding.

Pluto in Aries

Position of riots and violence. An overwhelming force whose manifestation is instinctive, destructive or very conscious. Strong blows to the head. Relationship with irons, metals and machines. Continuing danger and risk. Violent, irrational, or voluntarily controlled and controlled sexual instincts. Considerable internal force. Uncontrollable passions.

Pluto in Taurus 

It intensifies the productive forces. Stable and long-lasting sexual relations. Jealousy, violence and sudden changes that alter economic or material activity. Inheritances and legacies that come easily to you. Trade in sex.

Pluto in Gemini

Violence and sudden and unexpected changes of environment. Studies of medicine, occultism, petroleum, chemistry or psychiatry. Travel accidents. Hardworking, hardworking and susceptible brothers. Depth in writing.

Pluto in Cancer

Inheritances, unexpected changes of residence and instability that comes from the past. Radical, extremist and passionate mother. Regarding health, glandular problems and diseases that derive from cell degeneration. Intense spiritual experiences. The handling of sexuality is subject to taboos and fears. If uncle is aware of the spirit world, he can create distortions in the normal expression of his feelings.

Pluto in Leo

Passion and pride that reaches the highest levels. Difficulty recognizing the value of others, since the individual assumes that he is above everything and everyone. Social power that is achieved through unexpected and abrupt actions, which are subject to the emotional factor. Pride that affects sexual ties and relationships that become stable over time.

Pluto in Virgo

Ease of controlling passions through the mind. Restrictions and struggles to clarify your sex life. Ability to dig deeper and find the causes of everything. Power of analysis. Aptitudes to carry out research and scientific activities. Perfectionism taken to extremes. Problems in the development of the organism. Chronic diseases that affect your life.

Pluto in Libra

Extreme situations in legal or legal activities. Indication of divorce or separation. Approach to religious associations. Inclination to the legal profession. Tendency to follow the path of pleasure and sensuality or to achieve its control.

Pluto in Scorpio

Inner strenght. Passion and extremism in all aspects. Position of violence or of a marked regenerative force. Possibility of directing your energy by esoteric or occult means. Search for knowledge that will help you to direct your potentialities. Radicalism. It makes sexuality a tool for its perfection or for degradation.

Pluto in Sagittarius

Long trips made unexpectedly. Susceptibility as a cause of instability. Numerous plans and projects that he tries to carry out with determination and will. Very marked spiritual inclinations that induce him to walk an inner path. Extremist ideology and great confidence in what you believe. Violence abroad. Temporary sexual ties.

Pluto in Capricorn

Social power and ease to carry out activities that demand planning and foresight. Control of passions. Solitary and thoughtful native. Violent conditions that affect the knees and the bone system. Discipline and fulfillment of duty.

Pluto in Aquarius

Search for knowledge and mastery of the occult. Creative ability. Actions of global impact. Large-scale terrorist activities. Sexual problems and misrepresentation of love feelings. Chemical studies.

Pluto in Pisces

Position of the persecuted and of those who prefer solitude and confinement. Mystical and esoteric inclinations with static results through meditations or yoga practices. Psychic energy Willingness to take actions on behalf of others. Mysterious magical healings. Sexual ties that are sublimated or idealized.

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