The Mood Of Each Zodiac Sign According To Astrology

The Mood Of Each Zodiac Sign According To Astrology

Some people are excited as a warm summer day, others live in a dismay that looks like that late afternoon rain. Thinking about this difference between climate and the personality of each one, we have created 12 combinations to express the mood of each sign!

Aries - Typhoon

Aries are impulsive just like a typhoon day, after all, the natives of this sign have the habit of overcoming their obstacles in the same way that these strong winds overwhelm everything ahead.

Taurus - Misty

Taurus love comfort and safety, so nothing better than those days when the fog hangs in the air: perfect time to be comfortably at home watching Netflix accompanied by a good popcorn.

Gemini - Summer Sunny

Geminis represent inconstancy and duality, so the right climate for them is those sunny summer days accompanied by intense rain in the late afternoon. Thus, it is possible to please its two facets!

Cancer - Cold

Not that Cancerians are cold, quite the contrary. Because they enjoy being with their loved ones so much, nothing better than a cold day to watch a movie clinging to the blanket, or just enjoying a hot chocolate with the family.

Leo - Hot

Leos are governed by the Sun, so there is nothing better than a good old day of melting your brains out. Other than that, they are also enthusiastic and authoritarian, so the heat and the contagious energy of that day is certainly the best thing for them.

Virgo - Rainy

Rainy days are perfect for describing the personality of Virgos. It is impossible to paint a live picture of a rainy day, after all, it is a different drop one after the other, however, a determined Virgo would continue to try to paint it to the end. It is the perfect example of their search for perfection!

Libra - Mild and clear

Libra love balance, so a day with a cooler temperature, but with the sun shining in the sky, is perfect for them. No sweating, but no cold.

Scorpio - Cloudy

Scorpios are known to be the most mysterious sign of the zodiac, so those days when clouds hide the beauty of the sky are perfect for explaining the true essence of the natives of that sign.

Sagittarius - Snowy

Sagittarians are very restless and are always looking for aspirations, adventures, new horizons, and there is nothing that inspires these sensations more than a snowy day. Even though it is cold, the snow on the high peaks awakens the desire to explore and experience the best that can be experienced.

Capricorn - Thunderstorms

Capricorns are determined as few, and no one dares to argue with them once they have made a decision. Other than that, they also find it difficult to relax, as well as the days full of incessant thunder and certain with their noise, making a point of saying: “Yes, I am here, and that is my wish”.

Aquarius - Frost

Aquarians are rebellious and original and leave their mark wherever they go, as well as the frosts that make a point of leaving their mark wherever they go.

Pisces - Rain and Sun (rainbow)

Pisces are sensitive, dreamy and deeply connected to art. Therefore, nothing better than those days with a beautiful rainbow marking the sky, since it is the perfect symbol of dreams, beauty and emotion.

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