This Is the Ideal Weekend for You, According to Your Zodiac Sign

This Is the Ideal Weekend for You, According to Your Zodiac Sign

The weekend is coming, and nothing better than enjoying it in the best possible way. Going out with friends, a romantic date, or even staying at home watching movies and eating popcorn, the possibilities are many. But how does each sign see the best time of the week? Check it out below:

Perfect Weekend For Aries

The Aries doesn’t like to stand still and watch life go by. For him, the weekend is synonymous with possibilities - adventurous that he is, he will enjoy exploring the city’s new club or travelling to an unusual place.

Perfect Weekend For Taurus

He may well go for a walk as well as stay at home for a while. But if he decides for a homemade weekend, the Taurus will have his mind on a thousand thoughts, and a thousand and one will arrange several things to do.

Perfect Weekend For Gemini

The Gemini wants to stir. Staying at home without even making small talk with someone would be a pain. As they are highly communicative, natives of this sign would do well to go out with friends to a bar or pub.

Perfect Weekend For Cancer

Home + family + movie + goodies = perfect weekend. The Cancer likes the warmth of home, having the people he loves most around him. Receiving friends with a pizza night or a movie with their boyfriend is heaven for him!

Perfect Weekend For Leo

Leo loves to go shopping, expensive clubs and trendy places. The native of this sign likes luxury and audience, so for him, the ideal place is the one where he can exercise all its charm and vitality.

Perfect Weekend For Virgo

The Virgo is straight and likes everything with time and place marked in the minor details. Hates holes. If he stays at home, he’ll find something to do, like cleaning the closet or organizing the bookcase.

Perfect Weekend For Libra

Libra like to balance their weekends between family, friends and personal life. However, if no one makes any commitment to the Libra, he begins to feel like the last person in the universe.

Perfect Weekend For Scorpio

The Scorpio, introspective, likes to meditate. Walk on the beach and think about life, ride a bike in the park listening to your sad playlist. He will love to be with just his “me”.

Perfect Weekend For Sagittarius

Sagittarius is the one who knows about the weekend schedule that the city offers. And if he doesn’t know, he finds a way to find out. The natives of this sign love news and hate to be bored at home.

Perfect Weekend For Capricorn

All the Capricorn wants is to stay home and do nothing. It does not insist on large parties and unusual outings on the weekend. Sometimes he may say that he will work, but he just wants to stay home.

Perfect Weekend For Aquarius

The Aquarius is original and always wants something unusual. You can go to an electronic ballad on Saturday and an exhibition of Renaissance art on Sunday. He doesn’t stick to traditions, so he doesn’t even cover his presence at the “Sunday pasta” lunch.

Perfect Weekend For Pisces

Likes company, whether it is the boyfriend or girlfriend or the best friend. Going out to a cinema, shopping or just staying at home has to be with someone. If you are alone, Pisces is depressed.

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